Life Hacks for the Digital Nomad


    Being a digital nomad has never been more enticing than it is in the fast-paced, highly connected world of today. There is a seductive sense of independence in being able to work remotely, away from a regular office. A digital nomad’s life is not without its challenges, though. Work, travel, and personal life juggling can be challenging.

    In this post, we delve into a goldmine of life hacks that have been hand-picked for the contemporary digital nomad. We have got you covered on everything from optimizing your remote work setup to perfecting the art of traveling light and keeping organized. Come along as we reveal the keys to achieving your goals as a digital nomad.

    Choosing the Right Gear

    Let us start with the necessary technology you need to stay connected and productive while traveling. Depending on the kind of work you do, you might need to make a few adjustments to this list. But this ought to be an excellent place to start.


    A solid laptop is likely to be your primary tool for making money while traveling, making it the most crucial piece of equipment for digital nomads. Consequently, it is crucial to make a good investment in one.

    A Universal Power Adapter

    One of the most important gadgets for digital nomads is a universal power adapter, which makes it easier to connect to a power source and charge your devices wherever you are.

    It is significantly simpler to get a universal adaptor rather than one for each location you visit while traveling.

    These come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but the best option is to get one that is compatible with as many power outlets as possible (the four primary types are European, North American, Australian, and UK). 

    Power Bank

    A portable power bank is an essential component of every packing list for digital nomads. You can save a lot of time, trouble, and stress by making this simple investment.

    Having your phone run out of battery may be annoying, whether you are on a long bus or flight, touring a new city, or working from a cafe. Additionally, it always seems to occur when least expected!

    Your phone will not run out of battery while you are driving if you have a power bank with you. This is particularly crucial in locations with few charging stations or even no access to electricity (like halfway up a mountain, for instance!).

    Foldable Laptop Stand

    Hunching over laptops is a common habit that can lead to excruciating neck and back pain. With a laptop stand, you can raise the screen to eye level, which will help your posture and lessen any potential pain. This is crucial if you work on your computer for extended periods.

    A laptop stand can help you set up a cozy and effective office in your home, hotel room, coworking space, or wherever else you choose to work.

    It is advised to purchase one that is lightweight and foldable because mobility should be a key consideration when selecting the best digital nomad gear.


    Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone. While a large part of the population despises our culture’s preoccupation with phones, there is no denying that smartphones are useful, especially for remote workers.

    With a smartphone, you may communicate while on the go with customers, friends, and family. Additionally, it gives users access to several practical apps, like Google Maps—possibly the most practical of all—translation services, podcasts, calendars, and other productivity tools.

    Portable External Hard Drive

    It is crucial to frequently back up your files and documents, whether you are a digital nomad or not! You should not lose too many files as long as you have a hard drive with a current backup of your computer. Additionally, with Apple devices, you can restore everything to the state it was in on the day of your most recent Time Machine backup.

    Noise-Canceling Headphones

    Noise-canceling headphones can help you concentrate on your work without getting distracted by ambient, background noise, whether you are working in a bustling coffee shop or on a noisy airplane.

    Both over-ear and in-ear variations are available. While in-ear headphones are more compact and portable, over-ear headphones often provide better noise cancellation. 

    Portable Wi-Fi router

    A portable Wi-Fi router will probably be a perfect addition to your digital nomad packing list given that the majority of remote workers need a reliable and secure internet connection.

    Compared to public Wi-Fi, which is frequently unreliable and unsecure, portable travel routers can offer a safer, more dependable connection. These operate by establishing a personal Wi-Fi network to which you may link your gadgets.

    Being able to simultaneously connect several devices is a major benefit of portable routers. On the other hand, while tethering from your phone, you can typically only connect one device at once.

    Portable routers come in a few different varieties. Some have a built-in SIM card, while others require you to purchase and install a physical local SIM card. They are even more practical because certain models have built-in power banks.

    In either case, make sure to pick a device that is small, light, and has a long battery life (or can be hooked into a power source). 

