Options for Storing Your Bicycles

Most of the households today own bicycles and some people use them every day either as a mode of transportation or for workout purposes. However, it’s sometimes frustrating to find a place to store these bicycles especially those specialty road bikes.

Most people who owns bicycles store them in the garage. But if you only have a small garage and you own multiple bicycles, it can be a challenge to store them. Parking them outside of your house will always keep you on the lookout for it being stolen. But there’s no need to worry because there are now many options for you to be able to store your bicycles properly in your garage. Bike storage racks are designed so you can place your bike in any corner of your garage. Aside from an organized storage, they can also provide your bicycles protection from damage and scratches.

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Clarian Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack
Stoneman Sports Freestanding Bike Storage Rack
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Grassracks Bamboo Bike Rack


There are many different options when it comes to bike storage racks. To help you out in choosing the best one that will suit your needs, here are the best garage bike storage racks we found that you might like.

This is a simple wall-mounted single bike storage. It will be able to hold any kind of bike horizontally. It has a lightweight design but it can hold bicycles up to 66 pounds. It is also very easy to install and all the things needed to mount it on the wall are included.

There’s no installation required for this freestanding bike rack. It can hold two bicycles of any kind. It features adjustable cradles which can hold up to 80 pounds. It is a durable option because it’s frame is made of solid steel. It also has plastic coating to prevent damaging or scratching your bikes.

If each of you in your family owns a bicycle, this is the perfect storage rack for you. This floor parking rack can hold up to five bikes of any size and kind. They can also be detached from one another if you want to store your bicycles individually. It weighs ten pounds and is made of powdered steel frame which makes it very durable. It is an accessible option for a bike storage rack because you do not need to lift or untangle anything.

This bike storage features hooks and pulleys to hang your bicycle onto the ceiling. It includes hooks for the handlebars and for the seat to hold your bike securely while preventing it to be scratched. With this life hoist, you will be able to store your bike untangled and off the floor without the need of heavy lifting.

If you want a more stylish bike rack to complement the ambiance of your garage, then this one is for you. This is a single wall-mounted bike rack that can hold bikes up to 65 pounds. It also features a top shelf and small hanging hooks where you can store your keys and other bike tools. Aside from its stylish look, this bike rack is also environment friendly and it’s very easy to install.

Where to Buy
Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack
Saris Cycle Glide
Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand Storage Rack
Allen Sports Wall Mounted 2-Bike Storage Rack
Gladiator Garage Works Claw Bike Storage


If you own multiple bicycles and you want to keep them off the floor and untangled, this is the best bike rack for you. This bike rack can hold up to 6 bicycles. Its hooks are coated to ensure that it won’t leave scratches on your bicycles. It can hold a total of 200 pounds. Aside from bicycles, it can also hold other items such as big gardening tools.

This is a ceiling bike storage rack which can hold up to 4 bikes. This can be a pricey option but it’s very durable and a space-saver as well. It can hold different kinds of bicycles up to 50 pounds each. Each rack can glide independently which will make it easy for you to access the bike you need. You can also purchase additional two gliding racks if you have 6 bikes that are needed to be stored.

If you have a small garage, this is a great option for you. This bike rack is designed to lean against the wall with a small chain attached at the top for added stability. It can hold up to 100 pounds and its cradles are coated avoiding your bike to be scratched and damaged.

If you need to store two bicycles but you have limited space in your garage, this storage rack will be helpful. It can efficiently hand two bicycles without taking up much space. It is also very easy to install because it will come fully assembled. It also features a zinc plated rack to prevent your bike from rust.

This is a unique looking bike storage rack. It features a closed loop design to hold your bike securely and a short-distanced grab mechanism which will allow you to release the bike off the claws easily. It can hold kid-sized and adult-sized bicycles. It is made of high-quality plastic which can hold up to 50 pounds.

There are indeed a lot of bike storage racks available in the market today but we hope the options we provided will be able to help you pick the best one that will give your bikes a dedicated home.