Looking to Shake Up Your Style? 5 Men’s Accessories to Check Out


    Looking to make a statement by shaking up your style? While you may already have the perfect pair of jeans and button-down shirt, do you have the accessories that will take the look to the next level? Subtle yet stylish wardrobe staples will elevate both casual and formal looks, no matter the occasion.

    Accessorizing can also add a personal touch to an outfit, change up the aesthetic entirely, or bring a hint of sophistication to an otherwise basic look. With a few essentials like a Cuban chain, retro sunglasses, and a sleek watch, you can upgrade your style in no time.

    Not sure where to start? Keep reading to discover five must-have men’s accessories to add to your closet.

    1. Bracelets

    Bracelets are an easy addition to subtly improve an outfit. Depending on your taste, there are many different types of bracelets you can choose from. Decide between Cuban chains,  simple leather bands, or colorful beaded options. You can either layer multiple bracelets or simply wear one.

    If you often wear more casual clothes, a simple rope or leather bracelet will complement your look. You can either opt for a colorful design to brighten a more neutral outfit, or stay basic for everyday wear. Alternatively, if you prefer to dress in formal attire, a Cuban chain bracelet or simple beaded style will take the elegance of the outfit to an entirely new level.

    2. Sunglasses

    Another important accessory for your wardrobe is a pair of sunglasses. While they were invented to shield your eyes from UV rays, they are now a fashion must-have. With so many shapes and colors, it’s easy to find a pair that flatters your face and gives you an extra confidence boost.

    If you are a fan of street style, opt for a retro or geometric pair of shades that will turn heads and make you stand out in the crowd. Prefer something more subtle and sleek? Stay classic in a pair of timeless pilot frames. No matter your style preferences, there is a pair of sunglasses that will pull your look together in seconds.

    3. Necklaces

    In a guide about men’s fashion accessories, it’s impossible to leave out necklaces. In recent years, they have grown in popularity and are now considered a staple piece for many men. With both subtle and statement options, there’s something for everyone. In addition, they are versatile and look great with a diverse range of looks.

    If you want something that you know will match everything in your closet, opt for a silver or gold Cuban chain. They are timeless and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The classic style adds a bit of luxury to a simple hoodie and jeans, or it can bring a bit of edge to more formal ensembles. Trust us, a Cuban chain is always a good idea.

    4. Scarves

    Not only do scarves keep you warm, but they also come in endless patterns and colors. Spice up your fall and winter looks with this practical accessory. With a variety of materials like silk, wool, and even cashmere, there’s a suitable style for everyone to add more style and comfort to their life.

    Whether you’re taking a walk in the park or venturing to the mountains to ski, a scarf will keep you fashion-forward and comfortable. If you have a lot of basics in your wardrobe, adding a colorful scarf is an easy way to completely change the look. As a bonus, they also give a bit of European flair to your overall aesthetic.

    5. Hats

    Hats are a go-to for many men. While some may claim they are non-hat wearers, it’s likely that they just haven’t discovered the style that suits them yet! Between bucket hats, flat brims, beanies, fedoras, and baseball caps, there are countless designs to add to your wardrobe.

    Maybe you need to cover up a bad hair day, or you want to shade your eyes from the sun, there’s no harm in doing it while keeping stylish with a great hat! The key to wearing a hat is to choose the most appropriate outfit for each style. Match a fedora with a nice knit sweater, or pair a baseball cap with a simple t-shirt and jeans. Once you have the styling basics down, the hat will become your new favorite go-to accessory.

    Ready to start accessorizing?

    With these five accessories, you will be more than ready to shake up your everyday look. Start embracing a new collection of scarves, bring on the bling with a gold Cuban chain, or experiment with a new hat design. No matter which accessories you choose, get ready for an extra boost of confidence as you take on each day.



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