Ideas for a Child’s Tea Party

Young children love spending countless hours hosting a tea party for their stuffed animals, dolls, and imaginary friends. It’s a joyful time where they can act like adults. It’s also a fun activity where the child can learn how to exercise hospitality with manners. If your child loves playing tea party on his/her own, take it to the next level by inviting their friends and letting him/her host their very own tea party.

A tea party is an easy event to organize – all you need to do is to secure the food and supplies, invite your child’s friends, and plan fun activities for the children. But to make it engaging, fun and interesting, here are some ideas to pump up the party:

1. Serve food appealing to the kids.

Your kids might like the idea of drinking tea from the dainty little teacups, but their taste buds may not be ready for traditional hot teas. You can serve them milk, lemonade, iced tea, a fancy pink punch, apple juice, or any juice they like. You can also give them cookies that look like little tea bags.

For the food, prepare special tea sandwiches using simple fillings like traditional peanut butter, jam, and cream cheese. You can also serve homemade cookies, mini cupcakes, or fruit tarts. For a savory snack, you can serve grilled cheese sandwiches, or more exotic ones filled with turkey and mayonnaise, or ham and cheese. Keep things simple since children’s taste buds are less developed.

You can make it elegant yet still attractive to young taste buds by serving a pasta salad, fruit salad, fruit kabobs, or chocolate-covered strawberries.

2. Have them dress up for the occasion.

Young girls would love to throw on some frilly dress, gobs of jewelry, and big fancy hats. Dressing up is fun and exciting for a kid (and even for some adults), so why not visit thrift stores and garage sales to buy for the dress-up affair. You may also ask the moms of some of the girls to see if they have items they would like to lend or donate for the occasion. When the kids arrive, let them hunt through the box of clothes, picking and choosing the items they want to wear. Once they tried things on and helped each other get dressed, start the tea party.

3. Set up the party outside.

If the weather is great, you can make arrangements to set up the tea party in the garden or on the lawn. Choose a floral table cloth for girls to love, or spread a thick cloth on the side of the lawn so they can host the tea party like Alice in Wonderland.

4. Decorate the venue.

It will be fun for the whole family to create your own tea party decorations. If your family is particularly creative, decorating for the tea party can be a party in itself! Decorate the walls and shelves with teapots or teacup images. Hang pastel-colored balloons and streamers from the walls and ceilings. Decorate the table with flowers. If the kids are old enough, you can sprinkle a few candles on the table and around the yard.

5. Make it a teddy bear tea party.

You can encourage your child and his/her friends to bring their teddy bear or other plush animal toys to enjoy the afternoon games. Children would love to bring their favorite stuffed friends anywhere. You can also have them dress up their teddies in tea time fashion as a post-tea-time activity.

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6. Choose a storybook theme.

Just like using a children’s movie to set a theme for a children’s party, you can create a storybook theme unique to your child’s favorite book. Storybook themes can involve characters like Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Peter Rabbit, and more. Hosting a storybook tea party is a brilliant idea as it caters to the child’s interest while giving them a fun and exciting way to celebrate the story they love.

7. Host a little game time for the kids.

Every children’s party needs a few games to keep the kids entertained. Here are some ideas:

“I’m a Little Teapot” freeze dance – It’s the same as the Freeze Dance game, but instead of playing random music, play the “I’m a Little Teapot” song. As the song plays, the kids will do the teapot dance, and when the music stops, players must freeze. Anyone who breaks the position or doesn’t freeze is out of the game, and it continues until only one player is left.

Sugar cube stacking race – Have the players sitting around a table and give each of them a box of sugar cubes. Set a timer for two minutes, and the player who can stack the sugar cubes the highest wins.

Lookabout – This is a traditional Victorian game played at tea parties. Hold a teapot for all the kids to see. Have them leave the room as you hide it out in the area. Have the players come back and look around for the teapot. When a player finds where the teapot is, they must take a seat. The last player left standing must be the one to hide the next item.

Musical teacups – This is like musical chairs, but instead of having a circle of chairs, players will circle a table set with teacups, one less than the number of players. Play some music, and when it stops, players must reach for a teacup and pretend to take a sip of tea. The player that doesn’t hold a teacup must exit the game.

8. Let them decorate their own party tiaras and wands.

If you have your girls dressed up as princesses or fairies, provide some plain tiaras or wooden dowels, and stock your craft station with glitter, glue, ribbons, stickers, fake flowers, rhinestones, and other decorative items. Let your kids decorate their own tiara or fairy wand and let them take it home as a party favor.

9. Have the kids make their own jewelry.

You can buy a jewelry crafting set for kids and make them busy making bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to make their creative juices flowing. You can pick colorful acrylic beads set or a charm bracelet maker. Either way, your little girls will surely have the time of their lives, making girly crafts with their friends.

10. Provide tea party coloring pages.

Another fun ice b reaker for kids is coloring together. Print out some tea party printable coloring pages and set a craft table with crayons.

11. Let the kids have their own makeover.

Get some non-toxic makeup kit for girls with eyeshadow and lipstick and let them experiment with makeup. You can also get a nail polish set and let the girls go wild. Complete it with a set of washable hair chalks for the girls to color their hair as well. The little girls might not want to go home from this best tea party ever!

12. End a party with exciting return favors.

It’s not compulsory to give out party favors after a tea party, but it’s nice to send guests home with a small memento for the fun day they had. A simple favor would be a teacup filled with small candies, wherein the teacup is wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow. You can give out some fancy cupcakes to the little ones for them to take home. Or, you can print off tea party coloring pages and give each kid a small homemade coloring book with a box of crayons.