How to Repurpose Old Soap?


    Soaps tend to be fast disintegrating household items. After a month or so of usage, all that you are left with is a piece the size of a silver dollar or a few silvers stuck to the edge of the tub. While this calls for replacing the soap with a new one, there is a way through which you can repurpose the old soap. Before you decide on throwing the leftover pieces in the garbage, consider reusing them.

    How to repurpose old soap?

    Choose a soap

    The first step of repurposing old soap is choosing some soap. Although you can choose any type of soap but something that is natural and unscented is going to be the perfect option. The reason is that it will give you relatively more customizable options later on. Plus, plan on using 12 ounces. While repurposing soap silvers you need to consider several things. First, the rebatch soap is going to have a grainy texture. It will not be as smooth as the new soap. Second, if you are using different leftover soaps, try using the same fragrance, otherwise, you will end up with a disliked scent. 

    Once you have chosen a soap or collected different batches, cut them into small pieces. The easiest way to do it is by using a grater but a knife will work as well. Remember, the smaller the pieces, the faster the soap is going to melt. Then, fill a saucepan with 1 to 2 inches of water and set a heat-safe bowl on top while ensuring that the bottom of the bowl does not touch the bottom of the pan. Now pour the grated soap into the bowl. Alternatively, you can use a crockpot as well. Furthermore, you can also melt the soap directly in a saucepan without a bowl. 

    However, make sure that it is small so that the soap does not scorch. Now pour 9 ounces of water that will help the soap to soften. Avoid adding too much water, otherwise, the soap will not dry properly. Proceed with heating the soap by turning the stove to medium-high heat, whole allowing the water to boil. Using a wooden spoon or spatula, stir the soap every 5 minutes. If you happen to be using a crockpot, cover it with a lid and turn the setting to high heat. However, you will still need to open the lid and stir from time to time. If you are using a pot for heating, use low heat.

    You should know that rebatch soap will never fully melt like melt and pour soap. Instead, it will take the form of a grainy mixture as mentioned earlier. Therefore, be patient as the process can take about 1 to 2 hours. After a while, you shall observe that the soap is not changing texture. At this point, the soap is not going to melt any further. Moreover, if you observe that the soap starts to scorch, turn the heat down and add in a bit of cold water.

    Adding Extras

    Even though adding extras is not necessary but you can add them in this step. However, you need to allow the soap to cool down for a few minutes. Choose one or two extras that appeal the most to you. However, if your soap is already scented, you might want to skip this step. But if you still wish to add fragrance, make sure that you add the same scent. For instance, if your soap is lavender scented, you can add extra lavender oil. 

    Moreover, add some nourishing oils as well such as almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, etc. This will be beneficial for your skin but make sure not to get too carried away with it. You can add honey to your soap as well. It is beneficial for the skin and has an appealing smell as well. 

    Once you have added the extras, it is time for you to give the soap some color. You can grab soap-making dye from a local arts and crafts store. Add 1-2 drops and then stir it. Continue stirring until no streaks remain. Ensure that you only use soap-making dye and not any other type of dye such as candle-making dye, which can be dangerous for the skin. 

    Then, give the soap some texture by adding exfoliants and botanicals. These are great if you have dull or dry skin. Some great choices you can opt for include oatmeal, sea salt, and dried lavender buds. By this time, the mixture has cooled down and developed a grainy mixture. It is now time to pour the soap and prepare the mold. Purchase a plastic soap-making mold depending on the type of soap you want. You can opt for a simple or fancy design. Since the soap tends to be thick, you cannot simply pour it into the mold. Instead, use a spatula or wooden spoon to scoop it into its mold. Use the backside of the spoon to mold it down. Then, hold the soap mold about 6-12 centimeters from the surface and drop it. This will allow the soap to settle in the mold and release any air bubbles. Perform this step a few times and allow the soap to dry. Give it a few days and then carefully pull it out of its mold. If you observe that the soap is still gummy and soft, allow it to cure and air dry for upto 2 to 4 weeks. 

    Recycling Soap Silvers Into Something Useful

    Make a Homemade Loofah

    Visit your local departmental store and grab a pack of mesh bags. Then, place the leftover soap silvers inside the tie-up. This will make a great combination of mesh and soap helping your skin exfoliate. 

    Turn Into Liquid Soap

    You can turn the leftover soaps into liquid soap as well and use them for a variety of applications. The process is more or less the same as discussed above. Simply gather half-dozen soap silvers and put them inside a blender with a bit of water. Turn to the medium setting and blend for around 20 seconds. Continue blending until you achieve the right creamy texture. Add more water as needed. 

    Get a Clean Shave

    Another way of repurposing old soap is using it to get a clean shave. A lot of men and women tend to use the leftover soaps for clean shaves as the soap lathers nicely and provides a smooth finish, which is the same as shaving cream.

    Final Word

    Repurposing old soap is an easy process. It might seem a bit complicated at first but once you go through it the first time, it will be relatively easier the second time. Furthermore, you can use it for different purposes as well before deciding that it needs to go into the garbage. You can play around with the leftovers to come up with the perfect repurposed soap each time.


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