Must Have Electric Yard Maintenance Equipment

Electric yard maintenance equipment can make garden work a lot more enjoyable and convenient. The right gear can also minimize the effort you put in the yard, giving you more time (and energy) to enjoy the fruits of your labor. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of must-have electric yard maintenance equipment that’ll help you tame the great outdoors.

Where to Buy
Makita XHU02Z
Worx WG896 12A
Greenworks 27032
BLACK+DECKER LE750 Edge Hog Edger and Trencher
Greenworks 24012 Single Speed Electric Blower
Ego 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Baretool Turbo Blower
Greenworks 24012 7 AMP Single Speed Electric Blower
Earthwise 60420 Electric Cordless Lawn Mower
Greenworks 25022 20-Inch Corded Lawn Mower
TABOR TOOLS GG12 Compound Action Lopper


1. Electric Hedge Trimmer

Lawn mowing is often the first measure homeowners take when it comes to caring for their lawn. As soon as that’s done, you should divert your focus toward the hedges and shrubbery. Trimming these does more than enhance the aesthetic appeal of your own; it actually minimizes the risk of branch decay and ensures the bushes stay in good health. A battery-powered electric hedge trimmer will enable you to easily shape and trim the twigs and bushes, allowing you to attain the preferred look.

Top Picks

This hedge trimmer offers plenty of run time and power with a 40 battery. It can cut up branches that measure 3/4-inch in thickness. Compared to the NiCd batteries, the lithium-ion batteries on this hedge trimmer have twice the life and hold 5x longer charge. Additionally, the trimmer has a dual-action blade that vibrates 40 percent less than single-action blades and goes 24-inches in length. And with a wrap-covered front handle, the BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 ensures the user enjoys a secure and comfortable grip in all cutting angles.

Makita XHU02Z is a cordless electrical hedge trimmer that runs on a lithium-ion battery of 18-volt. It has a 75 runtime on one charge and is purported to be 25 percent quieter than models of similar nature (good news for the neighbors!). This trimmer from Makita also boasts an ergonomic design that offers industry-leading comfort during usage. Additionally, there are safety options along with a light alert for battery draining. Makita XHU02Z 18V has a blade of 22 inches, and its < 8-pound trimmer works extremely well compared to other models.

For accurate, quieter hedge trimming, it’s hard to go wrong with the HH2455 from Black+Decker. Facilitated by a two-year warranty and the company’s quality design, the HH2455 makes trimming projects easy with its 24-inch blade that enables users to work on those deep and tall shrubs. Also, its < 6.5-pound weight and soft grip leaves homeowners less fatigued. Another unique feature of the HH2455 is the 180-degree rotating handle; its angle can be modified in 45-degree increments for making horizontal and vertical cuts. The HH2455 leverages a motor of 3.3-amp, compared to most other trimmers that run on 4-amp motors.

2. Electric Lawn Edger

Lawn edgers allow homeowners to create new pathways, garden beds and other new features in their yard’s landscape. They come in several shapes and sizes, including electric and motors to manual edgers for small-sized gardens. The machine can be used to make a clean, crisp line between the driveway, walkway, and other sections. For gardens with aggressively growing grass, the lawn edger is one of the must-have yard maintenance equipment for providing a sharp look. We recommend going for the electric model as it’s easier to use than the gas-powered model, as well as lighter.

Top Picks

The electric lawn edger features a robust trencher/edger that is 12 amp in power. It rivals the functionality of professional equipment when it comes to delivering neat, clean yard edges against concrete surfaces or flower beds. Users can leverage its cutting line indicator and blade depth (three-position) for the best results. All the buyer needs to do is adjust the shaft and the handle for complete control and convenience. On top of all that, Worx provides consumers with the ‘Edger Guide’ assistance to ensure they know where the line is. For users, the 12-amp motor delivers a boot load of force for producing small trenches and edging.

If you have a small or a medium-sized yard, this 12-amp powered edger is just what you need. It has a short 7.5-inch blade, which may give less power than its gas variants but is ideal for occasional use. The double-edged blade offers prolonged wear and robust capabilities to edge away. Additionally, you’ll find a “push-button” ignition on the edger rather than a recoil cord, which is awesome since it lets you start the equipment on the first attempt. And though it might come off as somewhat flimsy, it’s quite simple to execute. Lastly, the Greenworks 27032 model comes with a cord-lock that keeps prevents disconnections during movement.

If you have an unfinished yard that requires quick trimming, then the LE750 from Black+Decker should be an ideal choice. The robust gardening equipment will manicure your edges to perfection. Plus, it can also turn into a trencher for working on trenches as you reshape flower beds, or for installation of deploying invisible pet or lighting fencing. In addition to be simple to use and lightweight, it comes with the power needed with a “150 in-lbs” torque and a 2-1/4 HP motor of 11 amp for working on thick grass. Its 7.5-inch made is thick till 3/16-inch, which is more than enough to deliver a tidy and clean-cut action for edging along concrete surfaces and driveways. Lastly, its 3-position versatile blade offers users more control over how deep they want to go around trees and beds.

3. Electric Leaf Blower

Though we don’t want to think about the fall season, a leaf blower is capable of doing more than just addressing the footprint left by the leaves of the season. You can use it to remove any ugly, unwanted or risky debris from the garden before the lawn is mowed. Give yourself a break by opting for an electric leaf blower instead of a gas-powered one. The good news is that electric leaf blowers come in a variety of model. For example, there’s a backpack-sort model that is easy to use and can be worn on the back., which is useful for blowing a bigger area. Then there’s the cordless model; it’s the most popular because of it’s lightweight and versatile. For an added advantage, look for a type that features left shredder attachments – so that you get multiple types of equipment together.

