Learn About the Different Types of Dog Hair Clippers


    Everyone needs to groom themselves and get haircuts, right? Similarly, our pets too need to be groomed. To keep our pets looking attractive, we occasionally need to trim or shave off their body hair. Even the most straightforward grooming techniques benefit from using high-quality supplies because they not only provide your pet the greatest appearance but also wind up saving you time, worry, and money in the long run.

    While a standard dog grooming clipper resembles one we use for ourselves in appearance, there are also a number of variations. However, the quality of these grooming clippers isn’t always great, and clients end up being very unhappy with their purchases. You should invest in a high-quality grooming clipper so that you may trim your dog’s hair without also hurting him.

    Different Types of Dog Hair Clippers

    Since there are millions of dogs in the globe, there are many pet grooming supplies available, but it might be difficult to choose which dog clippers to buy. There are six basic types, and there is no superior one above the others; it all depends on your preferences.

    Grooming hair of a mixed breed dog

    1. Corded Dog Clippers

    Dog clippers with an electrical cable require a ready power source in order to be plugged in. Both novice and seasoned groomers like using corded dog trimmers. The cost of these corded clippers ranges from affordable to premium. Any required feature can be found in a corded dog clipper for the consumer. Corded models can be obtained with fast rotational speeds, low vibration, silent operation, and professional quality.

    The cable makes it simple to groom multiple dogs in succession, and professional groomers typically choose such versions. Grooming doesn’t have to stop while you wait for a battery to recharge. Without needing to purchase additional batteries to spin, the steady source of power completes the task. Although this varies widely from model to model, in general, corded clippers may be lighter than those that have rechargeable internal batteries.

    A clipper on a yellow background around the trimmed coat of a poodle

    2. Cordless Dog Clippers

    Both amateur and professional groomers utilize cordless dog clippers, which run on a rechargeable battery. The cordless dog clipper uses lithium batteries, which have a longer lifespan than regular rechargeable batteries. Like corded clippers, cordless ones can have any feature a groomer might need, and all three major manufacturers make cordless clipper models as well.

    Dog shows are one setting where cordless dog clippers can be used as there may not be a reliable power source nearby. When visiting particular areas of the world where the plugin might not be available without additional attachments, they might be utilized as a fallback option. The freedom of movement that comes without a cord is appreciated by groomers, especially when performing precise work on the dog’s face, paws, and areas close to its genitalia.

    Grooming the hair of dog

    3. Single-Speed Dog Clippers

    Single-speed dog clippers have a blade that rotates only once. The blade cannot be forced to travel faster or slower than how it was intended to. For persons who own or frequently groom breeds with coats that need a quick shear for the summer heat, single-speed dog clippers are ideal. Instead of being cordless, the majority of single speed dog clippers will contain cables. However, they also have the majority of other features, such as a fast rotation speed and interchangeable blades.

    A single-speed dog clipper has the advantage of not overheating the motor and blades as much as a variable-speed motor would. Both the dog and the groomer may find heat to be an uncomfortable factor. The price of the dog clipper itself is another advantage. Dog hair clippers with a single speed are typically less expensive than those with several or variable speeds. They work well with another affordable trimmer to provide the finishing touches on some breeds’ quick shears at the end of the winter.

    Groomer cutting fur of small black schnauzer

    4. Variable Speed Dog Clippers

    These are preferred by both experts and amateurs with higher budgets. These clippers allow you to adjust the cutting speed. Slower movements enable the groomer to apply more care to areas that call for more difficult grooming, such as creating the nicest tuft on a poodle’s tail. Lower speed penetrates the thinner coat, while higher speed attacks the thicker ones. A skilled groomer can use a single instrument for several dog breeds and tasks by using variable-speed clippers.

    The additional motor gears in variable speed dog clippers have the disadvantage of making the device warm to the touch in the hand. Of course, there are a wide range of models and manufacturers when it comes to how hot these clippers can get. The second drawback of a more complex motor with several gears is that it will weigh more than the one-speed one. For a single cut, this increased weight might seem insignificant, but doing multiple cuts over time could cause pain in the fingers, hands, and wrists.

    Professional groomer working with cute dog in pet beauty salon, closeup

    5. Professional Dog Clippers

    A variety of grooming tools, some of which aren’t even sold to the general public, are available to professional groomers. Professional dog clippers come in different shapes and sizes with a variety of capabilities, and many professional groomers really use them. For years, a groomer will spend a significant amount of time each day using clippers. Professional-grade hair clippers are those with ceramic blades for lasting sharpness and precise cutting, high rotation speeds, variable speed, quiet cooling elements, and other features. This category’s features include things like longer warranties and a wider selection of blades.

    The price of professional grooming clippers sets them different. They are often more expensive than the conventional dog clipper, which breaks down after a few cuts. The typical price of a professional dog clipper is close to or beyond $200. They are more than the typical home groomer will likely require and utilize. 


    We hope that our summary of the different dog clipper varieties will help you find the model that offers the most value for your money. There are so many different types of dog hair clippers available, including single-speed, variable-speed, corded, cordless, low-vibration, professional, and more!

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