Must Have Electric Yard Maintenance Equipment


    Using electric yard maintenance equipment can make gardening more enjoyable, convenient, and easy. The right gear will help you spend less time working in the yard and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor. Here are some must-have electric yard maintenance tools to get you started.

    The Different Types of Electric Yard Equipment

    Electric yard maintenance equipment isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Whether you’re looking to save time and money or be more environmentally conscious, electric yard maintenance equipment will save your back and knees while keeping the environment in mind.

    Here are some of the most common types of electric yard maintenance equipment:

    1. Electric Hedge Trimmer



    Hedge Trimmer

    Lawn mowing is one of the first things people tend to do when caring for a lawn. Once that’s done, you should pay attention to your hedges and shrubs. Trimming these makes more than just an aesthetic difference; it minimizes the risk of branch decay and ensures that your bushes stay healthy. A battery-powered electric hedge trimmer will allow you to easily shape and trim these twigs and bushes, so you can attain the preferred look.

    2. Electric Lawn Edger

    Lawn Edger

    Lawn edging machines allow homeowners to create new paths, garden beds, and other features in their yard’s landscape. The machine can be used to make a clean, crisp line between the driveway, walkway, and other sections. For gardens with aggressive growing grass, the lawn edger is a must-have for providing a sharp look. For homeowners looking to get the most out of their money, we recommend going for an electric model as it’s easier to use than a gas-powered model and lighter.

    3. Electric Leaf Blower

    Leaf Blower

    Despite our best efforts to avoid the thought, the fall season is upon us. To help with fall yard cleanup, consider purchasing a leaf blower. Leaf blowers remove leaves and debris from your yard to enjoy a clean and tidy lawn. Electric leaf blowers are preferable to gas-powered models because they are more economical and environmentally friendly. A backpack-style model makes it easy to wear the blower on your back and blow leaves off larger areas. Most backpack models are cordless, so you can easily move around while blowing debris away. If you have a lot of debris, consider purchasing a model that features multiple attachments; this will give you more versatility with the tools in your shed.

    4. Electric Mower


    The last on our list is the quintessential pick that has become more versatile and high-tech, with options like self-direction and electronic cruise control. Reel mowers that don’t damage the environment are also picking pace. These can be used to create a beautiful lawn. For those who enjoy spending their time outdoors, a corded or cordless electric model will help keep your yard looking pristine all season long.

    5. Electric Snow Blowers

    Snow Blower

    An electric snow blower is a machine used to remove snow from a driveway, sidewalk, or other areas of your property. The electric snow blower is powered by electricity and does not require gasoline or oil. The electric snow blower has been around for decades. It continues to be popular with consumers because of its low cost and convenience.

    Bonus Yard Maintenance Essential: Lopper


    For the toughest jobs, it’s helpful to have a lopper on hand to complement your electric yard equipment. Adding this tool makes sense because it holds onto branches as you cut them, though it has the same functionality as a chain saw. It’s one of the most reliable pieces of equipment out there. We’ll even call them long-handled pruners. Loppers are used regularly to prune out smaller branches and twigs. Their long handles enable you to cut 4-inch limbs and reach farther and higher for cutting thick branches (the length gives you the leverage you need to get that done!). 

    Important Factors to Consider When Buying Electric Yard Maintenance Equipment

    A few factors can make or break your decision when looking for new electric yard maintenance equipment. Here are some things to consider:

    1. The machine’s size and weight. You may not need something too big or heavy if you have a small yard. On the other hand, if you have a large yard with many different obstacles, it’s probably worth getting something with more power and heavier-duty wheels.
    2. The engine type and power source. Make sure the engine is powerful enough to handle your needs but not so powerful that it will be hard to use or maintain. Also, ensure that the engine is appropriate for whatever energy source you use—gasoline or electricity!
    3. Your budget! To avoid going over budget for one piece of equipment, make sure you know what kind of price range works best for your situation before making any decisions.

    The Benefits of Using Electric Yard Maintenance Equipment

    If you’re a homeowner and want to keep your property looking its best but don’t have the time or energy, electric yard maintenance equipment could be the solution.

    Here are just a few of the benefits of using electric yard maintenance equipment:

    • You can cut down on time-consuming cleanups and maintenance tasks that require physical labor. Instead of spending hours raking leaves or pulling out stubborn weeds, let an automated machine do the work for you!
    • Maintaining your yard is easier than ever with electric yard maintenance equipment designed to provide maximum efficiency and effectiveness, which means fewer trips outside to do yard work.
    • Electric yard maintenance equipment is environmentally friendly and reduces carbon emissions! 
    • They are easy to maintain. Electric models don’t require the labor-intensive tasks of storing gasoline, performing oil changes, treating fuel, and changing spark plugs or filters.


    Electric yard maintenance equipment is a smart investment for homeowners, from novices to more seasoned property renters. Yard work can easily be too much to handle without the right kind of equipment. By investing in electric yard maintenance equipment, you can save cash and back pain while getting the job done safely and quickly.


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