Ideas for Decorating with a Lord of the Rings Theme


    Three fantasy novels in the Lord of the Rings series were first released by J. R. R. Tolkien between 1954 and 1955 as a follow-up to “The Hobbit,” which was released in 1937. It’s difficult to think that “The Return of the King” did not become a worldwide sensation right away after publication; but, that is exactly how long it took for it to gain popularity. People considered the books to be a welcome getaway from war and other life stressors in the 1960s and 1970s, when the high-fantasy genre was just starting to take off. When “The Fellowship of the Ring” hit theaters in 2001, a brand-new generation was introduced to the fantastical world of Middle-Earth.

    Tolkienites or Ringers are terms used to describe die-hard readers of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. It makes logical that, as a devoted fan, you would want to show off your appreciation for Middle-Earth and its inhabitants around your home. The following are some elegant methods to include your favorite series in your interior design.


    Maps have long been a mainstay in homes, and incorporating them as wall art can provide an interesting focal point in a space and serve as a wonderful discussion starter. Maps of the world and the United States are common choices for wall art, but how much more superior would a map of Middle-Earth be? You may relive your favorite scenes from this fantastic fantasy series by gazing at the map.


    Consider adding a statement piece of furniture to your space if you’re really serious about incorporating “The Lord of the Rings” into your interior design.

    A tasteful approach to pay homage without going overboard is with LOTR-inspired furniture. Look for shapes that bring to mind the movies when purchasing statement pieces like headboards, seats, or buffets. Elven-inspired furniture has curves and cutouts, whereas Dwarf-like furniture is made of sturdy wood with metal inlays. If you’re looking for a Hobbit house, go for furniture with simple, clean lines that is inspired by nature and is ideal for having a second breakfast.

    Wall Art

    Wall art is arguably the simplest method to introduce Middle-earth into your home. There are many lovely pieces to pick from. When looking for “The Lord of the Rings”-inspired wall art, a huge piece enables you to establish a focal point — the first thing you see when you enter a space. When hung above a sofa, this trio of canvases would be a great focal point. Cheap canvas art posters that mimic travel advertisements look amazing grouped together. To add color and fun to your area, think about collecting items from Gondor, Mordor, and Hobbiton.

    Lord of the Rings Wooden Coasters

    For fans of The Lord of the Rings, a set of wooden coasters. These wooden coasters have the characters you love engraved on them.

    This coaster set is for you if you’re looking for a lovely home accent that will look fantastic in your home, something that will spark conversation, grab attention, and perhaps even share a little part of your story.

    No Admittance Except on Party Business Sign

    No admittance except on party business sign

    Before celebrating his 111th birthday, Bilbo Baggins is known for posting a notice that reads, “No admittance, except on party business.” This wooden, engraved sign might work as well for you as it did for Bilbo to deter visitors from entering your home.

    You Shall Not Pass Doormat

    One of the most famous quotes from the Lord of the Rings movies is spoken by Ian McKellen’s Gandalf as he fights off a Balrog in the Mines of Moria. The phrase on this doormat will appeal to Tolkien lovers as well as non-fans who have heard it.

    The Prancing Pony Novelty Set of Four Coasters

    This bar is a well-liked hangout in the town of Bree outside the Shire. Strider, also known as Aragorn, and the four hobbits from The Lord of the Rings first cross paths there. With this collection of four Prancing Pony coasters, you can now bring a little bit of that tavern inside your house.

    Lord of the Cats Parody Pillow Cover

    A well-liked hangout is this pub in the town of Bree outside the Shire. That’s where four hobbits from The Lord of the Rings first encounter Strider, also known as Aragorn. With this collection of four Prancing Pony coasters, you can now bring a bit of that tavern inside your house.

    Middle Earth Map Throw Blanket

    Fans of the books and movies may feel that the Middle-earth map has nearly taken on a life of its own. The ones depicted in his works were created by Tolkien. Bring that portion of the tales home, then curl up with a throw blanket featuring a map of Middle-earth.

    LED Light-Up Mines of Moria Door

    The journey through the Mines of Moria marks a crucial turning point in the narrative. The Fellowship needs to pronounce the right word to activate the doors so they can enter the mines. Any fan will tell you that they had to utter the word “friend” in elvish, and if you give them this LED light-up display, it will let them know that you are a friend.

    The Hobbit Shower Curtain

    Shower curtain on shower curtain rod

    Now, if you were a true fan, you would go buy this striking shower curtain with Hobbit-inspired designs. What true fan wouldn’t want to experience taking a shower in a hobbit hole?

    Argonath Statue Bookends 

    The fellowship arrives to the Gates of Argonath near the end of The Fellowship of the Ring. These smaller statues will look just as nice on your mantel or bookcase as the two enormous statues that mark Gondor’s boundary.

    Lord of the Rings Metal Clock

    Elvish inscription is etched on the outside of The One Ring. You can see all the Fellowship members traveling to Mordor on the interior of this clock, which has the same script on the exterior.

    Speak Friend and Enter Sign

    To keep out trespassers, dangle this from your bedroom door. There will be no entry except for the worthy. Those words, “Speak friend and enter,” are engraved on a wooden plaque.

    The Hobbit Mug

    This mug with The Hobbit theme is a must-have for your kitchen. With the Middle Earth map coasters, this would be the ideal complement. If you want to take it a step further, you can even use this mug to decorate a small area of your home where you can enjoy your morning coffee while admiring the tapestry and wall decals.

    Tolkien Bookends

    This bookend is the ideal addition to your bookshelf or library for any bookworm and Tolkien enthusiast. Its all-black design gives it a classic look, making it appropriate for a writer with an equally timeless style.

    The Fellowship of the Ring Wall Poster

    Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings revolves around The One Ring. So any home of a Lord of the Rings lover must have this Gandalf book page poster.

    Gandalf Paperweight

    With this Gandalf paperweight, you may add some extra oddity to your home. This one is made of wood and has a glass dome over it.

    Rohan Flag

    Flag of the Kingdom of Rohan

    Who says your house must be Tolkien-inspired to qualify as a home? Why not take it outside and fly the Rohan Flag to demonstrate where your alliance really lies.

    Lord of the Rings Inspired Cutting Board

    The image of the LOTR Ring is carved on this cutting board. In the middle is a quote from J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings author. This cutting board is composed of bamboo, which provides a secure and excellent cutting surface. This can be displayed on your kitchen counter.

    Hobbit House Aquarium Decor

    If you have an aquarium at home, this imaginative Hobbit House fish tank decor would add an extra touch of magic. Your tank will have more fun because of the bubble blowing feature on its chimney.

    Lord of the Rings Wall-Mounted Key Holder  

    People are constantly looking for innovative methods to improve the appearance of their homes. They enjoy having tidy, clean, and well-organized homes. In addition to helping organize your keys, Lord of the Rings key holders for walls will offer your home a unique appearance. 


    The Lord of the Rings is a fantastic option for giving your home a classic literature motif. With three various forms of media to select from—novels, animated films, and of course Peter Jackson’s film trilogy—you may get many of ideas for house décor. For the ultimate fantasy celebration, bring magic into your home.

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