Pink Ribbon Manicure for Breast Cancer


    With breast cancer being the number one cancer form that accounts for the death of many women, major breast cancer charities have made efforts to raise awareness about this specific type of disease and the importance of early detection. This campaign runs for the whole month of October and is supported by people worldwide.

    As part of this campaign, many people wear various clothing and accessories with a pink ribbon, the universal symbol for breast cancer. Others prefer to stick with the traditional style and simply pin pink ribbon brooches or lapel pins to their clothing. 

    However, the pink ribbon design is not only limited to clothing, accessories, and pins. There are more creative ways to show your support to people affected by breast cancer. One of which is creating nail art designs that incorporate the pink ribbon.

    Suppose you’re interested in joining this creative version of the breast awareness campaign. In that case, you’ll be delighted by the enormous number of inspirations you could get on the internet with just a single click. Don’t worry too much about getting overwhelmed because we’ll be formulating a list containing the best nail art idea you can easily do or request from your nail technician. 

    But first, let’s take a look at the supplies needed. 

    Manicure Cleaning Tools Set

    Woman’s hand holding a nail file surrounded by manicure cleaning tool set on pink background

    Before unleashing your creative prowess in doing your nail art, your nails must be properly cleaned.  

    In order to do this, basic manicure cleaning tools will be needed, such as nail clippers, nail file, nail buffer, cuticle pusher, cuticle cutter, nail brush, orangewood stick, and cuticle oil. For a gel manicure, you’ll need a UV LED lamp, gel nail cleanser, and gel nail primer. 

    Pink Gel or Nail Polish

    Bottle of pink nail polish on blue background

    How else could you make your manicure inspired by the pink ribbon other than painting them with pink gel or nail polish? However, you’re not just limited to using the pink color; you can pair it with other colors, such as white, beige, grey, or even black.

    Manicure Tweezers

    Manicure tweezers are usually included when you buy a complete manicure set, right? You might wonder why they are there in the first place when they’re not necessarily used on your fingers. Well, you can now probably say that you’ve put those tweezers into good use since they are essential in doing nail art. 

    Tweezers are used to place the bedazzling jewels and mini nail accessories on your nail neatly. They are also used to remove and place decals. You won’t have to worry about smudging your polish while applying all these accessories because the tweezers will make your work a whole lot easier.

    Dotting Tool

    If you want to design your nails with dots or small intricate designs, a dotting tool is a must-have. It can be used as an alternative to your regular nail polish brush since those are too thick to be used in creating designs.

    Thin Tip Brush

    Manicurist drawing nail with thin brush

    Thin tip brushes help you create fine thin lines and a detailed nail design. This will be the perfect tool to use in drawing a pink ribbon.

    Glitter Nail Polish Remover Pads

    Glitter is probably the most difficult thing to get rid of when cleaning. 

    Suppose you’re doing pink ribbon-inspired glittery nail art. In that case, you need to have a nail polish remover pad that is specifically designed to remove glitter on the surrounding areas of your nail for a better and cleaner manicure outcome. 

    Matte Top Coat

    If you’re not into glossy nails, you’ll surely need a matte top coat in your nail art kit! With just one swipe, you can achieve a matte finish to your nail design. 

    Nail Polish Correcting Pen

    A nail polish-correcting pen is definitely a must-have, especially if you’re experimenting with your desired nail art design. It helps hide the design errors you’ve committed without ruining your work. 

    Now that we’re done with the supplies needed. Let’s continue looking at different pink ribbon-inspired nail art designs to help you narrow down your choices for your nail look. 

    Nail Art Designs:

    1. Small Pink Ribbon Accessory on Pastel Pink Gel Polish

     Woman’s nails with pink pastel-colored nails and a little pink ribbon accessory

    What else can better represent breast cancer awareness tribute other than pastel-pink-colored nails with a little pink ribbon accessory at the corner of one of your fingernails? This might be a simple design, but the message remains loud and powerful. If you’re into simple nail art designs, this is for you.

    2. Black Ombre Glitter and Pink Ribbon

    Woman’s nails with black ombre glitter and pink ribbon design

    If you’re feeling extra and want a sparkling nail design to match the energy of the message you’re sending, go for black ombré glittery nails with a pink ribbon painted on your ring fingernail.

    3. Wonderwoman with Pink Ribbon

    Since women affected by breast cancer are also considered heroes, you can show your support by incorporating Wonderwoman, a fictional superhero believed to be an unconquerable warrior, in your nail art design. No other symbolism is needed here; everyone will surely get the message you’re trying to send. 

    4. Fiery Neon Pink and Black with Pink Ribbon

    Woman’s nails painted with black and pink polish, pink flames, and pink ribbon

    To symbolize your burning passion for this awareness campaign, you can incorporate pink flames on your nails and match them with pink ribbons. You can also use a black-colored nail or gel polish to make the pink color pop. 

    5. Spooky Nail Design with Pink Ribbon

    Woman’s nails designed with ghosts, spiders, and pink ribbon

    Since we also celebrate Halloween during the month of October, why not combine both themes to make a spooktacular nail art design, right? Express your creativity by drawing ghosts and spiders, and add little pink ribbons in between them. That way, you’re easily hitting two birds with one stone. 

    6. Inspirational Message with Pink Ribbon

    While others prefer a more subtle expression of their support towards the campaign by simply incorporating pink ribbons on their nail art design, some may want to be able to express the message clearly by showing their support through words. 

    Nail art designs can also include inspirational messages. For example, you can have the sentence “we are stronger together” legibly printed on top of your nail. You can also go for designs that include the words hope, saved, and pink. 

    There you go! Here are some pink ribbon-inspired manicures that you can also use as inspiration for your next nail art design. It’s fascinating to see how your way of showing support can evolve and vary depending on your interests, right? Like it’s not just simply wearing shirts or lapel pins anymore; it’s also doing art and wearing that very piece of art.  

    However, no matter how fancy or simple our nail design is, may we not be led astray from the main purpose of donning the pink ribbon–to genuinely contribute to spreading awareness of the dangers of breast cancer. 


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