How to Stay Safe When Visiting Australia

Generally, Australia is one of the safest countries for traveling. It is a safe country, even with more spiders than an Entomophobic person could ever think of. However, there are always some hazards that everyone must watch out for during a trip to Australia. 

Following are some of the best tips for staying safe and have maximum fun in Australia. 

1. Beware of the Sun in Australia


Sunlight in Australia can be extremely strong and harsh; this is because Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere (the southern hemisphere is placed closer to the sun during its summer months due to Earth’s elliptical orbit). 

So, if you are visiting Australia, especially in the summer season, make sure you are wearing SPF 30+ sunscreen all the time in order to prevent sunburns and other harmful effects that the harsh sun of Australia can have on your skin. Moreover, sunglasses, sunhats, and light and breathable clothes are also highly recommended for protection from the sun. Lastly, it is better to stay indoors or avoid the sun during the daytime and stay hydrated as much as possible. 

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2. Don’t Get In Trouble in the Waters of Australian Beaches


Australia is an island continent, meaning it is entirely surrounded by ocean waters. This is why it is also home to several species of jellyfish and other marine animals. Hearing about marine animals might seem fun, but in reality, they can harm you if you don’t get out of the water on time. 

So, during your visit to any beach in Australia, listen to authorities when they ask you to leave the water. Because if you don’t, you may get in trouble. Other than jellyfish and other marine animals, riptides and strong currents can be extremely hazardous – especially at Tamarama Beach. 

3. Always use VPN When Using Public Wi-Fi


Everyone needs internet when traveling, and in Australia, you will find plenty of public Wi-Fi spots. However, if you are using public Wi-Fi, make sure you have a VPN service enabled. Using public Wi-Fi can be harmful to your private data stored on your mobile phone or laptop. VPN will keep your devices protected from any possible hacking. 

4. Be Careful While Hiking 


If you didn’t go for a hike while you were in Australia, you missed a great enjoyment. When you plan to go for a hike, make sure you take some necessary safety measures before doing so. First of all, you must be certain and clear about the route you will take for hiking; if that’s not the case, make sure you hire a guide for this adventure. 

It’s better to have someone to accompany you. Moreover don’t forget to inform at least one person about the place you are visiting. Also, choose a relatively cooler day for hiking, because as we mentioned earlier, the sun in Australia can be deadly. 

Keep plenty of water, sunscreen, insect repellent, an accurate map with you, and don’t forget about sturdy shoes – no one likes to hike with a tattered shoe. 

5. Keep an Eye on Dangerous Land Creatures 


It’s not just the marine animals you need to beware of; Australia is home to several dangerous species of snakes and spiders. Do your research about the snakes and spiders that you may find in Australia, so you can be careful if you encounter them. You must remember that Australia doesn’t have just those ordinary spiders you usually see, but it is home to the world’s most dangerous spiders. 

Ensure that you check your clothes and shoes before wearing them. Some of these snakes and spiders are so poisonous that a single sting can kill a person if the antidote is not given quickly enough. Still, if you get stung by a spider or snake, take a picture of it (spider or snake) and reach the closest medical center as soon as possible. 

6. Safety Measures for Using Public Transport In Australia 


Public transport is a widely used medium of transportation in Australia, and it’s quite reliable too, mainly metro and trams. Australian Government has implemented strict security measures for the safety of passengers; however, you should still stay cautious when using public transport. 

Avoid using the tram, bus, or railway stops that seem isolated as there can be some danger when you are alone (also as a tourist). Ensure that you know the timetables for public transport that you want to use to prevent waiting, especially when traveling at night. Lastly, try to get bus seats or train carriage nearest to the driver, as these are usually the safest and lighted ones at night time. 

7. Keep Your Belongings Safe 


Australia has a very low crime rate, but there is always a risk present in every big city. Always keep your belongings close to you when out and about, especially in a crowded place. Never leave your wallet or mobile phone on the table or a seat when sitting in public. Lastly, try to keep your distance from neighborhoods that have poor lighting and dark streets. 

Which Cities and Towns are the Safest to Visit in Australia?


Almost every city or town in Australia is safe and low in the crime rate; however, some places are considered the safest ones for tourists. These cities include:

  • Port Douglas

A small coastal town in Australia that is perfect for island lovers. You can explore the blue waters and enjoy the tropical weather of Port Douglas at any time of the year. 

  • Tasmania

Also known as Tassie, Tasmania is an island state. However, it is not a part of Australia’s mainland, but it still a very safe and perfect place to visit.  

  • Beechworth

A small beautiful historical town in Australia, with buildings dating back to the 1850s. It is not a crowded town, and you can immerse yourself in Australia’s local culture by paying a visit there. 

  • Queensland

Also known as the “Sunshine State,” Queensland is one of the most popular tourist spots; this is why security is rigorous here, making it a very safe city to visit. 

  • Victoria

A city featuring colonial architecture and seaside locations, Victoria is one of the best places to visit in Australia. 

  • Apollo Bay

If you love seafood and adventures, you must visit Apollo Bay. It is the most beautiful and safest place for adventure lovers. 

  • Port Fairy

Port Fairy is another historical small coastal town of Australia. It is an excellent spot for people who love water activities, such as coastal golfing and paddleboarding.

  • New South Wales

NSW is one of the friendliest places you can visit in the world. The only dangers you may encounter here are swimming safety and beach safety issues.

  • Melbourne

It is the second-largest city in the world and also one of the safest places to visit. People here are friendly and kind, so you won’t have to worry about whom to talk to. 

  • Sydney

Sydney is maybe the most popular city in Australia and a place where you are least likely to be pickpocketed or scammed. 

The listed cities are a mix of beauty, culture, and safety for all kinds of travelers.


Australia is a very safe country with kind and friendly inhabitants. People from all around the world visit Australia every year and find it a great vacation destination. By following our guide mentioned above, you can travel and enjoy your visit safely. 

Whether you are planning to visit Australia with family or friends or all alone, make sure to research all the places you are going to visit. This way, it will be a lot easier and almost effortless for you when you get there.