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    We all have that one friend who is the very definition of a “fangirl” or “fanboy.” They are willing to binge five seasons straight in just one day! Their rooms are filled with themed merchandise, may these be socks, hoodies, or even their kitchenware! They probably read more fanfictions than you can count! If you watched their beloved films with them, they’d probably recite the whole script out loud and point out the best parts for you. 

    They say that a key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, through food! Do you know the way to your friend or loved one’s heart? If they’re a Ringer (a fan of the Lord of the Rings) we might just be able to show you the right path!

    1. That “One Ring” from theLord of the Rings 

    If you’re not a fan of this series and only heard it by name, you’d probably wonder what kind of lord seems so fond of rings! To give you a better idea, this show revolves around Frodo Baggins, a young Hobbit who inherited the “One Ring,” which has been yearned for by many powerful forces of Middle Earth. In the quest to destroy this Ring, Froddo is met with many challenges. With that plot summarized, you’re now familiar with the context of this wonderful gift idea! 

    2. “You Shall Not Pass!” Doormat or Door Sign

    This famous catchphrase can cleverly be incorporated into a doormat or door sign you can give to your friend! This quote is from Gandalf the Grey, a wizard and leader of the Fellowship of the Ring. This gift is perfect if the recipient is especially introverted and likes drawing boundaries in their room! 

    3. Hobbit Ears

    Whether you buy ones or make your own through online tutorials, Hobbit Ears are a fun way for your friend to immerse themselves in the realm. They can often be crafted at home using modeling clay or felt papers. Your friend can wear them anytime they like: during movie marathons, Halloween-themed parties, comic conventions, or at home. You can even make one for yourself and wear them together!

    4. Drink like the Valar and the Elves! Give your friend Miruvor!

    Miruvor is a cordial often consumed by the Valar and Elves and grants its drinker renewed strength and vigor. Although this drink is merely a work of fiction, fret not, as one can easily come close by following online cocktail recipes. You can then purchase a fancy glass bottle with detailed embossed designs and place a label with the word “Miruvor!”

    5. Ring Toss with a Twist!

    If you’re unfamiliar with the game “Ring Toss,” here’s what the game is: there are pegs on a flat surface, and from a certain distance, players will attempt to throw the ring and shoot it into their corresponding pegs. Depending on where you’re from, the game can vary. It may be about which team, duo, or person finishes all their rings first or successfully throws the most rings in a limited time. To make this game special for your Ringer friend, you can customize the rings to look like the One Ring and the pegs like the towers from the Lord of the Rings! Fun, right?

    6. Map of the Middle Earth as Blankets, Curtains, Pillow Cases, Posters, or even Placemats!


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    This idea would hit home for the fans especially fond of the books. At the start of the books, readers would often find a hand-drawn picture of the Map of the Middle Earth. Luckily, this concept can be incorporated into many things, as aforementioned. If you can’t find official merchandise or sellers who have this ready-made, you can easily approach stores that offer personalization of items and then use this idea!

    7. Even Ugly Can Be Cute: Gollum Stuffed Toy

    If your friend is the type of person who finds ugly animals and ugly things cute, then perhaps they would adore a Gollum Stuff Toy. Unfamiliar with Gollum? He is the character from Lord of the Rings who famously hisses “My Precious…” and looks slimy, skinny, and hideous. Maybe all he needs, though, is a little love – something your friend might be able to give!

    8. Lembas for Lunch!

    Although the characters of the Lord of the Rings appear tired of eating Lembas because they are the only accessible food option for a certain time, fans are often curious about what this food tastes like! Lembas is a corn-based bread with an iconic square shape and lines forming the letter “X.” There are many recipes online, and most involve only basic ingredients such as butter, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and honey. You can even wrap it in leaves to give that authentic feel!

    9. Arwen Evenstar Necklace: A Symbol of Love & Sacrifice

    Besides the fact that this necklace is intricately beautiful and charming, it has been a symbol for Ringers of sacrificing great things for the sake of love. Princess Arwen Evenstar, a character in the Lord of the Rings, is an Elf with immortality. However, she fell in love with Aragorn, who was a mere mortal man. Although there were no rules mandating the prohibition of elf-mortal marriages, it was known that if it were to happen, the elf would die after the mortal does due to immense grief and sadness. Arwen gave such a necklace to Aragorn to symbolize her commitment and love. Does someone come to mind when you think about love, commitment, and sacrifice? 

    10. LOTR Blanket


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    This super-soft flannel throw blanket with a map drawn all over it. Use it as a blanket or a throw to make your living room setting extra comfortable. This throw blanket is made of pilling-proof velvet, so you can cuddle it all you want. Due to its soft, lightweight material, this blanket is also extremely easy to store.

    11. Lord of the Rings-themed shirts

    Another affordable but fun option is to print Lord of the Rings-inspired designs on a shirt. Those who love the series posters will definitely appreciate having one they can wear instead of having these solely dedicated to their bedroom walls. The famous “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” quote can also be an excellent design for a shirt!

    We hope that through this article, you can find the best gift for your Ringer friend! If all else fails, maybe simply sitting beside them while watching the films or discussing each iconic scene can go a long way! Either way, by spending your time and showing generosity in your way, you’re embodying one of the key characteristics Elves have: friendship! 

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