How Can You Use the Same Space for a Home Office and Home Gym?

Working from home is convenient, time-saving, and you can also save your travel expenses as you don’t need to travel to your office. However, it is not that easy and comfortable as it sounds because it has more distractions than office-based working. First, while working from home, you don’t feel that you are doing office work, so you can’t concentrate properly. You are continuously distracted by several distractions, especially children who don’t let you work in peace with their noise, nagging, and crying sounds.

Not only this but working at home might also make one quite lazy or sometimes unfocused. So, the best thing you can do here is to use the same space for your little home gym where you can work out and relax your mind.

Cons of Not Working Out

If you don’t work out and keep eating as most people do, you will not remain physically active. Moreover, by working out, you are saving yourself from many heart diseases and blood pressure problems. But then the question arises how to stay healthy and work properly from home in such a situation? The solution to both situations is building a home office gym combo.

Have a Spare Room? Perfect


If you have a room in your house with no idea of how to use that room productively? Then, making it your home-based office and gym will be an excellent option. Yes, you can use a single room for both the office and gym. You must have heard about that quote, “A healthy body has a healthy mind.” When you have a healthy body, only then you can work peacefully and give your best to satisfy your clients/boss. Even if you don’t work out at all from the beginning, this will be a great start. Here is how you can use the same space for your office and your gym:

How to Turn the Spare Room into Your Home Office/Home Gym


Clean the Room

If you have a spare room, you are lucky. You can save the cost of building another room to set up your home office and gym. Clean the room completely. Make sure to clean the walls and floor with water before proceeding on further steps.


It is highly recommended to use a carpet on the floor to use it as a gym. It absorbs sounds and prevents the effect of an echo. Carpet flooring is especially beneficial when you are doing yoga. It also gives a neat and luxurious look to your office. Moreover, weights will not damage your floorif you have a carpet on it.

Sort out the Electricity Problems (if any)

Check if any switch is not working properly. If you find any fault, call the electrician because and get it sorted out. Install proper lighting so you can work at night without any hurdle.

Paint your Space

To make yourself dedicated to working, you should paint the walls of your room with your favorite color. While painting the room, choose the color that engages, excites, and makes you more enthusiastic about working out more. If your favorite color is red, go for it to make yourself active throughout your exercise/work.

If you want to paint the room yourself, make sure to apply a primer first, then a layer of base coat, and add a topcoat at the end. Try to choose solid colors because it enhances your work productivity.

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Install a Fan (if you already don’t have one)


Whether you are using the room as your office or as your gym, a good quality fan is a must because you sweat a lot during the workout. Therefore, you need a cooling system to keep yourself stable, so you can work out without giving up. Choose any type of fan you like. It can be a ceiling fan or a Vornado fan. There is an endless variety of fans which you can choose from.

Setting up Your Home Office

After making all the basic transformations in your spare room, it’s time to turn it into a home-based office and gym. But first, set up your office properly and leave some space for the gym.

Fill the room with your office essentials like a desk, chair, Wi-Fi connection, and laptop. However, make sure to place these items in a corner, leaving space for your gym necessities. Also, don’t forget to place a plant on your table because having it on your table can increase your productivity.

Gym Equipment


The gym equipment that you require to build a home-based gym is as follows:

1. Dumbbells

One of the best ways to make a home gym is by buying dumbbells. It is the easiest way to turn your spare room into a gym. Dumbbells are cost-effective, and they are not only used for the upper and lower body but are a perfect way to build muscle strength. Dumbbells are available in various weights; you can choose the ones you are comfortable using. Moreover, they are fancy and take less space.

2. Yoga Mat

When building a home gym, a yoga mat is the best option. Yoga makes your mind fresh and relaxed. Also, a yoga mat doesn’t take much space. After doing yoga, you can roll it up and place it on the shelf.

3. Bench

When building a home gym, a bench should be your top priority because you won’t be able to work out comfortably using dumbbells. After exercise, you can also use it for other purposes.

How Can You Use The Same Space For Both Things?

You can use a small room as your office as well as your gym. All you need is proper planning. Two things that can increase your space and also avoid an overfilled look are as follows:

1. Shelves

Installing shelves provide you more space so you can use them for both office and gym. You can either use shelves to place your office files or gym equipment. In this way, you can organize your place and manage space quite well.

2. Wall Mounts

To make your place look spacy and clutter-free, use wall mounts. To prevent your room from looking overfilled, the best option is to use vertical storage space. But while using a wall mount, make sure to use strong bolts to avoid any kind of accident.


Here are the top benefits of using the home office gym combo:


Using your spare room for office and gym is highly cost-effective. It will save you money from expensive gym memberships, which you have to renew from time to time. Also, renting a space for an office/gym setup can be quite expensive. But using your spare room will add value to your house.

A Healthy Body Has a Healthy Mind

Having your office and gym at the same place saves your time and also increases your productivity. Early in the morning, when you are still feeling sleepy, do a little work out inside your home and then get to work without wasting any time.


It is very creative to use a small space as your office and gym. The best thing is that you can do it with a little effort, and the output is quite productive. So, what are you waiting for? Transform your empty room into a home office gym combo and reap all the benefits of working (and working out) from home.