Top Picks

  • Greenworks G-Max 40V Cordless Leaf Blower

This cordless electric leaf blower is a better choice than the electric or gas powered left blowers that are often recommended to homeowners. It’s perfect for collecting and sweeping debris and leaves and gets the task done efficiently without requiring the user to refill gas, put a cord in the power switch, or spill other contents. 150 MPH is its various speed dial, which is just enough power to clean things up without generating a lot of noise. And with 35 minutes of running time, a single charge should be enough to finish off a project. A standout feature of this leaf blower is the 2-piece tube, which provides greater control for gathering and sweeping.

Clean up all the dirt accumulated by Mother Nature with this blower. The Greenworks 24012 leverages a 7-amp motor that doesn’t leave any carbon footprint. Having the capacity to speed till 160 mph, it is more than capable of gathering leaves & clippings in piles. The blower tube is 20-inch long and comes in 2 pieces. The model is also lightweight, weighing only 4.58 lbs., so you will be able to carry it around with ease. Additionally, the zero carbon footprint promised by the manufacturer means you can get more efficiency out of this yard equipment every time you use it. What’s even better is that this electric blower is EnergyStar-approved.

If you wish to go father than what a 100-foot extension allows, you can go with Ego’s 56-volt cordless electric turbo blower. It has a weather-resistant make and is compatible with all ARC lithium batteries (which have to be bought separately). Its variable-speed control offers force between 530-250 CFM, and the turbo boost function along with a brushless high-efficiency motor gives 530 CFM. If you have the motivation to buy more yard equipment from Ego, you could add more batteries in your stack to extend the run time of this leaf blower.

This lower-end leaf blower may not be the mightiest yard equipment but can blow off light debris with ease. It offers airspeed up to 160 miles/hour and a CFM rating of 150. People love this electric leaf blower for its specialized function – a handy way to quickly clean sticks, dirt and leave off a driveway or patch. You’ll find that it works best on surfaces such as decking, asphalt, or concrete, and some users have also had success cleaning lawn leaves with it. It weighs < 5-pound, so it’s quite portable as well. Now homeowners can save the time they spend on pick up and raking with this little gem from Greenworks.

4. Electric Mower

The last on our list is the quintessential pick that has become more versatile and high-tech than ever before, with options like self-direction and cruise electronic control. Reel mowers that don’t damage the environment are also picking pace. These can be used to create a beautiful lawn. Whether you get a corded or cordless electric model, the outdoor yard maintenance essential will help keep your yard looking pristine all season long.

Top Picks

This lawn mower enables users to trim, edge, and mow with the 12-inch 3-in-1 functionality. Its motor also has POWERDRIVE transmission for handling overgrowth and challenging weeds. Plus, it’s quite portable; the user can also detach the deck of the power for a string trimmer application of sorts. The trimmer head can be further rotated to convert the thing into an edger. An adjustable handle and lightweight design ensure the lawn is taken care of. Lastly, its AFS (Automatic Feed Spool) technology lets buyers cut without having to make adjustments to the spool, with a 12-inch cutting path.

This mower is lighter than most other options out there. And has two Li-ion batteries (2 aH and 4aH). The two batteries collectively offer a cutting time of 45-50 minutes, allowing users to complete a decent-sized yard without the two-hour recharge. Other noteworthy features of Earthwise 60420 include a folding handle that’s ergonomic and a 20-inch “steel deck” for a lengthy cutting area. We also found that its one of the less noisy mowers out there, and boasts a “single-lever” adjustment system that offers multiple cutting levels (1.5 to 4-inches) to choose from. Additionally, the lawn mower features a 3-in-1s system of discharge with users’ preferred side discharge for all sorts of clippings.

Greenworks 25022 comes with a 20-inch cutting deck so it can be used on smaller lawns for quick mowing. Its tires are bigger than what users might expect, and that’s a plus because the large-sized tires make the mower easy to maneuver. It also has a 3-in-1 function which makes it easy to discharge clippings to the side, mulch them or collect them in a big. Moreover, it boasts a 12-amp motor which offers enough power for most yards. Those who want additional power or a wider cutting deck can go with the higher end 25112 that is a 21-inch model and boasts 13-amp power.

Bonus Yard Maintenance Essential: Lopper

For the most challenging of cutting jobs, it’s ideal to buy a lopper to complement your electric yard maintenance equipment. Adding this equipment to your yard stack makes good because it sticks to the branch as the user cuts it, though otherwise, it has the same functionality as a conventional chain saw. It’s one of the most reliable pieces of equipment out there, as the risk of it breaking down is zero to a minimum. We’ll even go as far as to call them long-handled pruners; loppers are regularly used to prune out smaller branches and twigs. Their long handles enable you to cut down 4-inch limbs as well as reach farther and higher for cutting thick branches (the length gives you the leverage you need to get that done!).  If you are looking for more options to buy a lopper be sure to check here.

Top Pick

This looper is an excellent buy for cutting dry, hardwood as well as the greens. Because of its design, it can also cut thick branches rather than a bypass. Homeowners who love trimming live wood back would love the clean, final cut they’d be able to make with the GG12. The amount of leverage you gain will depend on the length – this one is 30-inches long, so it’d give you enough leverage to work on thick branches with ease.

Bottom Line

After months of ice and snow, your yard demands some serious attention. With the above mentioned must have outside electric yard maintenance equipment, it’d be easy to get the project done efficiently.