Ideas for Turn Your Garage Into a Craft Room

A garage can be one of those spaces in your house which can be utilized to make into so many different rooms. If you are someone who has extra garage space, we would recommend that you make it a personalized room for your hobby. Some people prefer to turn the garage into a music studio, while others are interested in making it a boxing gym. And believe it or not, creative minds in the casino industry not only used the old garages for gaming but even developed electric cars to be used for crypto mining. Nonetheless, if your hobby is art and crafts, here is how you can turn the garage into a craft room. 

Things You Need for Garage Craft Room

A Good Quality Crafts Table

You will need a flat, large working space for your crafts projects. While you can do these on the floor, projects like these take a lot of time. If you spend so much time bending over things, you can develop health issues. You need a crafts table according to your height, preferably made of metal or wood. These tables are easier to clean and are very durable. 


A Working Chair

While a rickety, wooden stool seems like the perfect accompaniment to a wooden table, avoid these. You need something that provides support to your back and is comfortable to sit on. Either invest in an expensive, and good-quality chair or improvise one you already have.

You can add cushions, and even furs to any old wooden chair to make it more comfortable. However, the chair must have a padded back. Always make sure your chair is neither too tall, nor too short for the table. You shouldn’t work with your back bent over the table.

A Floor Mat

Most people work barefoot when crafting, because it helps them relax, and makes them feel comfortable. Standing for long periods on the floor will damage your feet, and also cause you to get tired early. Invest in a good rubber mat to keep yourself comfortable and protect your feet. You could also go with a carpet, but crafting is prone to spills. Carpets are difficult to clean. 


A Bulletin Board

A bulletin board is necessary for every crafter. It provides you with a space to list pictures of your inspiration and is also the perfect way to keep track of your progress, and ideas. 

A PegBoard and Hooks

Pegboards with hooks in them are the perfect things to place near your table. You can hang your equipment and material here. This will keep them out of your way, and prevent you from getting lost. 

Storage units

Every good crafter loves storing a lot of small, and large materials in their craft room. While you may not have a lot of things right now, it is prudent to always think of the future. Slowly, you will start to collect all sorts of items, decorative or otherwise. We recommend you invest in shelves and cupboards of multiple sizes. This is one of the best ideas for turning your garage into a crafts room. 

These cupboards and shelves will allow you to store all of your supplies safely and in an organized manner. If you think you might have a lot of small supplies, like beads, rhinestones, tapes, and such things, you can go and buy card file cabinets. These have a lot of small compartments, which will be perfect for keeping everything separate. 

If you can’t invest in something like this, you can also make use of your drawers. Either buy a drawer organizer or make one from planks of wood yourself. Here are some of our product recommendations on the things mentioned above. These products are of utmost high quality and have been verified to be long-lasting as well. One can also go for bigger storage units.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Storage Units

Storage Units

– Don’t require floor space

– Can be fixed to the wall

– Are expensive to get made

– Require professional help to get fixed to the wall

– Difficult to clean

File Cabinets

– Numerous small compartments

– Help keep small things separate

– Helps organize crafts material

– Usually made of metal so they are very durable

– Easy to clean, as you can simply wash them

– Requires a lot of space

– Usually aren’t fit on the wall

– Require a lot of floor space

– Can be difficult to buy

– Not all compartments may come to use


– Provide a lot of storage space

– Are compact

– Can be fitted to the wall

– Drawers are big enough to be used for a lot of other things

– Require a drawer organizer

– Can be heavy

– Difficult to clean and remove

– Things move and topple every time they are closed or opened

Where to Buy
SD STUDIO DESIGNS 2 Piece Comet Craft Table
Mlife Extra Large 23.2
VIZ-PRO Cork Notice Board

1. SD STUDIO DESIGNS 2 Piece Comet Craft Table

Best Crafts Table for Crafts Room

For all the arts and crafts enthusiasts, this craft table is all that you need for creating some fine art pieces. You might be thinking that what's so special in this craft table that differentiates it from all the others. One main reason is that this craft table is adjustable according to your needs. You can position it in an inclined manner as well up to 40 degrees. People who are interested in drawing and coloring precisely would particularly love this feature. 

Besides, arts and crafts sometimes require the use of tools such as glue guns, or even a hammer. You need to get a table that has a durable construction and can resist rough usage as well. As far as this table is concerned, it comes with heavy-duty steel construction with extra floor levelers. Not only does this make the table highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, but it also makes the table extremely stable. Precision is the “art” when it comes to “art”. We are sure that a stable table like this is what you essentially need for a good art session.

Over 4500 users have been satisfied with this table and we hope that you are too. It even comes with a padded stool with 20.5 inches height that saves you a few bucks. The table dimensions are 23.75” D x 50” W x 29.5” H. There is a storage shelf on the table too so you won't have to buy extra containers. There are plenty of color options as well and you can check that on

2. Mlife Extra Large 23.2

Best Floor Mat for Craft Room

While many people love to do arts and crafts on a table, there are few people who are more comfortable with a mat or a floor cloth. Even if you are comfortable on a table, getting a floor mat is something quite essential for a crafts room. 

