Must-Haves for Every Child’s Room

A child’s bedroom is their haven, and they deserve one that’s carefully designed and curated to their needs. However, furnishing and decorating a child’s bedroom can be pretty arduous, considering the room has to change as the child matures.

It won’t hurt to get your children involved while you’re going through the design process since the bedroom will need to express your child’s personality. Consider including some of your child’s favorite things, such as their favorite color, sport, or cartoon character.

It’s easy to lose yourself and be carried away by your spending, so here is a list of every child’s bedroom must-haves.

1. Walls

Walls surround your child’s bedroom, so it’s essential to make them fun, cool, and colorful. If you only have a limited budget and have enough to paint the walls, add your child’s favorite hue to the walls or paint in bright accents.

As an alternate option, you can plaster store-bought wallpaper featuring your child’s favorites or even your family photos. Additionally, there is an increase in the affordability of removable wall transfers and the range of styles and patterns. 

2. Bed


Comfort and style are important things to keep in mind when choosing your child’s bed. Aside from those, you also have to think about the bed’s safety and if its size is correct for your child’s age. However, with these things in mind, most parents go through a difficult time persuading their child to go to bed, not when they have so many fun things to do. Well, buying a themed bed might help you.

These days, almost every style, theme, and hobby is in every children’s bed. So it’s only a matter of searching for the right bed that will cater to your child’s likes and personality. 

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3. Storage

Once you’ve decided on designing your child’s bedroom walls and the type of bed, the next thing to settle is storage. With so many clothes, toys, and books, a child’s bedroom needs the proper storage to keep it organized and away from being a cluttered mess. Don’t let your kid pile everything into a corner; intervene with a fantastic storage solution.

Consider allocating different storage areas for your child’s clothes, toys, books, and board games. Then, teach your kid how to return everything to their place after using them. Make things easier by keeping items within easy reach, such as toy chests, coat racks, and baskets, since you will use them often if accessible.

Usually, a child’s bedroom is small, so it’s crucial to use the storage space wisely and not allow any space to be wasted. For example, corner shelves are ideal on the floor for storing books; drawers under the bed are perfect for shoes and games; baskets and plastic containers are the best solutions to house your child’s action figures and coloring crayons.

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4. Personalized Pieces

Personalizing the bedroom of your child is an excellent way of urging them to express themselves. When children feel more at home in their rooms, they are more likely to channel their academic and creative energy, so giving more thought and time into personalizing your child’s bedroom is worth all of your time and effort.

There are various ways to show individual characterization in your child’s bedroom, and the only limit is your imagination. Aside from selecting your child’s favorite hue for the wall color, you can also design a feature wall like a large chalkboard that allows your child to express themselves constantly.

Adding your child’s name into their bedroom is a great way to make it feel like it’s theirs. You can do this by painting them directly on the wall in a contrasting color or attaching wooden letters. Another excellent idea is customizing furniture such as a bedside table or desk with stencils your child adores.

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5. Artwork and Photos

Perhaps one of the most affordable and easiest ways of improving your kid’s bedroom is by displaying photos close to their hearts and artwork they created around their room.

Instead of adding their art in front of the fridge, find a pretty frame to hang it on. Alternatively, you can attach some wire or string to the walls and peg the artwork onto it, mimicking a clothesline. In this way, you can change the display frequently.

Make use of the photos depicting your child’s fondest memories. Print out your pictures from birthdays, school activities, family holidays, notable achievements, and other celebrations and use them to create an accent wall. The room will become more personalized, and your child will be in an environment where they’re surrounded by their happiest moments and the people they love.