Kid’s Tea Party Ideas


    Many young children enjoy spending countless hours throwing tea parties for their stuffed animals and dolls. Kids adore this period of imagination because it allows them to play the role of adults. Take it a step further and host a private tea party for some of your child’s friends.

    Tea time staples like frilly linens, tea sandwiches, and cookies can all be included in this simple afternoon event, which can be planned without much difficulty. The kids will also enjoy some entertaining activities and games with a tea party theme.

    Kid’s Tea Party Ideas

    1. Kid’s Tea Party Invitations

    The selection of invitations is the first step in organizing a tea party. The party’s atmosphere and the guests’ expectations are established by the invitation. Any pertinent information should be included in the invitation. For instance, you should specify on the invitation whether you want the kids to dress up for the event or if you want your guests to bring their favorite dolls or stuffed animals.

    2. Set the Table

    Set the Table

    One of those occasions where the table setting does matter is a tea party. No disposable plastic here. A teacup, saucer, and bread plate should be present at the very least at each place setting.

    Remember to leave space on the table for the teapot, which is the main attraction. Put one in the middle, or if you’re hosting a large gathering, place two or three along the table.

    You might even want to add a few adorable accessories to the table to dress it up:

    • Lace doilies
    • Flowers
    • Mini framed place cards
    • Strings of faux pearls 

    3. Take It Outside

    Take It Outside

    When it’s warm outside, host your tea party on the patio, the lawn, or the garden. The picnic-like setting can make tea even more enjoyable. It is a lovely way to enjoy the clean spring or summer air. For the kids to enjoy their very own tea party, a la “Alice in Wonderland,” set up an outdoor table covered with a pretty floral tablecloth or spread a blanket on the grass.

    4. Cookies


    Make some cookies to go with the milk if you’re serving it. You can experiment by eating cookies molded into unique shapes, such as Mickey Mouse or a teddy bear. Choose some chocolate chip cookies, which are very well-liked by children, or even maple cookies if you want to try something safe and simple.

    5. Tea

    Without tea, a tea party wouldn’t be complete, right? You do not have to serve tea that adults typically drink at a children’s tea party. As an alternative, you can offer them beverages they prefer, such as hot chocolate, a cold milkshake, or even just plain milk. If you don’t have milk, keep some lemonade, fruit punch, or enticing cocktails on hand.

    6. Macarons

    Place a three-tiered stand in the middle of the table with a variety of macarons so that kids can take one whenever they want. Alternatively, you could fill the upper level with other sweetmeats and the lower level with macarons. If the party has a theme, the macarons can match the chosen color scheme. If not, choose colorful macarons instead.

    7. Serve Tea Sandwiches

    Children may not like sandwiches that have been stiffened with arugula or watercress. Thankfully, there are lots of tea sandwiches made with kids in mind.

    You can maintain tradition while making just enough adjustments for your young guests. Simple fillings like ham and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, or turkey and mayonnaise are good ideas, and a strawberry cream cheese spread is always a hit. Children’s favorite sandwiches are transformed into a little fancy bite fit for any princess or rock star by simply trimming off the crust.

    8. Play Tea Party Games

    A tea party is no different from any other party in need of a few games to keep the kids amused. A game of “I’m a Little Teapot” Freeze Dance or a race using only sugar cubes can be hilarious. Whatever you decide, adding games to your child’s tea party will add the ideal amount of entertainment to the occasion.

    9. Give Tea Party Favors

    Give each of your tea party guests a unique souvenir to take home. A lovely party favor idea is a teacup filled with tiny wrapped chocolate candies. Decorative boxes can also be used to package adorable cupcakes or cookies, or a box of tea can be decorated with a lovely ribbon. A small play tea set or a lovely tea party hat would be nice additions as your guests might want to continue the tea party when they get home.

    10. Mini Cakes

    Mini Cakes

    Without delectable cakes, a children’s party would be lacking. Prepare some impressive miniature cakes for the kids so you don’t let them down. It could be mini brownies or cupcakes. Before serving the cakes in vibrant cupcake liners, garnish them with some cream and sprinkles. You might organize your party around a theme. If Disney is the theme, for example, your cupcakes could be designed to resemble the face of a Disney character.

    11. Hanging Banner

    Hanging Banner

    How will your child’s young friends know which event they have attended? By hanging a large banner over the venue entrance, you can let your little guests know which party they are attending. Letter cutouts or a large satin banner with the tea party’s name written on it can serve as the banner. By adding sparkles to the letters’ outline, the banner will look more appealing.

    12. Colorful Balloons

    For any children’s party, balloons are necessary. Choose the colors for the balloon after first deciding on the party’s color scheme. You can purchase sparkly balloons with a variety of designs or balloons in the form of letters, numbers, or hearts if regular balloons are not your thing. Balloons can be used to obscure the entrance, tables, and chairs. A balloon bouquet placed on the center table will also draw attention to it. Keep a balloon pump and extra balloons in your pack in case you need them. 


    Make the kid’s tea party enjoyable and memorable whether you’re hosting a fancy or more laid-back affair with the help of these innovative tea party ideas that will astound them and keep them talking about it for years to come.


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