How to Manage Time While Traveling

Online conferences and video call meetings have become more popular as it is seen as a cost-effective, exposure-limiting, effective method to get the job done. However, it cannot be avoided that physical meetings need to take place for optimal efficiency, visitations to various settings, cultural immersion, and many others.

Although experiences like this are valuable as it is a way of doing your job while at the same time embarking on a new place, it sometimes is difficult to manage. May it be the waiting game while in the airport, having everything needed for the travel, handling luggage, or finding a place to be at peace and in focus: there are many challenges.

For many of us, it’s a waste of time to simply wind down and not maximize our time while traveling – whether it be while on the road, on the tracks, or while we’re up in the sky. Travelers know it best that even these times can be used to be productive. Want to be like them? We have prepared some tips for you on how to manage your precious time while traveling and working.

Finding Peace and Quiet


The sounds of babies crying, loud people conversing, and employees transacting with customers can be very distracting. It also makes it impossible to review previously recorded meetings or conduct calls with clients. 

With that said, try to find a place that is more peaceful, quiet, and comfortable. We suggest certain sections of the airport that have few people, a travel lounge, a seemingly empty airport cafe, or a cafe near the bus station. 

This is a good place to unwind, whatever’s on your mind, and get back to those missed calls. You can make calls with your clients or workmates, but feel free to reconnect with your friends and family, who are enthusiastic to know you arrived at your destination safely. You might also want to catch up with people you know nearby!

Engage in Offline Projects

Before traveling, try to come up with a list of activities you can do without the internet or WiFi. Unfortunately, not all places have good signal or internet connection, so it’s best to be ready for this. Without WiFi, you can instead use applications on your devices that are part of your job but don’t need the internet. You can also reorganize the files in your gadgets to make them more orderly and easily accessible. This can mean dividing files into folders or deleting files that are no longer needed.

A Feast for the Ears


Some people find it relaxing or even stimulating to listen to their favorite music or podcasts. This is a good option if you feel like doing something while traveling but need to have your eyes and hands-free for anything, such as when holding the standing rails on the train or waiting for the right bus to arrive. 

By listening to these materials, your brain is at work, with boredom out of the question. If you’re in a place that uses a different language or dialect from yours, you can listen to podcasts about the basics of that language to familiarize yourself with important sayings. Many podcasts give self-help and character development tips! But if you’re done with everything serious, there are also comedic selections online.

Make sure you bring headphones or earphones for this. You can opt for a wireless version to skip the inconvenience of dealing with wires and tangling. It also allows you more flexible mobility as you go around. 

Take a Nap


Hardworking professionals often feel burned out and deprived of good, adequate sleep. While traveling, you can take the opportunity to have a well-deserved nap. This is a good idea if you have to travel for a long time to get to the venue and you need maximum energy for the event. 

Some people skip sleeping because they think it’s like they’re doing nothing. However, such a notion is debatable. By sleeping, you’re recharging for the event’s activities, investing in your long-term health, and allowing your body and mind to restart.

With that said, ensure you have a handy travel pillow that gives you the perfect support for your slumber. The neck pillows have a clip, so you can never lose these items while traveling.

Bring a Power Bank

You need to charge the gadget when your device has reached its limit and already has a low battery. However, while traveling and going to public spaces, there are not often available outlets for your charging. Additionally, if there are, they are often located far against the wall in limited spaces. What if there is no extension cord? How could you continue your job when the low battery alert notification appears?

Be ready by bringing a good, reliable power bank. There are many handy options other than conventional ones, such as wireless chargers!

Portfolio Organizer

While traveling and managing work, there are so many papers you need to handle, from airport tickets and waivers to documents from the legal department and notes for the upcoming conference. Keep your important papers crisp and clean by arranging them in a portfolio organizer. This also ensures that all your documents are in one place, so none of them get lost.

Portable Mirror


You want to look presentable at all times. They say that your appearance is one of the first things people notice, and of course, you want to leave a good first impression. Make sure your hair doesn’t resemble a bird’s nest, you don’t have sauce on your face, and your smile is captivating by bringing a portable mirror!

Some portable mirrors also come with a comb, allowing you to bring one less item in your bag. If you don’t have time to purchase a portable mirror, you might find something in your makeup bag, such as blush or eyeshadow, that comes with a mirror. That would work as well! 



It’s important to stay hydrated. Make sure you’re freshened up for your presentation or ready to speak anytime by bringing a tumbler with warm tea or cool water. 

It’s also helpful to bring cold water in your tumbler with ice cubes when you know you’re going to a hot and humid place. We sweat because our body is trying to compensate for cooling our body temperature. However, sweating makes our appearance look unpresentable. Help your body cool down by drinking cool, refreshing water.

By maximizing your time, you are one step ahead of everyone else who chooses to be inefficient. These tips can really help in preparing you for the trip. To fail to prepare is to prepare for failure. Make sure you have everything you need, and you’ll be good to go!