List of Best Oils to Season Stainless Steel Pans

Different kinds of cookware are available on the market, including pans and pots, which you can buy at different prices. You can choose one from tens of the best cookware brands and get the utensils that suit your kitchen best. 

Although different types of cookware are available, stainless steel pans are one of the necessary tools for every kitchen. Anyone who owns a stainless steel pan knows that such cookware needs to be properly seasoned before use. Seasoning is not something that you can do with any oil; some oils are preferred over others for this procedure. 

Why Stainless Steel Cookware?

Stainless steel pans are popular mostly because almost all the reputed chefs around the world recommend using them. From pots to pans, you can find everything made of stainless steel. There are several reasons why we recommend using stainless steel pans, even if you are not a chef and cook as a hobby. 

Other than being durable, strong, and stylish, stainless steel pans have a lot more to offer, for example:

Stainless steel pans are resistant to invisible buildups that can be mixed in your food while cooking. 

The heat conductivity is high in such pans. 

The heat is distributed uniformly throughout the pan. 

They are low maintenance and easy to clean

Using and preparing a stainless steel pan is not hard, and the process is undoubtedly worth it as such pans last long enough so you can pass them to your next generation too. 

Why is Seasoning a Stainless Steel Pan Important? 

Best Oils to Season Stainless Steel Pans

Seasoning is a process by which you can clean and prepare a new stainless steel pan for cooking; it also helps in reducing the risks of food sticking to the pan. It is not necessary to season a stainless steel pan; however, it is important if you want to have a prepared pan for cooking your first dish in your new pan. 

Seasoning a stainless steel pan is not hard and doesn’t even take time. For seasoning your brand new pan, make sure you have washed and cleaned it with warm soapy water mixed with some synthetic vinegar. Doing this will remove all the traces of any manufacturing oil on the pan’s surface. Also, don’t forget to dry the pan completely. 

Now that you have conditioned and cleaned the pan, it’s time to season it. You will need oil and a stove for this process. Apply an adequate amount of oil to the surface of your pan, make sure the whole surface is covered. Now turn the stove on and put the pan on it; make sure the flame is medium and do not keep it on the stove for more than 2 to 4 minutes or until the oil starts giving off smoke. 

After this, let it cool down and wipe away the excess oil. Make sure you give enough time to the pan to absorb the oil. 

Best Oils for Seasoning Stainless Steel Pans 

Before we start suggesting the best oils, it is necessary to talk about what type of oils can be used for seasoning a stainless steel pan. There are so many different oils available on the market that it is actually hard to tell which one to choose. However, we can divide all the oils into two categories when talking about seasoning: low and high smoke point oils. 

Low smoke point oils are extremely sensitive to high temperatures. As soon as they reach their highest temperature limit, they start burning and smoking. The smoke point of almost all the low smoke point oils falls under 400 degrees. These oils are indeed good for cast iron, but remember that they should never be used for seasoning stainless steel pans. Low smoke oils include unrefined oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. 

On the other hand, high smoke point oils are best for seasoning a stainless steel pan. Generally, these oils are refined, which makes their smoke point go higher 

Best High Smoke Point Oils for Seasoning 

Where to Buy
Sunflower Oil
Kadoya Sesame Oil, 22.10 Fl Oz
Pure Wesson Vegetable Oil - 1.25 gal
Iberia All Natural Grapeseed Oil, 34 fl. oz.
Snappy Popcorn 1 Gallon Snappy Pure Peanut Oil No Color Added, 128 Fl Oz
Healthy Harvest Non-GMO Gourmet Soybean Cooking Oil

1. Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil remains on top for seasoning the stainless steel pans. The presence of high monosaturated fats in sunflower oil results in a higher smoke point (232° C). Moreover, when heated up, sunflower oil does not give out any weird aroma and covers the pan’s surface with polymer. Lastly, it is easily available as most people use it for regular cooking. 

2. Kadoya Sesame Oil, 22.10 Fl Oz

Although sesame oil has a strong aroma, the coverage and seasoning it provides to stainless steel pans are perfect. Refined sesame oil has a smoke point as high as 450°, while the smoke point for unrefined sesame oil goes up to 350°.

3. Pure Wesson Vegetable Oil - 1.25 gal

Vegetable oil has a high smoke point, and everyone knows that its aroma and taste are also neutral. If you have no other oil available and the vegetable oil is peeking from your pantry, you can go for it, as it will do the trick, and your new pan will be perfect to use after being seasoned with vegetable oil. 

4. Iberia All Natural Grapeseed Oil, 34 fl. oz.

Grapeseed oil is another option for seasoning a stainless steel pan. It has a neutral aroma that doesn’t bother anyone and wouldn’t add any taste to the food you cook in that pan, either. Moreover, the smoke point for this oil is also relatively moderate, up to 390°. 

In addition, grapeseed oil is organic oil and high in polyunsaturated fat, making it suitable for any seasoning purposes.

5. Snappy Popcorn 1 Gallon Snappy Pure Peanut Oil No Color Added, 128 Fl Oz

Peanut oil has a smoking point that goes up to 450°. Due to its high smoke point and neutral aroma, peanut oil is one of the best ones to season a stainless steel pan. Even though it is great for seasoning, we wouldn’t call it the top pick as some other oils can definitely do better than it. But if you prefer using nut oils, peanut oil is the best for this purpose. 

6. Healthy Harvest Non-GMO Gourmet Soybean Cooking Oil

Soybean oil works almost the same as vegetable oil, but its smoke point is slightly higher (450°). Moreover, it doesn’t give out any aroma or taste, making it another great option for seasoning a stainless steel pan.

  Sunflower OilKadoya Sesame Oil, 22.10 Fl OzPure Wesson Vegetable Oil - 1.25 galIberia All Natural Grapeseed Oil, 34 fl. oz.Snappy Popcorn 1 Gallon Snappy Pure Peanut Oil No Color Added, 128 Fl Oz
Smoke point °C232°Refined: 450°, Unrefined: 350°204° to 232°390°450°
Aroma Neutral Strong aromaNeutral Neutral Neutral
  Healthy Harvest Non-GMO Gourmet Soybean Cooking Oil
Smoke point °C450°
Aroma Neutral


To start using your brand new stainless steel pan, you need to season it properly with the right oil. You can use any of the oils we have mentioned above as they have a high smoke point and are proven to provide good seasoning. 

Furthermore, make sure that you do not use any low smoke point oil as it can ruin your pan. Lastly, if you feel the need to know more about seasoning or stainless steel pans, you can visit the DAWANG casting foundry