Pink ribbon manicure for breast cancer awareness

┬áHoly crap, it’s October already!
I know everyone is thinking “fall” this month. The weather has finally cooled off, the leaves are changing and falling, and I’ve pulled out my favorite boots and scarves for the changing season. Fall also means it’s time to put away those bright makeup and nail polish colors and switch over to the deeper, more rich shades, right? Or maybe some black and orange to get ready for Halloween? Not so fast. October is breast cancer awareness month, so don’t put away those bright pinks just yet!
I’ve mentioned many times here on the blog how close breast cancer is to my heart. It’s huge in my family. My grandmother and aunt both passed away from it, and my own mother was diagnosed just over 5 years ago. I’m happy to say she kicked cancer’s ass and has been cancer free for four years now! The kids and I did Race for the Cure last year with my parents (though we were unable to make it this year with Harper- we are hoping to all join them next year). The race was a lot of fun and if you have the opportunity to walk or run it in your area I highly recommend doing it!
In honor of breast cancer awareness in October I whipped up this quick little gel manicure to show off my pink ribbon pride. The colors I used here were Gelish MINI’s Make You Blink Pink (my favorite) and Clean Slate (from the new fall line).
I love how the pink and gray colors look together, and the pink is really much brighter in person. It’s hard to capture the true color on camera- it’s actually as bright as a pink highlighter. The pink ribbon was drawn free-hand and was a little bit shaky thanks to the giant cup of coffee I had for breakfast. I used the pointed end of my orangewood stick to draw the ribbon and do the polka dots. I wanted to add some glitter too, but Harper decided she’d had a long enough nap so I had to wrap it up.
Don’t have gel polish? You can also do this manicure with regular nail polish. If you don’t have a lot of nail polish colors you can use craft paint for the nail art part- just make sure to let it dry completely before applying your top coat. I’ve found that regular acrylic craft paint works great for nail art and accent nails and is pretty inexpensive (try Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, or Michael’s).


I’m loving my pink ribbon manicure!
How are you wearing your pink this month?