Must-Have Items to Keep Your Kids Entertained on Long Road Trips

Heading out on a road trip with kids is nice, but not until they start screaming and the road trip that was supposed to be fun becomes a tough test of patience (for both the parents and the children!). To avoid problems, keeping your kids comfy and entertained on long road trips, no matter how young or old they are, is very important.

Thanks to the technological revolution of modern times, there are more than just a few kids’ entertainment products than ever before, and that too is so much easier to access than you think. If you are searching for nifty gadgets designed specifically for the younger crowd, you have got to the right post. 

To ensure that the kids stay busy regardless of how long your road trip is, here are a few best games, gadgets, and other random things your children might enjoy. However, do not forget to go through a quick buying guide before purchasing anything for your little one. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Must Have Items for Keeping Your Kids Entertained 

Look For Parent Control Features 

Keeping your kids comfy on long road trips by ensuring they are occupied by something entertaining does not at all mean giving them everything for the sake of traveling with peace. Due to rapid technological development in kids-pro tech, you will come across many entertaining gadgets, but only a few will allow parents to impose healthy limitations on them. 

Hence, it is very important to evaluate the must have kids entertainment product you choose closely. A sufficient degree of parental control will ensure your children stay protected from inappropriate content and not spend extra time on screen. Fortunately, all the tech gadgets on our list house proper management for parents. 

Mind the Complexity of Usage 

Do not forget that you are on a search quest for your kids and not someone who will like complications. A tech gadget or even an interesting travel book will not amuse kids if it’s not intuitive and full of catchy things. Hence, select options that prove interactive enough for your kids.

To do so, you should only go with options that are easy to use. Do not compromise on its interface if you are going with a tech gadget that will help keep your kids entertained during long road trips. Make sure it’s not too boring for your kids and also not very hard to manage. 

Usually, kids’ pro devices are designed with a different layout than the typical ones. They have more nifty and larger buttons, extra responsive interfaces, and vibrant graphics. They are retailed in multiple colorful designs. For those purchasing a non-tech item like puzzles, books, or board games, make sure you select the attractive and not dull ones. 

Look For Something That Lasts Long 

This factor is by far the most crucial factor to consider before starting a long road trip. Of course, you won’t want your kid’s source of entertainment to die before completing even half of your journey. 

Hence look for products that have enough battery juice to accompany you throughout the trip till you finally reach your destination. If you select a non-tech kids’ entertainment option, purchase only the ones that house enough activities to keep the children occupied for a long time. 

Compact Yet Interesting 

Last but not least, be mindful of the size of your purchase. Long road trips mean living inside a moving vehicle which is definitely not as roomy as your home. Thus going with only compact items is advised. Items small in size will also ensure more space for you and the kids to relax, which is, of course, more important than entertainment. 

However, getting a convenient size does not at all mean you compromise on the product’s functionality. A good purchase is always the one that fulfills all needs without cutting off even a thread of its features. 

Top 5 Items to Keep Your Kids Entertained on Long Road Trips

  Fire Kids Edition TabletRiwbox Bluetooth HeadphonesSeckton Kids Selfie CameraRob Taylor Travel Journal For KidsMom's Besty Car Back Seat Organizer for Kids
Best for:
  • kids of age 2+
  • Teenagers who want access to Zoom, Netflix, and Minecraft
  • Kids who enjoy audiobooks, cartoons, cartoon movie shows, and educational content
  • Amazon Kids Fans
  • Parents who want maximum parental control
  • Kids who are involved in heavy streaming
  • Kids who like playing games with amazing sound quality
  • Who love LED aesthetics
  • Capturing every memory along with long road trips
  • Below ten kids
  • 5-10-year-old kids who like writing everything down
  • making the trip more productive
  • limiting your children\'s screen time
  • saving memories
  • keeping tablet-like devices in a safe carrier
  • keeping children busy in the backseat
  • people who like the idea of having a compact screen station in the car
  • Keeping your car organized during long commutes
Where to Buy
Fire Kids Edition Tablet
Riwbox Bluetooth Headphones
Seckton Kids Selfie Camera
Rob Taylor Travel Journal For Kids
Mom's Besty Car Back Seat Organizer for Kids

1. Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Very few kids will be satisfied with a long road trip without having an interactive screen in hand. For others, the Fire Kids Edition Tablet will prove to be the best companion throughout continuous traveling. 

It has a 7-inch big display, 16 GB internal storage, a faster processor, and up to 8 hours of battery life, so the kids do not run short of power before the road trip ends. With the help of the intuitive content within this gadget, let the kids watch their favorite shows and listen to the music they want to give everyone some peace during long road trips. 

The tablet is specially designed to tackle the needs of your young ones, with interactive activities and fun games that also involve children's academics. What makes this table the best amongst all kids' entertainment gadgets and broadens the content collection stored within the Fire tablet is that it comes housed with a one-year free Amazon Kids subscription.

The manufacturer has also induced as many parental controls as possible, including limiting screen time and setting content goals. Also to mention the Fire Kids Tablet's sturdy kid-proof case, built-in stand, and 2-year exchange guarantee, so you do not have to worry about the well-being of the gadget. 

This also makes the device a great must-have item for traveling with toddlers who now will be busy playing with the nifty screen while you comfortably drive to the destination. Though it manifests a very kid-friendly interface, the Fire tablet is also great for teenagers who'll appreciate its ability to run Zoom, Minecraft, and even Netflix. 


