Ideas for Eating High Protein and Low Carb on the Go

Two of the healthiest diets are high protein and low carb meals. However, high protein and low carb meals sometimes take time to prepare that’s why busy people like moms don’t get a chance to try making them. Whenever snack time comes, we just usually go for a sugary treat or a bag of potato chips to soothe our munchies. But these foods are not good for us because they cause serious blood sugar spikes and don’t curb appetite or cravings for very long.

But did you know that aside from the high protein and low carb meals that needs your time and effort to cook, there are also some high protein and low carb snacks you can eat on the go? If you’re a busy mom and you want to try high protein and low carb diet, here are some ideas on how you can eat them on the go.

Easy to Prepare High Protein and Low-Carb Snacks

These are some of the high protein and low-carb snacks you can make in just a few minutes. If you’re busy at home doing chores and taking care of the kids, these snacks can be great for you. You can also prepare them as a packed snack for your husband and kids.

  • Blueberry, Greek Yogurt, and Granola Mini Parfaits:

Blueberry, Greek Yogurt, and Granola Mini Parfaits

This snack is filling and it will satisfy your sweet cravings in a nutritious way. Based on Mark Bailey, a private chef and cookbook author, using Greek yogurt in making parfait offers more protein per serving compared to regular yogurt.

  • Chia Seeds:

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a high source of protein and fiber. They will be able to fill you up and give the illusion like you just ate gluten. You can simply add two tablespoons of chia seeds to your water. You can also add them to other foods you eat like salads<strong.

  • Celery and Apple Slices with Dip: 

Celery and Apple Slices with Dip

Almond butter with crushed nuts is a delicious dip for celery or apple slices and it is also high in protein. Almond butter is also low in carbs and is considered a whole food. However, you need to watch your serving because calories and fat can add up when consuming nuts.

  • Hard Boiled Egg: 

Hard Boiled Egg

This is one of the most complete nutritious foods from nature. It has a complete set of nutrients and essential minerals. It can also provide us with sustainable energy. But you have to make sure that the eggs you use are organic, free range, and if possible, pasture raised. If you want to add flavor, you can sprinkle it with organic sea salt or Himalayan salt.

  • Chunky Monkey Shake:

Chunky Monkey Shake

If you’re not into those protein powders, there are lots of alternatives to create a high-protein drink. One of those is the chunky monkey shake which is made up of one banana, one tablespoon of peanut butter, and one cup of low-fat chocolate milk blended with one cup of ice. This beverage contains 15 grams of protein.

High Protein and Low Carb Bars

If you have an early job to attend to and you don’t have time to cook or prepare your snacks to bring in the office, you can go for high protein and low carb bars. Here are some of the best high protein and low carb bars based on BeingLike’s reviews.

Where to Buy
ThinkThin High Protein Bars
Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bar
Quest Nutrition Protein Bar
I Am Bar

1. ThinkThin High Protein Bars

Every bite of our Chunky Peanut Butter bar is chock full of wholesome roasted peanuts covered in delicious milk chocolate.20g of protein with 0g of sugarGluten free and low glycemic2.1 ounce/60g bars (pack of 10)

2. Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bar

High protein bar-over 23 g of proteinLow Carbs and High ProteinInformed Choice approved and accreditedContains the only 1g of sugar and 1g of high impact carbs

3. Quest Nutrition Protein Bar

Chocolate Brownie Bars are great by themselves but can also be baked into a delicious meal, dessert or breakfast treat20g Protein, 5g Net Carbs, 1g Sugars, 16g Dietary Fiber, 180 Calories, 6g FatNo Added Sugar, Sweetened with Erythritol, Sucralose, and Stevia

4. I Am Bar

Each I AM Bar ‘Chocolate Brownie’ protein bar contains 15g of HIGH-QUALITY grass-fed whey protein, AND each bar has ONLY 8 net carbs.I AM Bars are healthy whey protein bars that satisfy your hunger while making you feel healthy inside and out. They are packed with fiber and protein and are fantastic meal replacement bars! One protein bar will eliminate your cravings for hours.

Low Carb Packaged Snacks

Aside from snack bars, there are also some packaged snacks which are low in carbohydrates. Here are some of the packaged snacks with no more than 250 calories, 13 grams of carbohydrates, and 7 grams of sugar per serving. If you’re into losing weight, or you want to bring snacks to the gym, these on the go snacks are the best for you.

Where to Buy
Cheese Snacks:
Blue Diamond Almonds Low Sodium- low in carbs and high in protein
Carrot Meets Ranch Veggie Snackers:
Siggi’s Yogurt:

1. Cheese Snacks:

Cheese snacks such as the Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese cubes and Horizon Organic Mozzarella Sticks are packed snacks which are fun and portable to eat. Eating a stick or a couple cubes will help you stay on track towards your body goals.


2. Blue Diamond Almonds Low Sodium- low in carbs and high in protein

If you need a pre-workout snack, this almonds snack pack can help your body burn more fat and carbs during your exercise. Almonds have omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which play part in your weight loss success by boosting your brainpower making you stay focused on your fitness.

3. Carrot Meets Ranch Veggie Snackers:

Carrots are one of the most satiating vegetables. The carrot meets ranch veggie snackers is a grab-and-go snack pack solid pick. It also has an added flavor but does not contain excess calories or fat.

4. Siggi’s Yogurt:

Siggi’s yogurts do not contain sugar but it has a touch of sweetness because of its different fruit flavors. They also have plain yogurt if you don’t like the flavored ones. Greek yogurt is one of the lowest sugar yogurts on the market.

These are just some of the high protein and low carb snacks you can eat on the go. You can also create your very own snacks depending on your preferences and cravings. Even if you’re a busy person, there’s no excuse for eating healthy meals and even snacks.