Options for Storing Your Bicycles


    When it comes to traditional warm-weather activities, biking is at the top of the list. Bicycles, however, occupy a sizable amount of space, probably in your garage or shed. No matter where you keep your family’s bikes, there are several ways to keep them accessible and organized. Browse the suggestions for bike storage below to get motivated to organize yours in time for the best riding season.

    Options for Storing Your Bicycles

    • Hang a Floating Shelf

    You might only require a simple floating shelf to keep your bike upright. The beauty of this bike storage concept is that it can be placed almost anywhere there are studs behind a small section of a blank wall. Check to see if the wall-mounted shelf is strong enough to support the weight of your bike and keep it firmly in place above the ground. So, whenever you need it, you can just slide it off the shelf and out the door. Additionally, you can use the surface to store additional items like a water bottle, a bike lock, or house keys that you need to take with you on your rides.

    Bicycle hanged on wall

    • Line Them Up

    Make the most of unused wall space with this inventive garage solution for a home with numerous bikes. Install a sturdy horizontal track system, then space out bike-specific hooks along the track. Then, hang each bike in a row from the front tire so you can easily detach it as needed. They are kept off the ground and protected from needless scratches as a result. Consider adding a layer of security to the wall where the wheels rub against it, like this metal panel, to keep things even safer. To maximize garage storage, add a shelf with bins above the floor.

    • Entryway Bike Storage

    Put your bike right inside your front door if you don’t have a garage or a shed to keep it in. Any home needs a well-organized entryway, which, when done properly, can also accommodate one or two bicycles. To get them off the ground and out of the way when entering and leaving the house, use wall-mounted hooks. Just be certain that the hooks are firmly attached to wall studs. When you want to go for a ride around town, it is also simple to pull down your bike thanks to this storage solution.

    Apartment entrance

    • Make a Space on a Track System

    The key to finding the ideal garage organization is to use flexible, adaptable track systems. Put one to work by designing a floor-to-ceiling structure with room to store all of your seasonal and outdoor items, including sporting goods. Bicycle parking spaces are designated, and equipment like helmets are kept nearby. Adjustable shelving has the advantage of being simple to expand with the family.

    • Park It with a Stand

    A bike stand is a simple yet brilliant solution for quickly storing a set of wheels. Freestanding bike racks can be positioned pretty much anywhere there is some floor space, and depending on the size, they can hold one bicycle or multiple bicycles. As you would in any public parking lot, simply slide the bikes onto the stand. However, since you are parking privately at home, you can omit the step of locking the bikes. 

    designer bike

    • Sports Equipment Storage

    Keeping items together is a storage best practice, right? That is also true of categories like sporting goods. It might make sense to store your bikes next to bats, balls, clubs, and rackets if your family includes a lot of sports enthusiasts or participants. Summertime play destinations can be created by setting up an all-in-one sports area inside the garage or shed using a track system with hooks and baskets. You can put the bikes back in their original locations after the kids or you have completed a circuit of the block before grabbing a baseball and a glove for a game of catch.

    • Suspend from the Ceiling

    Is the available space in your garage or shed full? Or perhaps storing bikes on the walls would be difficult. Instead, a clever solution is to suspend bikes from the ceiling. To retrieve the high-up bikes, look for a high-quality ceiling-mount hoist rack or get creative and build your pulley system. This works best for bicycles that aren’t used frequently for riding or that can be kept out of the way during the off-season for storing bicycles.

    • Create a Bike Station

    Storing items is one of the fundamental principles of home organization. Create a complete bike storage station to put this to use. Be sure to include bins and hooks close by wherever and however you decide to organize your bike equipment, whether with a rail, track system, or shelf. These ought to have compartments for extras like water bottles, helmets, bags, and cycling shoes. Now that everything you need is close by the bikes, getting ready to go on your next adventure is simple.

    • Kickstands

    A great way to keep your recreational road bike upright in your garage, they are one of the most basic storage options. To reduce weight, serious road cyclists typically do without the kickstand. However, bike tourists might find them helpful for parking a bike that is completely loaded.

    •  Floor Stands

    Floor stands are long metal bars with vertical slats that are only designed to hold one bike, not a group of bikes, like the bike rack you used in elementary school. Because they are so straightforward, they are perfect if you have floor space. They work well in front hallways or even garages. Simply slap your front or rear wheel in, and you’re done.


    Any time you purchase a bicycle, bike storage will be necessary. The bike needs to be placed somewhere. But leaving it outside, leaning against a wall, or chained to a fence isn’t the answer; doing so exposes your bike to elements that could shorten its lifespan and damage its components, not to mention make it an attractive target for theft.

    Storage inside, whether in your home, apartment, garage, or equipment shed, is preferred. From there, there are countless variations, from chic wall mounts that let you show off your bike as art to a straightforward kickstand.


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