Nail Art Ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

When people think about events in October, Halloween always comes first in their minds. Because of that, October is typically associated with orange and black and anything spooky. For some, it’s the rusty golden leaf fall colors that mark their October.

But did you know that it’s also the pinkest month of the year? It’s because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a pink ribbon is the international symbol of breast cancer awareness. Sadly, one in eight women receives a breast cancer diagnosis in her lifeline, so awareness and prevention are critical. It makes sense to showcase the pink in your nails to help remind others to get screened regularly and promote good breast health.

Here are some nail art ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help rally around the cause:

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Pink and Gray Breast Cancer Ribbon

Pink and gray look great together – the gray balances out the femininity of the pink, and it looks chic. Try wearing this rosy-pink color on your nails except for the ring fingernail Color your ring fingernail gray, Using this nail art brush and dotting tool in one, draw a pink ribbon on the gray fingernail, and some gray polka dots on your pink thumbnail.

Ribbon Stickers on White Nails

White nails look fabulous, and they work great as a backdrop for stickers and decals. Get a plain ole white manicure and put some breast cancer ribbon stickers for an easy show of support for the cause.

All-Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Manicure

Going pink all over in October is a great way to show your support for the cause. Paint your nails with a juicy pink hue, except for your pointer fingernail, which you will color pastel pink. Use a dotting tool to add pastel pink polka dots on your ring fingernail, then for your pointer finger, make a pink ribbon using little pink rhinestones.  

Matte Pink and Gold

A matte pink polish accented with the gold makes a great combination. Color all your nails with matte pink, except for your ring fingernails which we will color gold. Then, use the same pink nail polish to draw a breast cancer ribbon on top of the gold fingernail.

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Ombre Pink Nails

Sport some subtle, ombre pink nails that fade from nude-ish pink to white. Doing ombre nails yourself can be a little bit tricky for a beginner, so you can go to the salon to have it made for you. Or you can attach a fake, pink ombre nail and paint a ribbon yourself using a bolder pink color  on your middle nail to show your support.

Hearts and Hot Pink Manicure

Bring attention to breast cancer with a beautiful, hot pink manicure. Paint all your nails with hot pink polish, then add black hearts on the thumb – it will look super chic against a hot pink background. Then, paint a ribbon on your ring finger using the same black polish you used earlier. You may probably want to use nail art brushes to make sure the ribbon and hearts would look perfect.

Glittery Pink and Silver Nails

Want to go for something sparkling and shimmering? This diamond pink hued-glitter offers a gorgeous take on the classic pink manicure. Color your nails with pink glitter nail polish, except for your ring fingernail, which you would color silver. Then, draw a pink ribbon on top of the silver fingernail using a soft pink nail polish. This gel glitter polish will stay on well, so you may actually get a full month of manicure with this one.

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Breast Cancer Tribute Nail Art

If you want to honor those you know who are living with breast cancer or those you have lost due to the disease, pay tribute to them using nail art that uses the pink breast cancer ribbons as a body for stick figures! For every person you want to honor, paint white on one fingernail. If they are less than five people, paint the remaining nails pink. Now for the white nails, paint pink breast cancer ribbons. Paint the legs, arms, head, and hair for your stick figures using black nail polish. You will need a nail art brush for this.

Breast Cancer Awareness Decals

Sometimes, you don’t have the time to get to the nail salon or do nail art yourself, but you still want something special. You can simply add some breast cancer awareness decals, which are a dream for anyone who likes nail art but doesn’t have a steady hand or the tools to pull off an on-point design at home. Just paint your nails normally, apply the decals wherever you want them, and paint a clear topcoat to secure your manicure.  

Free the Nip Nude Manicure

Go artsy and feature boobs in all shapes and sizes using your nails. Use a nude shade of nail polish in all fingernails and use black nail polish and nail art liner brushes to draw different boobs: pointy boobs, round boobs, saggy boobs, and boobs with one removed (and with surgical stitches) due to breast cancer. The neutral nail color will surely make the nail art pop, and this is a surefire way to strike up a conversation about breast cancer awareness and what it means to you.

Blue and White Nails

If pink is not your thing, you can paint your nails with attention-grabbing navy blue. It lends a bit of moodiness to your manicure. Leave out one finger and paint it white, then draw your pink ribbon in that white nail using pink polish and nail brush.

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Pink Leopard Nails

Animal prints are in again, so if you’re not inclined to include it in your fashion arsenal just yet, start small using nail art. Paint all your nails in light pink and add some leopard-inspired hot pink and black spots on top of your nails, except for the pointer fingernails. It’s better not to do it for the whole nails – you can carve out a concave section of your nails and keep the leopard spots there while keeping the rest of the nails in light pink. Then, on your pointer fingernail, paint a large hot pink ribbon to finish off the look.

Geometric Nails

If you prefer something edgy, try out geometric nails. You can use a pink geometric nail wrap for all your nails. It can help show your support for breast cancer awareness without painting ribbons or hearts on your nails. Alternatively, you can experiment with tape to make your own nail art and use different shades of pink. Do it for one to two nails only to make it an accent.

Fight Like a Girl Manicure

Support the fight against breast cancer by sporting a manicure with this slogan. Color the nails on your thumb, pointer, and pinky fingernail with pink nail polish. Then, paint your middle fingernail white, and the ring finger silver. Using the same pink nail polish, write “Fight Like a Girl” on your white nail.