Inspirational Gifts for Teenagers


    Planning to give a teenager an inspirational gift, but you can’t figure out what it would be? You might have to spend time thinking about and considering certain factors, such as the teenager’s interests, hobbies, and personality, before you finally decide what to give. 

    Another factor you should also consider is that being a teenager is a phase in an individual’s life wherein growth and changes in terms of social, emotional, and physical aspects take place. Therefore, giving well-thought-out gifts can inspire them and boost their morale.  

    Just the mere thought of giving them a gift is already a sweet and ideal thing; what more if the act is motivated by the gift-giver’s genuine intentions of finding what truly is a beneficial and appropriate gift for the receiver. Here are the lists of the most inspirational gifts teenagers want:

    Insulated Steel Water Bottle

    a woman drinking water on a blue sports bottle

    One good idea to gift teenagers is a water bottle. Specifically, a vacuum-insulated, double-walled stainless-steel bottle can keep liquids or water at a consistent temperature.

    By giving them this kind of gift, you are not just making them feel special but also important. Taking care of one’s health is vital, especially when they are in the stage of their lives where they experience physical changes. The water bottle will serve as a reminder for them to value their health and to stay hydrated at all times. 

    Wireless Headphones

    A girl with wireless headphones

    Wireless headphones are another gift that you can give teenagers. Their wireless feature allows easier and quicker access to a wide range of media. Surely, teenagers would prefer using these instead of the standard ones that often get tangled when kept in a pocket or insider their bags. 

    Using wireless headphones also provides a convenient and practical way for teenagers to listen to music, watch a video, or even call their friends and families, especially when they are traveling, running errands, or in places outside their homes.

    Buy high-quality headphones to gift teenagers, so they can benefit from the ease that wireless headphones might provide. You can opt for the Apple AirPods if you want one that is not just of quality but are also popular among teenagers. It’s noise cancelling feature can give the teenager the “pro” experience.

    Film-based Instant Camera

    a green instax mini 9 and a photograph

    Although digital cameras are the most used and perhaps the most convenient way to capture memories, they might not be the perfect and fun choice when you want to catalog your lived experiences. Gifting teenagers with a film-based camera offers a perfect and fun experience for them to not just simply take pictures but also have them immediately physically available to hang on their wall, keep in their journal, or give to a friend as a gift or decoration.

    The way this camera captures pictures increases its aesthetic value by making it look vintage. Teens with this camera would have the best shareable memories of what they consider the best times of their lives.

    Photo hanging Clips String

    A desk with Photo Hanging Clips String on the wall

    Another gift you can give to a teenager is a photo hanging clip string. This will provide a more organized yet still chic way of designing their own rooms with Polaroid photos depicting their unforgettable memories. Having their pictures hanging on their rooms’ walls will constantly remind them of how far they have come in life—something that can keep them motivated. As you can see, this isn’t all about the aesthetic value but also about the motivation they could get from staring at their favorite pictures.

    Arts Materials

    Different coloring materials for painting

    Aside from the physical, social, and emotional changes in their lives, teenagers also deal with the challenges that come their way as they explore more about their whole identity. Therefore, another gift idea would be art materials. 

    Doing art can be an avenue for teenagers to express themselves, as well as discover their hidden talents. Gifting them things they can use to do art can sometimes ignite a passion they can do for life.

    Novel or Inspirational Books

    Woman reading a book

    If your receiver is a bookworm, gifting them books would be a perfect idea. The search for the perfect book choice will always be challenging as you have to choose the most appropriate one aligned with your interest. However, once you have found the right one, your receiver will be happy and appreciative because the right book will reflect the giver’s efforts. This gift would help them be creative, imaginative, and intellectual. Reading can teach them crucial values not taught in school.

    Styled Lamps

    Moon Lamp glowing in the dark

    Gifting teenagers with styled lamps are also a great idea. They come in all shapes and sizes. You could have a diverse variety of lamps to choose from that would suit the preference of your receiver. 

    One example of a lamp you could give your receiver is a moon-shaped lamp. A moon-shaped lamp could illuminate the space and make a teenager feel calm and relaxed. Many teenagers are selenophiles, and the moon may occasionally make them feel better. They don’t have to wait for a full moon for very long, and they don’t have to hope that clouds won’t obscure the moon because this lamp might somehow make them feel the presence of the glorious moon.

    Another example of a lamp would be colorful projector lamps. Colorful projector lamps are the new trend for teenagers these days. This kind of lamp projects different colors of lights from different angles. It is also portable and lightweight. Gifting this lamp is a great idea because it will allow the teenager to choose a certain color that will match his/her mood. Simply, it caters to the receiver’s different lighting needs.  

    Customized Accessory

    Teens love personalized things. They love it being distinct from others. You must be creative and connect the accessories to their personality, hobbies, and interests. You have a wide range of things to be customized. For example, a phone case, towels, tumbler, mug, bag, cap, bed sheets, pillow, and many others. You could also customize whatever gift you have chosen. You could consider their zodiac signs, names, favorite cartoon characters, and interests as the subject. Just be as creative as possible. 

    Wearable Throw Blanket 

    This gift is fun and comfortable for teens. This blanket is ideal for having a movie night marathon or after-school relaxation on a cozy evening at home. It would be a convenient way to provide warmth.

    DIY Gifts

    Gifts in paper wrapper on table

    Not enough budget to buy gifts? No problem. There are many ways you could make potential inspirational gifts. Make a do-it-yourself or DIY gift. 

    Teenagers like to make and receive fun and unexpected kinds of gifts. Handcrafted stuff is ideal for giving. The good thing about these handmade presents is that they will truly value them, thinking you personally gave the effort and time to prepare the present. There are a lot of entertaining and fantastic DIY gift ideas you can check out online.


    Brown envelope on table

    Teenagers are very creative thinkers and like to record memories, feelings, and plans. Besides journals, scrapbooks are an awesome inspirational gift for teens. It can serve as a de-stressing activity or as a hobby. It’s also a good way to divert teens from indulging in digital activities like online gaming and social media networking.


    Ideas about gifts to inspire teenagers are countless. Just make sure you are giving the time to think about what’s best for the gift receiver. From gadgets to emotionally appealing presents and DIY surprises, you can make a teenager feel special, valued, and cared for.

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