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    Software and Subscription

    It would help if you thought about purchasing at least some of the following software and subscriptions in addition to buying the appropriate physical gear and equipment:


    When using public Wi-Fi networks, having a trustworthy Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is crucial for securing your internet connection and preserving your privacy. VPNs serve to protect you from identity theft and cybercrime by encrypting the data you send and receive online.

    When using unsecured internet connections, such as free Wi-Fi, it is crucial to always utilize one to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

    Local eSIM

    It is frequently worthwhile to purchase a local eSIM if you want to stay for an extended period in one country. This will allow you to use your phone to access the internet from any location without having to pay exorbitant international roaming charges.

    The precise price of an eSIM depends on how much data you need and varies from nation to country. Nevertheless, they are typically affordable in most regions. For instance, 50 GB of data costs less than USD 10 per month in Sri Lanka.

    Although the majority of current models tend to be, it is crucial to make sure your phone is compatible with eSIM. Additionally, make sure your phone is “unlocked,” or free from ties to any particular network.

    Usually, the settings menu of the device will tell you if it is locked or unlocked. Before attempting to use any other SIM (including eSIMs), call your network operator and ask them to unlock it if it is locked.

    Cloud Storage

    It is safe and convenient to save and access your files, papers, images, and other vital data with cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

    You may exchange information with coworkers, clients, friends, and family quickly and easily thanks to cloud storage, which guarantees that your files are safeguarded against loss or damage.

    Depending on your line of work, collaboration options offered by many cloud storage companies that enable several users to work on shared files simultaneously are also quite helpful.

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    Packing Tips

    • Small and light is best – Whenever possible, choose small and light objects. Moving around will be so much more pleasant and easy.
    • Keep things separate – It is preferred to keep a bag just for the gear you need for work. You will not have to pack a backpack every time you travel to a coworking space or anywhere you choose to work because everything will be in one location.
    • Portability – Everything you require for work should ideally fit into a single, comfortable medium-sized rucksack. The rest should be able to be transported from point A to point b using either a sizable suitcase or a sizable backpack.
    • Versatility – To help you save room in your bag or backpack, consider things with several applications whenever possible. For instance, a decent pair of hiking trousers can also be very effective in keeping mosquitoes away at night.
    • Packing cubes are fantastic – They are a great way to keep everything organized and let you quickly access specific goods. The days of searching through your backpack for the one clean pair of socks you might have hidden someplace are long gone.

    Maximizing time as a digital nomad

    Whether you are working from the convenience of your rental home, a contemporary workplace, or a retro café, effective time management is vital for productivity and getting things done. But for digital nomads, time management requires a whole different approach. Along with meeting deadlines and finishing assignments, we must also make time to travel and see the area where we are now residing. At the same time, it may be thrilling and draining.

    As digital nomads, we are fortunate to have the freedom to decide where and when to work. While this gives us more flexibility and time for ourselves, it also places more responsibility on us to organize our time, prevent procrastination, and finish work by the due date. Here are some time-management strategies that have been shown to boost productivity and help modern workers perform to their maximum capacity.

    Stick to your routines

    You probably travel quite a bit if you are a digital nomad. Maintaining routines is more difficult when you are constantly on the go. However, when it comes to time management, it might save your life.

    The way you spend the morning determines how the rest of the day will go, regardless of whether you are one of those individuals who gets up early or takes your time. Because of this, it is critical to create a morning routine that increases your vigor and productivity and positions you for a fruitful day.

    To wake up at the same time every day is a crucial component of an efficient morning routine. For digital nomads, this is particularly crucial since we need to maintain the work-life balance that everyone keeps mentioning. A healthy meal is essential to a daily routine since it offers us the energy, we need to tackle the day. Some folks make an effort to squeeze in little workouts here and there. A leisurely yoga practice might be enough to move your body without needing to undertake intense aerobics. Some people like journaling because it helps them to focus and get ready for a hectic day. Some people write down their “to-do lists” and finish them.

    The morning cup of coffee is not the end of routines. You may establish work habits that will boost your output. You may establish a habit of checking your emails first thing in the morning or going for a walk during your lunch break, for instance. The most essential thing is that your routines should be pleasant for you, whether they last five minutes or several hours.

