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    Natural Beauty at Any Age

    As women age, how they care for their skin can make a huge difference in how many wrinkles they get. Admittedly, some women don’t wrinkle because they are overweight. Others, however, don’t wrinkle because they use a  natural beauty routine that’s super simple and even tastes good!

    Some women wash their faces with honey!

    They don’t use just any honey. They also certainly do not use the honey from the plastic honey bear on the grocery shelf. (That ‘honey,’ by the way, is rarely 100% honey. It’s more likely corn syrup). The honey you want to use is an all-natural organic, crystallized raw honey. If you can get it locally sourced all the better.

    If you cant get it locally (and quite often you may not be able to), a good backup source for Raw Crystallized Organic Honey. Women this brand YS Organic Bee Farms so much because they get fantastic results with it. If you weren’t happy with your first attempts, please, try this brand before you give up on the idea! YS Organic Bee Farms honey is harvested with extreme care, 100% pure, natural, unheated and unfiltered, fresh from healthy beehives.

    The results produce a superior, energy packed honey with the highest possible levels of live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healing agents. Some people think no matter what, your skin can’t absorb it anyway. Thats just not true. Think of all the prescription drugs (uggh natural beauty killers) that now come on a patch because of your skin’s ability to absorb whatever you put on it.

    That’s more important than you might think because whatever chemical laden facial cleansers and body care destroying items you’re currently using is also being absorbed directly into your system. They are endocrine disruptors and filled with obesogens which make you obese! Get the connection?

    OK, good!

    Before we move on, here is why many women absolutely prefer the crystallized honey verses a smoother honey. The crystals act as a very gentle scrub, which is lovely. Oh, and it smells amazing. Many women prefer to use honey on their skin every day, rather than put it in their body. It feels quite decadent! But whether you use it for baking or eating or use it in a recipe, this Raw Crystallized Organic Honey is divine!

    So, Now That You Have Your Honey, What Are You Going to Do with It?

    Seems obvious, right? And it is. Wash your face with it silly!

    1. Wet your face with warm water, scoop up a bit of your organic raw honey (just a bit will do) and scrub a dub dub your way to glistening, glowing, natural beauty!
    2. Rinse. Pat dry.
    3. Moisturize with 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. You can use the exact same Extra Virgin Coconut Oil you use in the kitchen to cook with not the same jar, of course. It is easy enough to transfer some to a cosmetic size jar for the medicine cabinet. Just a tiny bit goes a long way.

    You may be thinking this sounds crazy, right? It works and your skin will love you for it! Its going to be so soft you won’t be able to stop touching your face. Seriously!

    By the way, talking about natural beauty solutions, coconut oil is a miracle worker for every part of your body inside and out. Look for an article about that topic in the future.


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