Monthly resolution check in

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It’s that time again!
Welcome to May. Can you believe it? 2013 is almost half way over already.
Time to check on my New Year’s Resolutions.
So let’s recap. Here are my goals. Let’s see how I’ve been doing:

1. Be more active. Check! Freaking check check check. I finally got off my butt and worked out! If you remember last time I said my back had started bothering me again so I was back to being my lazy self. Well, my back is feeling good now, I started up my yoga again, and I’m loving it. Plus I’m doing tons of butt & thigh exercises to try to get in better shape for summer. I might be skinny but I’m not toned. I need some muscle definition on these chicken legs! And a cute butt would be nice. I’ve been doing all of these exercise.

2. Make date night a priority. And here’s where we strike out. I don’t know if date night will ever happen. We keep trying but it just isn’t working out with my husband’s work schedule and our one babysitter’s school /work schedule. Maybe one day…
3. Be a better wife. I think I did pretty great on this one for April. It was our anniversary and I bought Shayne a pretty sweet present- an iPod touch. So now he has a really great camera on him at all times and can take good pictures of the tattoos he does and put them on Instagram- something he’s been talking about for a while now. I’m glad I could do that for him and he said it’s been the best present he’s ever received. Instagram has been a really awesome way for him to connect with other tattooers, so I’m glad it can kind of help him out with his work too. I also stopped by the shop a couple different times to bring him coffee while I was out running errands. I’ve been trying to do little things that he doesn’t think of that will make his life easier- like plugging in his phone for him while he’s showering for work (because he never charges his phone & it’s always dying). So yeah, hope he’s enjoying all of these little extras I’m trying to remind myself to do for him.


4. Be a better mom. I think April was a pretty good month for us! There’s always room for improvement when it comes to parenting. I’m trying to focus on making fun memories for them!


5. Read more, watch less. I’ve been doing surprisingly well with this one. Seriously…I was a TV junky. It was on all the time, and I’m proud to say we’ve all been turning it off lately. This might be due to the fact that I severely cut down our Dish Network subscription- going from over 350 channels to just 40 channels (plus HBO- for movies & Game of Thrones of course). I’ve been wrapped up reading the books too, so that’s been helping with my reading goal. I spent a good chunk of April reading the first three- that’s almost 3,000 pages already and there are still 2 more books and one still being written.


6. Craft more. I did a little better here. I made a new dry erase calendar for the fridge using my new Silhouette. Then I did just a little sewing. Nothing major, but it’s definitely more than what I’ve been doing the last few months- which is nothing. Oh, and I’m about to go outside and start spray painting a new project right now. Since the weather is getting nicer I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot more of that. Hopefully my check in next month will have more crafties in it for you guys to see.

7. Be a better friend. I’m trying to stay in better contact and make it a point to check in with friends I haven’t talked to a lot, even if it’s just shooting a random text here or there. Then my friend Sarah’s husband was just deployed (their 3rd) and I figured her kids could use some cheering up. The kids & I decided to do something fun and kind of silly- we mailed them some bouncy balls. Yep, we mailed big, round bouncy balls without any boxes or packaging whatsoever. We wrote the addresses & put the stamps right on the balls themselves and mailed them all the way from Washington state to New York. And you know what? They made it! I think the kids liked it too. Here’s her son Matthew with his ball after it came in the mail 🙂


8. Stay positive. Again, I think I’m kicking this one’s butt! I’ve noticed my mood has been much better lately and I find myself being less of a “Negative Nancy” about things. I can be pretty sarcastic and cynical at times, and I let things get to me really easily. I can be having a great day and if one thing happens I have a hard time getting over it and letting it go. I think I’ve made really good progress with this (mostly due to some help and positive encouragement from my husband). I’m slowly learning how to let things go and relax, and it feels pretty great!

 I’ve posted this before, but I love it.
 {click to enlarge}


So there we have it. I think compared to last month I did pretty well. There’s still work that needs to be done but I’m on the right track, and more importantly, I’m sticking to these goals and forcing myself to revisit and re-evaluate them every month.
Did you set any resolutions for yourself this year?
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