    Practice self-discipline

    We all know that when we are motivated, we perform at a higher level. Our ability to think creatively, learn new things, take chances, face problems, and accomplish our goals is largely dependent on our level of motivation. However, motivation is often fleeting. On one day, we may be eager and prepared to start a new project, but on the next day, it may be challenging to complete even the most basic duties, like responding to emails. Most of us cannot afford to work solely when we are motivated and take time off when we are not—discipline steps in at this point to rescue the day.

    When it comes to controlling your time, self-discipline is particularly crucial. One of the fundamental skills that has a significant impact on your life’s quality is time management. As digital nomads, we should make an effort to create deadlines, particularly when there is not a clear schedule for the project or a particular work. When it comes to working, make an effort to complete the chores on time and avoid procrastinating excessively. Although self-discipline is difficult to learn, the more we practice it, the sooner it becomes a habit.

    Get organized

    Imagine yourself in a circumstance where you have a lot of unfinished business, both on the job and at home. You are feeling overburdened and having trouble focusing. And if you do manage to concentrate on a task, a reminder that you need to update your ID, schedule a flight, or send a report appears in your consciousness.  Task organization enables us to focus, establish goals, and work efficiently. There are a few tools that we advise employing.

    Setting up a calendar is one of the finest strategies to arrange our daily chores. You may utilize calendars from Google, Microsoft Outlook, Apple, and other providers for free. Making time slots for activities like “working on an article,” “doing research,” “reading a report,” and others in addition to Zoom meetings is a useful strategy. In this manner, we can be certain that we will work on something to fulfill the deadline on Friday from 12 to 2 p.m. on Monday. A calendar may be used for both private and work-related responsibilities.

    Prioritize tasks

    We have a large list of everyday activities to complete as digital nomads. We need to keep up with everything from making travel arrangements to paying the rent and responding to client communications. We must prioritize these jobs based on urgency because we cannot do them all at once. However, if you want to go even further, consider applying the Pareto Principle.

    The Pareto Principle means that you will get 80% of the outcomes with 20% of your work. The idea was developed by economist Vilfredo Pareto, who discovered that only 20% of Italians owned 80% of the country’s wealth in the 1900s.

    If you are a digital nomad who works eight hours a day, you can get most things done in two hours. This approach enables us to properly define priorities and concentrate on the activities that will have the most positive effects on both our personal and professional lives. Consider if each item on your to-do list is urgent and vital. Which projects will be important in five years? What advantages do these jobs have for you or your business? By providing answers to these questions, you may concentrate on the things that are most essential to you and spend less time on those that are less crucial.

    Limit time on online calls

    There will always be that day when we attended 4-5 conference calls. Those days always appear less productive; we feel as though we have accomplished nothing while also feeling worn out.

    There is a purpose for meetings. Even if we must attend most of them and participate in crucial discussions, we may cut down on the time we spend there. Consider announcing at the start of the meeting that you must leave 15 minutes early to attend another meeting or finish a job. Most of the time, participants will try to talk on the subject throughout the allotted time. You now have an additional 15 minutes to make a few phone calls or send a few emails. And if you use the same procedure for all four meetings, you will have an extra hour to spare.

    Avoid Distractions

    After learning at least some time management strategies, we want to work efficiently, which involves avoiding distractions. Anything in the modern world may be a distraction, from an open news tab on your computer to a notification on your smartphone.

    As digital nomads, we must maintain our concentration on the task at hand, even if it necessitates putting our phones away for a moment. A “Do Not Disturb Mode” or setting it away could work. It can help you manage your time more efficiently, be more productive, and stay in the zone.

    woman in white button up shirt while using laptop


    This article provides vital advice for people who are adopting a nomadic way of living in the digital era. It offers a road map for striking a harmonic balance between work and adventure, from mastering time management to maximizing virtual workplaces. Digital nomads may maximize the flexibility of their lifestyles and design a rewarding, fruitful, and interesting trip by using these useful recommendations.


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