Operating Your Pizza Oven Safely: Accessories that Lower Risks

Over recent years, pizza ovens have incredibly gained popularity. They are an excellent way of developing and making an array of delicious and restaurant-quality food. While it is no surprise that they let you enjoy palatable food right from the comfort zones of your homes or gardens, they require you to operate them safely as any other cooking appliance. So what are the accessories or tools of safety? To find out, let us get started!

Accessories To Operate Your Pizza Oven Safely

Picture of a pizza oven with burning wood, baking two delicious and palatable pizzas.

Similar to BBQ grills, a pizza oven comes with many safety and health concerns. Therefore, to protect yourself and the ones around you against them, the following accessories will come in handy!

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1. Barbeque or Oven Grills

As pizza ovens employ wood-fired cooking, one of the best parts about them is their versatility; you can make use of them in more than one way. You can turn it into a barbecue by using available-with-ease barbecue grills! From steaks to roasted dishes, not only will they let you make a lot more palatable dishes for your get-togethers, but also lower the risks of harm that one pizza oven carries. We recommend radial mesh barbecue grills that allow rotation, letting you turn and toss your food to cook all sides evenly with safety.

When getting this accessory, make sure it is long-handled to enhance your protection even more. There are also specifically designed oven grills to help your food maintain a constant distance from the fired wood, especially if you own a traditional pizza oven. Try the ones with an iron body as they can withstand high temperatures, allowing you to make the best of your pizza ovens with safety.

Our Recommendations:

1. YOLER Folding Camping Grills

2. Texsport Heavy Duty Over-Fire Camp Grill

3. Camp Chef Lumberjack Grill

2. Pizza Oven Gloves

You require gloves to protect both your hands and forearms from the intense heat in pizza ovens (temperatures typically reach above 800 F). To make sure you or the cook is safe from unfortunate accidents, buy a pair of specially designed heavy-duty gloves that will allow you to operate your pizza oven safely. From putting in to taking your food out and adding more wood, your pizza oven gloves should be able to handle it all by resisting high temperatures.

So what gloves should you get? We recommend Yuxier oven gloves. More commonly known as BBQ gloves, they are an excellent choice out there in the market. They possess all the necessary qualities and feature spiderman-inspired pad grips for your palm. Their length also extends protection from your hands to your arms. For more options, have a look at all of our recommendations below.

Our Recommendations:

1. Yuxier oven gloves

2. Kiaitre Grill Gloves

3. Landteek Fine Gloves

3. Ash Rake

An ash rake is an incredibly essential tool for making the operation of pizza ovens safe. It lets one move wood and set aside ash to uniformly heat the oven, without having to risk their hands or arms. You may also use it during the cooking processes to arrange cinders and wood according to the heating needs of your food. We recommend buying ash rakes that have long arms, high heat resistance, and handles.

Our Recommendations:

1. Dracarys BBQ Ash Tool Poker

2. Mydracas Charcoal Ash Rake

3. Kamado Ash Rake and Pan

4. Pizza Peels

Pizza peels protect you from accidents like falling pizza, pizzas sticking to your oven surfaces, and burns of hands. Therefore, a pizza peel is a must-have. While you can choose one from either wooden or metallic, make sure you understand the pros and cons for each before reaching a decisive conclusion. We recommend pizza peels that feature long detachable handles, along with at least a 12-to-14-inches head. It should also have a perfect structure to protect you from burns and allow you to cook big pizzas.

Our Recommendations:

1. The Baker’s Board – Pizza Peel

2. Eppicotispai Birchwood Pizza Peel

3. Checkered Chef Stainless Steel Pizza Peel


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5. Ash Can & Oven Brush

For safe disposal or the harmful ash and any left-over food particles from your pizza oven, an ash can with an oven brush is all you need. The pre-galvanized trash can has a capacity of 20 gallons and can withstand hot temperatures without melting away. Furthermore, the ash can let you collect powder gold (lime and potassium-rich ash from woods) for your compost heap and garden plants. We recommend cleaning your pizza ovens once the woods cool down for your safety.

Our Recommendations:

1. Behrens High Grade Steel 6106 Silver Galvanized Steel Can

2. Pure Garden Ash Bucket

3. Oklahoma Joe’s 2978124R06 Blacksmith Rake & Brush

6. Electric Fire Starter

Electric fire starters are a must-have to keep yourself safe from the messy accidents of a pizza oven. Instead of striking matches to light it up, make use of technology to make your experience not only safe but easy-to-use as well. Lighting up woods traditionally consumes a lot of time and effort. Electric fire starters, on the contrary, require little to no effort. All it takes is a torch flame and a gentle blow controlled by a switch or touch!

Furthermore, electric fire-starters do not require you to be close to your oven or its wood. The maintained distance keeps you safe from initial blazing or frizzling.

Our Recommendations:

1. GasSaf Electric Charcoal Starter and Lighter,

2. Home Right Electro-Torch C900085 Fire Starter

3. BISON BA001 Airlighter

4. ipalmay Fast Electric Fire Starter

7. Infrared Thermometer Gun

As many recipes require a specific range of temperatures, an infrared thermometer gun can help you keep temperatures within that range like a pro. With an infrared thermometer gun, you no longer have to poke a thermometer into the blazing fires of your pizza oven. It will let you record temperatures from a distance and keep you safe as well! Try the ones that feature a prominent with an easy to read backlit display and have 9-12 laser points to aim well. Infrared thermometer guns will also give you readings with increased accuracy.

Our Recommendations:

1. Estink Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact Digital Laser Temperature Gun

2. Etekcity Infrared Thermometer Gun

3. Kasimir AD70IR-Gun

The Takeaway

From oven grills to gloves and electric fire starters, and more, there are several accessories to help you operate your pizza oven with enhanced safety and security. Make sure to buy all these accessories to use your pizza ovens with fun and no safety concerns!