The reason why we recommend this mat over others is that it isn't just any other mat. It will help you work better. It is a nonstick and non-slip mat that will allow you to sit comfortably and not have any errors or mistakes during work. Like we said, precision is important for arts. This mat has a dimension of 23.2 inches by 19.5 inches and will surely help you create less of a mess on the floor. 

Those who are concerned about the material should know that it is made out of silicone. Generally, silicon is considered a non-eco-friendly option for items but this one isn't like that because it is made of 100% food-grade silicone that is not only reusable but also eco-friendly. It is also heat resistant which means your glue gun won't be able to damage this mat. Choose your favorite from the 5 different colors that the company offers!

3. VIZ-PRO Cork Notice Board

Best Bulletin Board for a Craft Room

Now that you have arranged yourself a craft table, stool, and a floor mat, the last thing you need to buy for the crafts room is going to be a bulletin board also known as a notice board. For this purpose, you would need a sturdy board. 

As far as this bulletin board is concerned, it is made with aluminum with a silver finish which does not only give it extra points for durability but the design itself is quite outstanding. Everything in your art room should be giving a presentable look and this bulletin board surely does the job. Since it is self-healing, you can hold pins on it as well. The ABS Plastic Corner allows you for screw-fixing in the corners. You can mount the table in either a vertical direction or a horizontal direction as per your convenience. 

It will come unassembled but the installation is quite easy so no need to worry about that. If you are still unsure whether this is the right one or not, you will be relieved to know that it has been an Amazon’s Choice product as well for exceptional quality.

Things to Do to Turn Your Garage Into a Crafts Room

Install a Sink

A lot of craftwork can get messy. Paints and glue are things that are often used in projects. These mean a mess of paintbrushes, stained hands, and spills all over the table. You always need a sink in your crafts room to be able to effectively clean everything. 

Use Containers for Storage

While installing shelves, cupboards, and drawers seem like the best option, not everybody can afford to do that. Make use of bins, boxes, Tupperware, and other plastic containers for storage. You can cover the boxes and bins with ribbons, cloth, or paper to make them look prettier. 

Label each container carefully, so you know where all your supplies are. These containers are useful even for people with cupboards and shelves. Things you use frequently can be stored in these containers and kept on the table. 


Build Countertops

If you have other people you share your crafts room with, countertops are a must. However, they are also perfect if you just need a lot of space. Building countertops is an amazing idea for turning your garage into a crafts room.  We recommend you build these countertops at the ends of the rooms. While putting them in the middle might sound okay, this will divide the room into two frames, and make it look smaller. 

Make sure your countertops are standing at the right height. If you have to bend over to work on the counter, your back will develop problems. 

Install Windows to Allow in Light

Most garages don’t have windows installed in them, because people simply install bulbs for lights in the garage. Windows are an amazing source of fresh air and natural light. Cars don’t need natural light, but humans do. 

Install large, open windows in your garage to take that stuffiness away. They will prevent you from feeling claustrophobic, and the view will provide great inspiration. 

Buy Indoor Plants

If your garage gets a great, or moderate amount of light, invest in some indoor plants. These plants don’t require a lot of sunlight, so will thrive in shaded areas like a garage. Some good indoor plants are The Snake Plant, Dracaena, Aloe Vera, Spider plant, and rubber tree. 

If you’re someone that does not remember to take care of their plants, succulents will be perfect. Succulents don’t require a lot of water, so it’ll be okay if you forget to water them regularly. Some good succulents are Burro’s Tail, Christmas cactus, Hens-and-Chicks, Jade Plant, Panda Plant, Ponytail Palm, and Snake Plant. Keeping succulents on your desk is the perfect idea for turning your garage into a craft room. 

Succulents are very tolerant to low light. You can place these succulents anywhere, however, avoid places that get long hours of direct sunlight, because the plants might burn. 

If you don’t want to buy real plants, fake plants are also an option. They are perfect for adding a little greenery to your home, but they give you little else. 


Things You Need to Do to Make A  Crafts Room and Their Uses

Things to do
Add a Sink
  • Helps clean up

Use Containers for Storage
  • Help store items safely

  • You can keep this container in cupboards

  • Prevent small items from getting lost

  • Help keep items organized

Build Countertops
  • Increase working space

  • Perfect if you have more people working with you

Install Windows
  • Prevent stuffiness

  • Good source of light

  • Provide inspiration from the outdoors

Buy Indoor Plants
  • Another good source of inspiration

  • Provide greenery to the room


The crafts room is one important place for all art enthusiasts. It will allow you to pursue your hobby and excel at it. If you have some extra space in your home, such as, inside the garage, we would recommend that you go for a crafts room. Follow the wonderful ideas mentioned above along with the numerous product descriptions as well for making the perfect craft room.