  • One-Year Free Subscription to Amazon Kids Massive Kid-friendly Content Library

  • Good storage capacity

  • Long battery life

  • Serves children of all age


  • The screen brightness needs improvement

2. Riwbox Bluetooth Headphones

Riwbox Bluetooth Headphones

Though tablets are a great way of entertaining kids on a long road trip, the continuous streaming of kids' content might severely disturb others who want peace. One way to avoid the hassle is to grab these intuitive, magnificent-looking Bluetooth headphones so that your car is not bombarded with Sesame Street's or SpongeBob's music all the time. 

Thanks to its more than a few remarkable features, these Bluetooth headphones are one of the best products by RiwBox so far. First of all, the pair is available in four extra charming shades to fit every child's likings, who definitely will not take their eyes off this pretty device.

To further add to its beauty, RiwBox has also bundled a set of bright LED lights on the ear part that can switch on and off as per everyone's preference. As far as the sound quality is concerned, this headset has aced that aspect too. The bass and the tone packed within RiwBox are flawless.

RiwBox also functions well with low and medium tones as well as loud music. Plus, kids can pair these up with any audio device, including their intuitive tablets, the car's main audio system, and perhaps their sibling's devices. 

The headset's build quality is also reliable because of the high-quality materials, along with the superb LED lighting design.


  • Sturdy Built and Gorgeous Design

  • Retails in Multiple Styles 

  • Sufficient Battery Life

  • It comes With bright LED lights on the Ear Part


  • Pricey

3. Seckton Kids Selfie Camera

Seckton Kids Selfie Camera

Long road trips mean a ton of sightseeing and a great deal of exploration. Thus, why not make it a little bit more exciting with a camera in hand? With Seckton Digital Camera for kids, let your children capture the marvelous scenic beauties in their style. 

It is a special kid camera that is a great device for young ones with its large, easy-to-use buttons and less complex settings. Moreover, the camera is ideal for small hands and has a soft plastic surface that makes it easy to grip.

However, its kiddish design does not at all make it an inferior camera. In fact, you will be shocked to see the massive picture capturing powers it holds within. Thanks to Seckton's dual-lens configuration, the camera has made it super easy to take selfies.

Seckton houses a 32 GB micro SD card, so the kids never fall short of space, even if stocking videos in HD. Seckton provides a bit meager picture-taking time after each complete charge, but the charging time is relatively short, thus balancing the whole battery filling process. 

The product is made available in four different styles; thus, do not forget to consider the one your child likes. Seckton camera also comes with a lanyard to keep it secure. 


  • Good Camera Quality For Kids 

  • Dual Camera Design, Allows Taking Selfies 

  • Enough Storage

  • Straightforward Yet interesting Interface 

  • It comes in Four Exciting Color Combinations 


  • Small Battery Life

4. Rob Taylor Travel Journal For Kids

Rob Taylor Travel Journal For Kids

Encourage your children to record memories from every moment of their road trip with this smart travel journal, which is loaded with a bunch of clever graphics. This will help your kids not only remember the thrill in the future but will also get them writing while enjoying the playful stickers and badges inside. 

Thanks to the postcard idea brilliantly induced within, the designer has made sure your kids can share their journeys with friends and grandparents while on the long commute.  

The Rob Taylor Travel Journal comes with more than a few travel activities that 5-10 years old ones will find very interesting. The ultra-fun travel activities include numerous crosswords, puzzles, and fill-in-the-blanks based on famous American landmarks that the kids might even see on their way. 


  • Multiple Interactive Learning Activity 

  • Offers a Good Educational Approach

  • Interesting Graphics

  • Smart Addition of Postcards 


  • Not for older kids

5. Mom's Besty Car Back Seat Organizer for Kids

Mom's Besty Car Back Seat Organizer for Kids

Planning for a long road trip doesn't only mean satisfying everyone's needs. Instead, keeping the vehicle organized for long commutes is also very important. Mom's Besty Car Back Seat Organiser for Kids is by far the best multi-purpose must-have item you can take along with you on a road trip. 

This polyester-made organizer is not a usual backseat carrier but a robust entertainment station that will keep kids entertained and occupied. It has a smartly sewed safe pocket for tablet-like gadgets so that your kids remain calmly seated in the backseat while watching their favorite cartoon. 

There are also a few other sections for keeping travel journals, cameras, headsets, and other necessities safe.  Each storage pocket is mesh-made and comes with elastic tops for a secure fit. The back of the organizer is resistant to water, ensuring no leakage escapes ruining your car's backseat. 

The Mom's Besty Car Back Seat Organizer carries adjustable buckles, top straps, and bottom that aid its simple installation on the vehicle's back seat, along with the scratch-free cleaner cloth of the Tablet Pocket screen. 

Mom's Besty Car Back Seat


  • Sturdy Polyester Construction

  • Leak-Proof Backing Keeps the Car Seat Safe

  • Tablet Holder Plus Organizer

  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee 


  • Could have more storage pockets


Final Words 

Here was all, hoping your drive is quiet. These must-have long road trip items for children might prove hard on your budget, but are great investments for accelerating long traveling hours while keeping everyone entertained, from teens to preschoolers.

We hope that our detailed buying guide, along with the list mentioned above of all top-tier choices in the market right now, has certainly led you to the most suitable kids’ entertainment item for you. However, if you have not yet reached the one, we recommend purchasing the multi-featured Fire Kids Edition Tablet

By its name and overall playful look, parents of older kids might skip the tablet, but the reality is far opposite. The Fire Kids Tablet is a great solution for children of all ages.