How Busy People Can Maintain their Health and Fitness?


    When your professional life is racing at the speed of light, maintaining a healthy lifestyle feels like an everyday stony uphill climb.

    However, neglecting your health will ultimately result in negatively impacting your work performance as well. So, here are six magical tips that you can exercise even with a busy schedule to stay in tip top shape:

    Blend It Away

    Busy professionals often do not bother to have breakfast for every second is worth gold to them in the morning, and making breakfast seems to cost them a lot of gold!

    But even if you are running late to work, or even if the world is on fire, you must not miss breakfast! Recent studies have found that skipping breakfast can only lead to poor memory and short concentration spans. They also raise chances of diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity.

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It replenishes your body with nutrients and prepares it for a long day of hard work. Without getting its essential fuel, your body will not be able to run efficiently, and you will remain grumpy the whole day. So if you wish to have a productive day, untainted by mood swings, you must start it the right way – by having a nutrient-dense breakfast.

    You do not have to prepare a Michelin star-worthy dish to obtain all the necessary nutrients. Instead, all you have to do is toss a few fresh fruits and nuts in the blender, push the magic button, and voila!

    You have prepared a meal packed with nutrients in no time. (If you like to incorporate fruits and veggies in your breakfast, read our article on Raw Food Breakfast Ideas.)

    You can also opt for instant oatmeal or look at no-recipe easy breakfast ideas on the internet for some inspiration. Even grabbing a protein bar and a few bananas is better than starting the day with an empty stomach for skipping breakfast might save you some precious time, it will ultimately do more harm than good by deteriorating your health in the long run – after all, health is wealth, isn’t it?

    Less Is More


    You do not have to sign up for a gym membership or buy high-priced fitness equipment to stay in shape. Similarly, it is not necessary to sacrifice a whole hour to workout sessions every day to reap the benefits of exercise. You can maintain a healthy body with a quick daily workout of five to ten minutes, even without any equipment.

    Only have a five-minute break on hand? No worries! Youtube is flooding with five to ten minutes workout videos; all you have to do is play one such video and get ready to stretch!

    Throw in a few lunges, pushups, squats, and you will be good to go. On a jam-packed day when you cannot even spare five minutes, climb the stairs up and down two to three times or ditch the bus and walk your way back home for a quick cardio session! A daily habit of exercise, even if it consists of just five minutes of sprinting up and down the stairs, will render a positive impact on both your mental and physical health.

    Pay Attention to Your Grocery Shopping


    When you are working around the clock, you do not have the time to run down the market and get some fresh produce for a quick snack. To avoid depending on vending machines or Foodpanda to satiate your midnight cravings, it is necessary to have a stock of nutrient-packed foods at your home. To do so, you must shop your grocery wisely!

    It is better to prepare a grocery list beforehand to avoid wasting time in the market deciding which item to add to your cart. When shortlisting food items, remember quality is more important than quantity. Your grocery list is a reflection of eating habits, so to maintain healthy eating habits, include only foods that provide nutrition to your body, such as nuts, fresh fruits, seeds, and fish. Some great additions to your grocery list include pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, and salmon, as they are not only rich in nutrients but also keep you full without adding to your calorie count. Steer away from any sugar-drenched energy drinks or preservative-including canned foods. Also, Always read the nutritional value and ingredient list when buying packed food, such as cereals or oatmeal.

    Set Reminders to Drink Water


    One can easily forget to drink water on a nerve-wracking day in the office when the workload is too overpowering. However, inadequate levels of water can lead to dehydration, which negatively impacts your performance at work. Dehydration immediately results in fatigue and tiredness, which, in turn, slows down your cognitive functions. Moreover, most people keep draining coffee cups on stressful days to stay alert without thinking of its detrimental consequences.

    High caffeine levels aggravate dehydration, which can put your health at serious risk. Therefore, it is necessary to carry a water bottle to your workplace and drink regularly to avoid dehydration. Eight glasses of water every day will not keep you energized at work but also keep your hunger satiated and prevent over-snacking. You can set timers on your phone or download an app that reminds you to drink water after regular intervals!

    Take Power Naps


    Power naps are an effective way of refueling your energy and enhancing work performance. Although power naps cannot replace a good night’s sleep, they for sure provide a boost to your energy levels and lower stress after a long day at work.

    Do you have a social commitment to fulfill but are too exhausted from a tiring workday? Take a quick nap of ten to twenty minutes, and you will wake up with improved energy levels and a happier mood.

    Do Not Leave Any Nutritional Gaps


    Sticking to a healthy diet plan is a constant struggle if you have a demanding work life, but at times, you have no choice but to resort to some less healthy eating habits.

    You can skip breakfast when running late to the office or order junk food when too tired from working overtime. On such occasions, when your body is not getting its required fuel, take some multivitamin supplements to cover the nutrition gap left from your unhealthy eating habits.

    You can also take multivitamins if you feel your diet plan is not providing your body all the necessary nutrients required for healthy functioning.

    The Takeaway

    Though leading a healthy lifestyle can feel too tiresome and time-consuming with a demanding professional life, you can maintain health and fitness without going over the top! If you only learn to squeeze the above-mentioned habits into your daily schedule, you will be able to create a perfect harmony between your work life and health!

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