Must Have Items for a Road Trip


    Going on a road trip can be a great way to travel together with family or friends. But before you hit the open road, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

    Preparedness is the key to an enjoyable road trip. In case you haven’t packed yet, here are the essentials to bring before embarking on your journey:

    A map

    A map should be an essential item in every traveler’s bag even if you plan on using GPS.  You might well get into an area with minimal coverage and a map can come in as a handy backup.  Make sure you are aware of where you will be traveling and get the appropriate map and ideally one that has been updated. 

    First aid kit

    A first aid kit is one of the most important items to have in your vehicle when embarking on a road trip. Not only can it provide guidance and knowledge on how to properly deal with common medical issues, but it can also provide much needed supplies and materials that you may need in an unexpected crisis. It should include adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic cream and a variety of other medical items like cold compresses and tweezers. 

    In addition to regular medical items, you should also make sure that your first aid kit has essentials like a flashlight with batteries, extra phone charger cables, non-perishable snacks and matches or a lighter. Taking these important steps will ensure that you are properly prepared for if any unforeseen issue arises during your journey.

    Flat tire repair system

    A flat tire can be an irritating and inconvenient interruption to a road trip, so having a reliable flat tire repair system on hand is an absolute must. Many options are available, from full spare tires with a jacking system to puncture-sealing aerosol sprays. Each of these methods is easy to use with minimal effort and expense required.

    Anti-wrinkle spray

    An anti-wrinkle spray quickly and easily removes wrinkles from clothes without having to use a traditional method such as ironing. This innovative product gives travelers a wrinkle-free look in no time at all. Also, it can help reduce the amount of packing that would otherwise be necessary for wrinkly clothes items such as dress shirts and blouses.

    family on a road trip

    Trunk organizer

    When embarking on any road trip, the trunk organizer is a crucial item to keep in mind. It provides an effective way to conveniently store items that do not need to be continually accessed or are bulky and don’t fit elsewhere. This often means valuable items such as spare tire and warmer coats can be neatly tucked away while smaller items like first aid kits, maps, and snacks are easily accessible.

    Water bottle/coffee mug

    A water bottle or coffee mug are must have items for any journey. Water bottles are a great companion for long car rides, allowing you to stay hydrated on a hot summer day, and coffee mugs will help you enjoy a hot cup of joe on the road, whatever time of day your travels take you. It’s important to invest in quality products that can stand up to multiple uses, because these items could last through months’ worth of road trips if taken care of properly.


    To stay refreshed and energized throughout the drive, a water cooler is an absolute must-have item. Not only can it hold a larger volume of liquid than other containers, but its insulated walls also guarantee that your drinks will remain chilled for hours.

    Car charger or USB car adapter with inverter

    Whether you’re travelling cross-country or just looking to make the trip easier, it’s essential to keep your devices charged and at their peak in case of emergency. A car charger is a small and affordable investment that promises big perks such as extended battery life for phones, tablets, laptop computers and GPS systems.

    Travel pillow

    After a long day of driving, it’s important to take rest breaks so you can arrive safely at your destination. A travel pillow will provide extra comfort and make sure you get the quality sleep your body needs. It packs up easily in any bag and with proper care, it should last for many trips in the future. Investing in comfort is always worthwhile, especially when it gives you that extra energy for the drive ahead.

    Massage pillow

    A great way to keep yourself comfortable during a long drive is with a massage pillow. These pillows are specially designed to fit around your neck while you’re sitting in the car and can help provide relief from tension or soreness when you’ve been on the road awhile. Most models come with adjustable settings so that you can customize your massage experience, meaning you can focus on particular points where you’re feeling extra discomfort.

    friends in a car on road trip

    Car sun visor organizer

    A car sun visor organizer is frequently overlooked, but it can be a true lifesaver during longer drives. It provides easy reference to critical items such as maps, parking tickets, and paperwork for identification when crossing state lines. Any convenient convenience store will have these handy little accessories that are sure to impress the whole family with their added organizational skills.

    Travel board games

    Whether you’re looking for a game light on pieces so setup and clean-up are not a headache, or something that’ll keep the whole car entertained, there is likely something that fits your needs. Many travel board games come with magnetic pieces so they easily stick to tray tables or other metal surfaces during bumpy rides, while others fold up into a neat little package and fit into any bag.

    Hand sanitizer

    Hand sanitizer is often a forgotten item when packing for a road trip, but it is an important one to add. Germs are everywhere and hand sanitizer is an easy way to protect yourself from them. It comes in many sizes, from tiny 2-ounce bottles perfect for the glove compartment or larger bottles that can be shared throughout the whole car.

    Car mattress

    Car mattresses can be a great addition to any road trip, as they provide a comfortable and practical sleeping solution inside the car. Instead of dealing with the hassle of a tent or air mattress that inflates slowly, investing in a car mattress will reduce set up time and keep tired passengers from having to stretch out on small benches or hard surfaces. 

    Car mattresses often come in large sizes, so all passengers can cozy up and enjoy some much-needed rest when traveling long distances. They are also lightweight compared to traditional mattresses and provide enough cushion for maximum comfort during sleep.


    Snacks can make all the difference when it comes to taking a road trip. When planning a cross-country excursion, it is important to pack snacks that are not only flavorful and satisfying but also healthy and easy to store. 

    Bringing along trail mix, protein bars, fresh fruits and nuts are great options as they provide lasting energy for the drive and are usually found in travel-sized containers. In addition to packing snacks with nutritional benefits, some delicious indulgences should be included. 

    Cookies, chips, or other goodies that keep well while traveling and don’t create too much of a mess can help get you through the miles ahead. Preparing an assortment of items ensures that everyone on the long journey has something tasty to snack on throughout the ride.


    Whether you’re embarking on a short weekend getaway or a two-week adventure, having the right supplies can make all the difference in how much fun you have.


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