Learn the Benefits of Vacuum Sealers and Packing Machines


    Any food service organization must minimize food loss and spoilage, and a vacuum sealer and packing machine are important waste-reduction equipment. Vacuum-packed products can last up to 3-5 times longer than goods that are not packaged. They also taste fresher because most variables that contribute to their decomposition are eliminated.  And they aren’t just for commercial use.  If you have a large family or do long term planning for your meals a vacuum sealer can be very beneficial.

    This article will outline some benefits of owning a vacuum sealer and packing machine if you have debated whether they would be useful.

    The History of Vacuum Packing

    While you can find the earliest modified environment packaging efforts in the early 19th century, most vacuum packing tales only appear after World War II.

    Before World War II, air was taken out of rubber latex bags in France before the packages were sealed. They discovered that this idea extended the shelf life of frozen goods. Vacuum packaging applications were made possible after World War II thanks to plastics’ increased use and commercialization.

    The first commercial application of vacuum packaging for perishable goods was the Cryovac vacuum packaging technology, which was developed in the 1950s to package whole turkeys. Since the invention of industrial vacuum packaging, new materials, procedures, and tools have developed that have raised the standard of living.

    By the 1970s, the use of inert gas to vacuum packaging significantly extended the shelf life of perishable goods. Since then, there have been remarkable improvements in the effectiveness of vacuum packing and extended shelf life.

    Benefits of Vacuum Sealers and Packing Machines

    Packaging machines and vacuum sealers have various advantages in preventing food waste. Using these, you can organize your freezer and extend the food’s shelf life. They also keep food fresh and safe until you need it.

    sealed food alongside a home vacuum sealer and plastic rolls used for sealing

    To make an informed purchase, check out the benefits of having your vacuum sealer and packing machine.


    When food is packed with vacuum sealers, the shelf life is considerably extended, resulting in less food loss and cost savings. For instance, you can keep fresh meat in stock for up to 6 months by purchasing meat in bulk, separating it into serving-sized quantities, and sealing it. This results in a tremendous cost reduction compared to purchasing your meat from the market before each meal. 

    Many food types have also seen significant increases in shelf life. You may save your family a ton of money all year by vacuum-sealing portions.

    Furthermore, the oxygen is taken out of packing, which reduces the amount of space a product takes up and allows you to ship more products each trip, thus lowering shipping costs. This makes it a smart business investment.

    Maintains Food Quality

    Longer protection and preservation in the refrigerator or cabinet are also possible due to the absence of air exposure. Food is preserved when vacuum sealers and packing equipment prevent mold, fungus, and bacteria from growing. Foods are protected from freezer burn, bacterial development, and dehydration by completely emptying the bag of air.

    This is beneficial for purchasing seasonal goods and food that spoils rapidly, such as meats, lettuce, and vegetables. Compared to conventional storage methods, your food will stay fresher for longer. It also works for other pantry staples like nuts, crackers, pasta, and other foods that become stale or squishy when exposed to moisture and oxygen.

    fish preserved in vacuum pack plastic

    Safeguard Against Freezer Burn

    As previously indicated, vacuum sealers and packing machinery protect food against freezer burn and dehydration. When air and water crystals around food come into contact, freezer burn happens.

    Vacuum sealing helps avoid this by keeping air away from the food. Although freezer burn is not harmful to your health, it degrades the flavor and texture of the food.

    Conserves Labor and Time

    Vacuum-sealed pieces require less monitoring during sous vide cooking than conventional cooking techniques. Place your food in the hot water bath, then go about your business while it cooks. Additionally, it aids with portion control.

    Enhance Taste, Marinating

    Vacuum sealers also make excellent tools for marinating and flavoring food to give it more taste. To improve your cooking abilities quickly and marvelously, season meat, chicken, or fish with a marinade or seasoning before vacuum sealing.

    Better Seal

    With food vacuum packaging machines, the product is completely airless. This kind of seal guards against contamination and the growth of microorganisms. As a result, it safeguards the product against handling harm at the final stage of its lifespan, retail delivery.

    dry food being sealed with a vacuum sealer

    Various Packaging Choices

    There are many different packaging choices for vacuum sealing materials. The list consists of bags, foils, films, and other items. The great thing is that you still obtain the exceptional seal that is only possible with vacuum sealers and packaging machines, regardless of the type of material you use.

    Minimize Waste

    When we intend to buy in bulk to save money, food may wind up freezer-burned or forgotten in the refrigerator. You’ll save money by utilizing a vacuum sealer and packing machine to pack extra food and leftovers, and since you can eat those items, you’ll also reduce waste.

    With automated technology, these devices can lower labor costs by reducing food spoilage, extending shelf life, and increasing food quality. Additionally, they eliminate packaging waste by avoiding the need to purchase additional packaged shop products.


    With the most recent automated vacuum sealing machine technology, business owners may boost productivity while spending less on staffing. Continuous belts, rotary, and in-line packing machines are some excellent options.

    All-Year Freshness

    The winter months are an excellent time to store seasonal foods like tomatoes and berries using vacuum sealers and packing machines. Doing this allows you to enjoy foods all year long, even when they are out of season.

    vacuum sealer machine and meat on a dark background

    Efficient Food Organization

    The amount of room that food has, whether in the pantry or the freezer and refrigerator, might affect what is on hand. Packaging that uses vacuum sealers and packing equipment is effective and well-organized.

    Vacuum-sealed food takes up less space in your fridge or freezer and makes it easier to see what you’re storing. It makes place for more food products, such as boxes and cans, by vacuum sealing things and stacking or grouping them on the side.

    No Chemical Preservation

    After purchasing fresh, you can select which spices and marinades (or just plain) to put into your vacuum packing. Because vacuum packaging increases the shelf life of its products, chemical preservatives are not required. By doing this, undesirable chemicals and preservatives in food are eliminated.

    Using a vacuum sealer and packing machine has many wonderful advantages, like keeping food fresh and safe for a very long period, and it is past time that anyone working in the food packaging sector learned about the significant advantages of vacuum sealing. Modern industrial vacuum sealers are revolutionizing the packaging industry.

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