Learn About the Different Types of Ironing Boards


    A clean, neat appearance is one of the keys to making an amazing first impression, nailing it on the first date, or looking presentable for that make-or-break presentation. To attain that, you need crisp, non-wrinkled clothes that make you look dapper. 

    Although many steam irons in the market are of great quality and do the job well, this is all for naught if the ironing board you use is unreliable. Hence, having a good ironing board is a must. 

    Purchasing an ironing board is easy peasy. All you have to do is walk inside your nearest store, find the cheapest one or maybe one that has an intriguing design, pay for it and drive back home. It will work if you’re planning to use a simple, plain ironing board. But if a quality ironing board that helps you achieve the highest potential for your clothes is what you aim for, then there are things you need to consider.

    This article will help you get by in discovering what else you need to keep in check for an ideal ironing board!

    Three Types of Ironing Board

    1. Full-sizestanding ironing board

    iron and ironing board for ironing things wardrobe

    These are the traditional, most popular, and most commonly used types of ironing boards. The full-size, standing ironing board can easily be moved around the house and assembled to stand anywhere as long as the surface is sturdy and flat. This is because this type of ironing board has foldable legs that can be easily folded back and stored when not in use or opened when there is a need to iron some clothes. Because of this, 

    This type of ironing board has different size options and can also have different designs. Most often, the stands crisscross diagonally. They have light frames, but some ironing board of this category is heavier so that more stability is achieved while ironing. These ironing boards don’t have to be installed by a specialist, and they are very user-friendly.

    This ironing board has two variations: the basic and the feature-rich. The basic one has the common features mentioned earlier, while the feature-rich ironing board, as its name implies, has additional features to enhance its functionality. The feature-rich ironing board has height adjustment capabilities so that you don’t have to strain your body while ironing clothes, a common complaint from users. 

    2. Built-in Ironing Board

    Iron and ironing board in wardrobe of hotel room

    Maximizing the space of a house by pulling out different house items from the wall or closets has become a trend for quite some time already. It truly is intriguing how you can make the most of your living space by simply pulling things out and then adjusting them back in when not in use. 

    Ironing boards can be installed inside a closet, on the wall, or inside a pull-out drawer. By having an ironing board like this, you can save space. This is something to consider if you have a relatively smaller living space or a metropolitan residence, which often offers only a limited area. 

    One advantage of this type of ironing board is that it does not take up additional floor space. Moreover, you don’t need long extension cords or plugging wires since these are often strategized to be installed near an outlet. 

    There are many ways that the built-in ironing board can be installed. It can come with a panel so that the board is attached to the wall, slid open when utilizing it, and folded up when not. To have one in your home, you can either purchase a kit that will allow you to do it yourself, or you can hire someone to do the work for you. 

    3. Tabletop Ironing Board

    Iron for ironing on small tabletop ironing board in cozy and living room

    This type of ironing board is unique and not very common, but its functionality and innovativeness in design are often praised. As its name suggests, this type of ironing board is placed on the top of a table so you can iron clothes firmly. It appears like a usual standing ironing board but instead has shorter legs that are often shorter or as short as a forearm.

    Because of its small size, foldability, and short legs, this ironing board is portable and easy to use. Additionally, it can be stored anywhere in the house because it doesn’t take up so much space. You can place it inside a box, in the closet, or in a small area in the laundry room. 

    There are also other tabletop ironing boards that do not have foldable legs and are always stretched out. This is so that the ironing boards can be placed permanently and for better and firmer support, especially when steam ironing which often needs a sturdy base.

    Although the tabletop ironing board seems to have it all, you should consider its general smaller area since it cannot always be used to iron larger dresses, shirts, bottoms, trousers, and slacks. 

    Other factors to consider when buying an ironing board

    There are many things to consider when presented with many options for ironing boards. Although you are not familiar with the many types of ironing boards, these aren’t the only factors you should keep in mind. It’s important to consider the following:


    When checking out different ironing boards, note their length, width, and height. Is it good enough for your height? If you’re a very tall person, you need to check if the board will cause you to slouch while ironing clothes. Other than this, the size is also something you should consider, given the limitations in the spaces you plan to place them in.

    Iron Rest

    Asian Young Woman Ironing Clothes

    Often attached to one of the ends of the ironing board, this iron rest feature is a place where the iron can sit when you’re not using the iron. Without the iron board, you cannot pause to rest from the grueling work of ironing, and you might increase the risk of fires due to it being hot while unattended. Of course, you don’t want to burn your fancy clothes!

    Cover and Padding

    Volunteer helping to senior man with chores

    Be sure that the cover of the iron board is thick. This will allow you to press onto your clothes to better press garments. There are also incidences of fabric sticking onto the ironing board. To prevent this fiasco, you can add a non-stick cover to the ironing board. 

    Whether you like it or not, quality irons are not enough. You need ironing boards that are sturdy, flexible, and functional in more ways than one. Although most categories of ironing boards share the same features, there are differences between them that can be both good and bad. We hope these tips will guide you in choosing the best ironing board that suits your needs.   


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