Home Security Products


The world is not a safe place. Even and especially when we’re at home, we need to take certain measures in order to ensure that no burglars or other criminals get in. These nifty gadgets can make adding security to your home easy and effective.

Hidden Door Kit


Hidden Door Kit


If you’re concerned about having your valuables stolen, one of the first steps is to secure them in a clever manner. You can accomplish this by having a bookshelf that’s actually a door, which can then swing open. The space inside can then store your cash, bonds, and other valuables.

You might think that this is something only houses in movies have, or that it would cost a fortune. Luckily, there’s a complete DIY kit that can enable help you make your own hidden door. All you need is a bookshelf and any corner of your house.

This kit comes with a universal hinge, an inswing or outswing option, and all the equipment you need to construct your own secret space. However, keep in mind that instructions aren’t included, so only a professional DIY-er would be able to go through with this.


Burglar Deterrent Light Bulb


Burglar Deterrent Light Bulb


Having some smart light bulbs in your lighting system could really help to deter burglars. These would give the impression that someone is at home even when no one is. Plus, they double in function as smoke detectors along with giving your around 4 hours of emergency light if required.

The system replays your lighting in a smart manner, making it seem like someone is moving from room to room, switching off and turning on the lights. You can also control their brightness settings with your smartphone, brightening and dimming as required.

There are 800 lumens of soft and white light in these bulbs. You can install them indoors or outside as you prefer. They have Bluetooth connectivity, Bonobos technology, and an efficient system that provides complete protection. You can hence deal with blackouts, burglars, and any other threat by installing these bulbs and the included free app.


Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera


Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera


Your home will be well-secure by a Nest Cam camera keeping watch outside. This camera is compact, waterproof, and has a camera lens with a wide viewing angle and a 130-degree tilt. The captured images are also a crisp, clear 1080p whether it’s daytime or nighttime. You can also sync this device with Amazon Alexa in order to control it with your voice.

This camera is also good for improving the looks of your outdoors, as it has a beautiful appearance as well. It’s also weatherproof and can plug directly into a power outlet. This way, you don’t have to worry about replacing dying batteries.

With the alerts from this camera, you can also get to know that some activity is going on outside. You can’t always be home, nor can you keep a constant eye on the screen. The alerts will let you know if something happens so you can check if it’s a potential burglar or just someone delivering the package you ordered.


Smart Outdoor Security Light


Smart Outdoor Security Light


Having a security light installed outside your house can help prevent a lot of unwanted activity in your area. This option provides a lot of light and comes with an inbuilt camera that can stream the view from outside. This way, you can keep an eye on who’s passing by your house and whether they’re acting suspiciously or not.

This device is a smart one that can sync with Amazon Alexa. You can hence control your Kuna-powered rights with smart technology. You can record the video, use the two-way intercom to interact with those outside, and have smart motion detection notifications sent right to your smartphone. There are also several other features that can make this device a great investment for securing your home.

You can install this whole system by yourself in around 15 minutes. There are no batteries required, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them every few weeks. Simply plug it in, and you’ll have 24/7 protection.


Smart Vault Biometric Safe


Smart Vault Biometric Safe


You may tuck your valuables away in a safe corner, but your firearms need to be both secure and on hand in case of an emergency. You can accomplish this by keeping your gun or pistol in this smart biometric safe. This can store around 15 fingerprints, so you can open it up with one swipe if required. This speed and accessibility could potentially protect your and your whole family from robbery or any other threat.

Other than firearms, this safe is also handy for any valuable which you may need in a pinch. It has a super-accurate biometric system for entry and boats the lowest fall rate available. There; also an AC adaptor included, which can easily power the safe at a moment’s notice. If you want, you can also mount the box using the holes in the bottom. The steel door is equipped with around 14 gauges and is pray-safe in order to protect the contents from any unwanted person.


