How to Manage Time While Traveling

While video conferencing and several other technologies have made remote working very common, there are still instances where we need to physically travel for our work. There are also people who make it a habit of traveling for pleasure as well as a learning experience.

Some might think that our time in the air, on the tracks, or on the road is simply downtime, where we’re only waiting to get to our destination. However, seasoned travelers of any kind know that this time is salvageable if we know what to do. Several professionals spend a lot of their time traveling and have learned to make the most of the time they have.

It could be quite challenging to manage time while traveling, though. You have to stay alert for flight announcements, find a working internet connection, keep your devices charged, and handle luggage on top of it all. Luckily, we have some tips from traveling professionals on how to best manage time in such situations:

Find a Quiet Place

Man in airport waiting area:

Man in airport waiting area

This might be a challenging task, but you might have access to an airport lounge or some other quiet place when on the go. This could be the perfect time to sit back and make those phone calls you’ve been putting off.

Your ‘to call’ list might consist mostly of work-related stuff, but you can also utilize this time and quiet to get in touch with your social circle. Call up your grandmother, or a friend who’s currently living near your destination. You might finally get a chance to catch up and set a date for that long-overdue coffee chat.

Work on Offline Projects

A no-Wi-Fi sign:

A no-Wi-Fi sign

Many work-related tasks now require internet access, which might be sketchy when traveling. Even if you do get access or have your own hotspot, don’t make the mistake of relying on the internet for your projects while traveling. Conduct your research beforehand and work on that material when you’re on the go. You can also leave other offline tasks, like editing a document, for that time.

Listening Constructively

Headphones with a notebook:

Headphones with a notebook

Some might find listening to music or watching a season of their favorite show as a way to pass time while traveling. However, this really isn’t the most constructive use of your traveling time. If you have a period of rest waiting for you at the end of that journey, save the recreational listening and watching for unwinding at the end of the day.

In the meantime, why not consider listening to an interesting podcast? If you have no work-related tasks, traveling time can be used to improve your mind and enhance your worldview. You might be looking to further your career or engage in a whole new professional journey, so try to find podcasts that can help you along the way. Since you’re already taking out time from your work week, use it wisely. If you’re studying at the moment, check out how you can maintain an efficient work-study routine.

Getting Some Sleep

Man sleeping in car:

Man sleeping in car

Sleep deprivation is a serious issue for hardworking professionals. whether you’re traveling for a meeting, a conference, or any other reason, you want to stay alert at the venue. Sleeping while traveling could be your best shot at getting some much-needed rest.

One might think that sleeping while traveling is counter-productive, but it’s actually the opposite. You might not be able to find a proper place or chance to work when you’re in transit, but sleeping will allow you to rejuvenate. This way, you can get in some work when you’re finally in your hotel room or back home. Of course, you want to make sure that your valuables are safely guarded while you take your nap.

Sleeping might also be a good idea if the purpose of your journey is to move from one location to another. You probably have a lot to do when you get to your new place, so might as well get some rest while you can. Here are some more tips for saving time while moving.

Get the Right Gadgets

Travelling accessories:

Travelling accessories

There are several ways to make your working time more comfortable while traveling. We’re not saying that you absolutely need these gadgets, but they’ll certainly make your traveling time easier, more comfortable, and hopefully more productive:

Trtl Pillow

Trtl Pillow

We’ve heard f travel pillows, but this one is scientifically proven to provide that perfect soft support while we’re traveling. it’s machine-washable, available in several colors, and won’t take up a lot of room in your luggage either.

Whether you’re sleeping on the plane or want to maintain a comfy position while working on the go, this pillow could prevent that painful neck strain. There’d be no nodding heads or uncomfortable positions anymore with the internal support of the Trtl pillow.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Listening to podcasts or music while traveling and working is a great way to ward off distractions. These headphones might cost a bundle, but they’re among the best options for noise-canceling gadgets. There’s also Bose AR and Alexa voice control, so you’re in control of your devices.

The personalized settings, Bluetooth features, and other convenient aspects of this pair make it a great accessory on your travels. If you’re a frequent traveler and need to work while in transit, these might be a worthy investment.

Ohderii Airplane Footrest


Even when working on a laptop in the airport lounge or a pane, it’s essential to maintain a proper position. If you don’t take this precaution, you might end up with an aching neck, cramped legs, and pain in your arms as well. One way to ensure a comfortable ergonomic position is to get this carry-on footrest that’s specially designed for traveling.

This footrest is lightweight and can snap on to almost any kind of table or chair. It would help you to lengthen your feet and even swing your legs to achieve proper blood circulation. Those who spend a lot of time at their desks would know how important it is to have some sort of footrest. With this portable one, you don’t have to uncomfortable or compromise your health while working and traveling at the same time.

Magnetic Portable Charger Power Bank


Magnetic Portable Charger Power Bank-jpeg



If you’re usually working when on the go, getting a powerful portable charger is a must. This features a great combination of a 5000mAh Power Bank, a wireless charger, plus advanced magnetic absorption capability. It enables up to 15W of wireless charging plus another 20W for wired charging which is perfect for your mobile phones. This is recommended for iPhone 12/13series phones. And its advanced magnetic alignment technology allows super adsorption and auto-alignment of your phone to the charging coil.

Plus, this portable charger is compact enough to easily pack in any kind of luggage. However, you might want to check whether you’re allowed to take it on the plane or not.


The logistics and rituals of traveling don’t take up much time. You can get your ticket, check your bags, and board the train/bus/plane in a matter of minutes. The waiting lounge and the vehicle itself are where you have a good chunk of time for self-improvement and catching up with work. Invest in the right gadgets, and you can work in comfort while also making the time pass quickly. Check out these smart products for saving time as well.