Inspirational Gifts for College Students


    Going to college is a new challenge. Care packages and send-off gifts can go a long way in making the average college student feel better about this new phase of life. They might be excited to go away to college in the beginning, but those mid-semester and post-exam slumps can really get them down.  

    Meanwhile, many kids attend their local college while staying at home now. So whether college students are staying in or out of their homes for studies, there are various ways you can show your support and one of the best ways is by giving them inspirational gifts.

    College students who have come away from home might also feel homesick and long for the carefree days again, and it’s a good idea to give them some inspirational gifts that could help them in the worst moments.

    If you’re seeking suggestions on the best presents or surprises to gift a college student, we’ll share our top picks with you.

    Coffee with a Customized Coffee Mug

    a man with a laptop and holding a ceramic mug

    Coffee in itself is an energy booster, especially for someone who needs to be awake for a long time to study or finish school tasks. You may complete the set by adding a mug with motivational sayings.

    Any college student will feel inspired by a coffee mug because it is filled with so many inspiring sayings and slogans. Short sayings have a big impact. 

    Many more sayings encourage you in the morning or during an all-night study session, such as “Keep Going! You Can Make It” “Rock on,” “Push To Success,” or “You’re The Best.”

    Alarm Clock

    a hand holding an alarm clock

    Alarm clocks are one the gifts that can be given as both a funny gift and a helpful gift at the same time, especially for someone who is frequently late or may miss classes or appointments. If that were the intention, you would need to include a note with the gift to clarify your point, or you can even tell the recipient directly, whether it was a humorous gift, assistance gift, or a reminder not to be late to college classes.

    Customized Calendar with Words of Motivation 

    A student’s calendar is another important element they notice while doing difficult study tasks. If you have a family member or a friend in college, an inspirational calendar can cultivate a positive outlook on his/her student life. You can make it more unique if you add personal notes to each month, so when a college student flips the calendar, he/she will be reminded about your support.

    Apple Air Pods

    candle in a glass, knitted sweater with air pods and air pods case

    The ideal electronic present for students is a pair of AirPods. Wireless headphones enable hands-free listening and learning, whether a college student is taking the bus to class, strolling, studying at the library, driving to school, or attending a lecture. 

    This is especially useful for morning commuters who need to pass the time listening to an enjoyable audiobook or podcast on the train or metro and for people who learn online while viewing Zoom videos or participating in video chats with their lecturers.


    a bedroom with bed and pillows

    Getting quality rest is essential for busy college students, and a pillow is the best place to start. A fresh cushion is especially helpful for students moving into a dorm or living somewhere new to study. A college student will greatly appreciate buying a pillow made specifically for comfort.

    A Pair of Slippers

    a pair of checked yellow slippers

    Students who live in dorms with cold hardwood or linoleum floors need a wonderful pair of slippers, especially in the winter. Slippers are a terrific choice for going from your room to the dining hall, other dorm rooms, or public restrooms. There are many slippers you can buy online. Choose the best design that your receiver will surely love.

    Set of Ball pens

    Although people are more focused on using gadgets now, pens are still needed in schools, especially for college students. You can gift a colored pen set, a gel pen, and a retractable pen so they can use them in making review notes or just writing down their daily journal. You can also check for the different types of pens depending on a degree of a student.  

    Electric Kettle

    a white electric kettle

    Boiling water can be done quickly and safely with an electric kettle. On days when a student needs a break from the cafeteria, this is useful for preparing a warm beverage like tea or a quick meal. Stainless steel and durable borosilicate glass are used in this kettle.


    Since students carry textbooks, a laptop, and perhaps additional items like fitness attire, the perfect college bag is, therefore, a necessity. Pick a bag with a useful internal sleeve that can accommodate a laptop. Pick a backpack that suits the receiver’s personality and liking.


    The student will find it simple to manage their tasks, assignments, errands, and other notes with the help of a planner. Get a high-quality planner that enables students to manage their goals, money, and studies in a fun and unique way.

    Some academic planners are essential to success, regardless of whether a student is looking to improve their class rank significantly or is already earning straight As but could use a little more order.

    Under-Bed Storage Bags

    Dorm rooms are frequently small and have little room for storage. Thanks to the extra space created by foldable under-bed bags, students can keep necessities under their beds. Get an under-bed storage bag that is easy to use and, at the same time, can keep everything in storage fresh.

    Mascara, Lip Balm or lip tint, and a cheek tint

    lip tint, colored pens, pouch

    Students in college, especially those who always want to appear presentable and prepared for presentations and reports in class, use simple make-up. Some college students also attempt to cover up their restless nights with a glow-up appearance using these simple cosmetics. Select products that are hypoallergenic and suitable for the majority of skin types.

    Water bottle

    assorted fruits and a water bottle

    College students are busy most of the time, and eating and drinking are sometimes missed just to comply with academic demands.

    Consider giving an insulated water bottle to a college student who is constantly on the go so they can stay hydrated. This type of bottle maintains the temperature of both hot and cold drinks, making it ideal for students, and student-athletes, and those with early morning classes.


    Gift-giving is a sign of love. Gifts need not always be pricey, but showing the recipient you care is more important. 

    Give a college family member, friend, or neighbor a gift that will be very helpful to them while they are studying to add value to their college experience. There are a lot of thoughtful gifts you may give a college student. Choose items you believe they will value and require during their time in college. Small actions can make a big difference.

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