Emergency Breathing System


Emergency Breathing System


Home fires may not be something you consider as an everyday occurrence, but they definitely do take place. When this occurs, avoiding the smoke is just as important as getting away from the flames. Having this emergency breathing system could hence potentially save your life by filtering harmful chemicals from the air. It could also remove any carbon monoxide for around 5 minutes.

This device includes a nose grip that would prevent dangerous gases from entering your mouth or nostrils. It has a triple filer that would absorb smoke, dust, carbon monoxide, secondhand smoke, and other harmful materials. A processing filter, a pre-filter, and a Hopcalite filter come together to make a safe breathing environment for you and your family.

Each unit of this system is suitable for one person, so you might want to invest in a few more for your loved ones. It’s also a recommended purchase for frequent flyers in case of smoke getting into the cabin.

Bovee TV Simulator

If you have to leave your house empty for long periods of time or have your kids home without you, this simulator is a must-have for home security. It gives off the effect of a televisions being on, implying that someone is home and watching TV. Of course, you can always leave the television on, but too much of this would probably rack up your electricity bills.

This product has gathered many high ratings on Amazon, since it gives you a convenient, hassle-free way to secure your home. It requires no batteries, needing just an electric source with minimal energy usage. This makes sure to keep your utility costs as low as possible.

On the downside, however, you can’t control this device from afar. It has to be plugged in the whole time, which might be risky if your area has electricity fluctuations. On the upside, though, you can also change the settings to get a disco theme, providing the perfect effect for a party!

Artscape Etched Glass Window Film


It’s not always possible or preferable to install curtains on every window of your house. Homeowners with asthma or dust allergies might not want to go for this option, so a stained glass or etched glass alternative is best. These might cost a fortune, though, so an Artscape Window Film may come in handy.

With this artistic installation, you can have the visual effect of textured windows without much hassle. It doesn’t even require any adhesives to stick onto your windows. Plus, it gives UV protection from harmful rays outside. Don’t worry about the unusual size of your windows, either. The pattern on these films repeats in order to cover any and all sizes.

This film is easy to trim, allows light inside, and yet still retains a translucent effect that doesn’t allow anyone to look in. Plus, they provide a unique, artistic look that doesn’t require any additional decorations.

Schlage One-Way Wide Angle Peephole

It’s always best to see who’s standing outside before you open the door. This could prevent any unwanted individual from entering your house, or enable you to call for help before someone forces their way in. Installing this one-way peephole might be an essential step towards a safer home. If you have just one entrance and don’t want the cost or hassle of a security camera, a peephole is the next best option.

The lens provides a 190-degree angle and projects out a quarter of an inch from the door. It makes use of four optical glass lenses to give you a wide view of your front step or hallway. Since break-ins are becoming increasingly common in almost every country, this is an investment you shouldn’t miss out on. All you need is a 9.16-inch drill bit to install it yourself. However, it’s only suitable for doors with thicknesses between 1-3/8 inches and 2-1/8 inches.

SABRE Shed and Garage Alarm

You might have secured your main home building, but what about your garage and shed. Break-ins in these parts are just as common and dangerous as anyone getting into your main building. You may stand to lose valuable tools, your car, or render your home vulnerable if there’s an adjoining wall/door between the areas.

With this garage and shed alarm installed, you can defend all parts of your home throughout the day and night. When these alarms sense any motion, they sound a 12-decibel alarm that should be enough to scare off most intruders. The system is also set so only you can turn it off, having a keypad and a unique combination.

It’s very easy to install this system, taking only a few minutes with 3 AAA batteries and an adhesive strip involved. When you’re home, you can change the alarm to a chime mode and have a siren mode when you’re away for work or anything else.

All of the items above are good investments to have in your home, especially if you live in a somewhat safe area. If you have to choose a couple of the best ones, the Smart Vault Biometric Safe is probably the most logical first option. After this, you should invest in a peephole and a Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera. You should also consider getting an electric gate for your property, so start looking at automatic gates price guide to find one that best suits you. All this would enable you to stay aware of your outdoors in both a manual and electric manner.