How to Use Essential Oils to Enhance Your Family’s Health

Essential oils have physical and psychological benefits for the body. Nowadays, people use these oils widely in aromatherapy. Unlike antibiotics, essential oils will not have any adverse effects on your family. Here are some of the benefits of using essential oils:

  • Relieve Headaches

Headaches, which tend to come out of nowhere, can be a real nuisance when you are trying to get through the day. Some headaches cause dizziness and enough pain to strip you of your motivation and cause depression. If you are suffering from severe headaches, you should start using lavender essential oil.

Lavender is one of the best essential oils for beginners because it is multi-purpose and helps with many problems. You just have to rub a few drops of it between your hands then use it to massage your temples. Rose, chamomile, and anise are great for headache treatment. All you have to do is add a few drops of each to a hot bath for a peaceful experience. 

Where to Buy
Pelindaba Pure Organic Lavender Essential Oil 
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil by Gya Labs
Peppermint Essential Oil 4 oz. with Detailed User's Guide E-book and Glass Dropper by Essentially KateS
Beauty Aura Organic Jojoba Oil
The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Pelindaba Pure Organic Lavender Essential Oil 

Pelindaba Lavender Oil comes straight from the farms of San Juan Island Washington, therefore it is 100% natural, certified organic and contains no fillers. It has a soft fragrance and can be used as an antiseptic, insect repellant, sedative, anaesthetic and skin care. The oil comes in a glass bottle with a roll-on cap so you can easily apply and control the quantity as per your requirement

  • Treat Insomnia

Lavender and ylang-ylang essential oils are great for easing tension and reducing anxiety. If you want to sleep peacefully through the night, you should add a few drops of these oils to your bath. The pleasant aroma of the essential oils will ease your stress and help you to fall asleep.

To help your child sleep better, you should consider putting a single drop of lavender oil on a tissue then putting this tissue on his or her pillow. Your baby will breathe in the wonderful aroma of lavender and sleep peacefully through the night. To avoid skin irritation, you should not put the lavender oil directly onto the pillow.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil by Gya Labs

Gya Labs is one of the trusted names in essential oils that offer a wide range of -natural oils inspired by Mother Nature.  It has a sweet and floral fragrance and is very beneficial from skin, hair and stress. Alongside a safe-to-use bottle, they also provide a dilution chart to know the quantity to be used according to the age and purpose.

  • Ease Indigestion

If a member of your family deals with discomfort and abdominal pain after eating, you should use peppermint essential oil. This product will stimulate the digestive tract to get rid of aches. To rid the stomach of painful sensations, you should combine a few drops of peppermint essential oil with a teaspoon of fatty oil such as almond and grapeseed oil.

Apply this mixture onto the affected area and rub in a circular motion for five minutes. Your children will also benefit greatly from this treatment.

Peppermint Essential Oil 4 oz. with Detailed User’s Guide E-book and Glass Dropper by Essentially KateS

Essentially KateS know how you’d want the essential oils to be packaged, therefore they not only offer their customers a bottle filled with oil but they also provide a detailed user guidebook and glass dropper. It smells original, easy to use in multiple ways as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.

  • Strengthen Toothpaste

The lemon essential oil can work wonders on your teeth and is affordable. Just add a single drop of it on your toothbrush after putting toothpaste then brush your teeth. Not only does it help to fight plaque and bacteria but it also whitens the teeth.

Your family will start noticing whiter teeth when you introduce this oil to your daily brushing routine. To soothe pain when your child is teething, you should use lavender oil. Add a few drops to warm water and ask your child to swish the solution twice per day.

Beauty Aura Organic Jojoba Oil

This essential oil is an excellent addition to your natural beauty regimen.
Beauty Aura Organic Jojoba Oil helps keep your face, body, hair, and skin reaching their optimum health and beauty. And, of course, since it is purely organic, you don’t need to worry about any side effects. It is recommended to apply cold-pressed to ensure preserving the minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants it contains. Expect pure 100% organic jojoba oil using this product as you don’t need any liquid to dilute this- just apply it by itself, no more, no less!

  • Prevent and Treat Cold Symptoms

Essential oils come in handy in the winter because you can use them to keep the cold at bay. Clove, rosemary, tea tree, and pine essential oils can prevent cold and flu symptoms from appearing. You just need to add them to a bath and inhale.

  • Aid Skin Lesions

If you or a member of your family gets a cut or bruise, you need to disinfect the wound. You can use tea tree or lavender oil to disinfect such wounds because they contain antifungal and disinfecting compounds. Just put a few drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil on a cotton swab and apply it gently to the wound. Doing so will speed up healing significantly.

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

We just picked a few essential oils but there are a lot more out there that have hidden benefits. This guidebook not only gives you plenty of information on these oils but also helps you understand when and how you can use each one of them to heal your body, enrich yourself with wellness and incorporate them in your daily life.


With essential oils, I say use it to believe it. They have diverse benefits and if you find them in their purest form, they can make your living easier, healthier and happier.