High-Tech Kitchen Accessories


Advanced kitchens are the fastest-growing sector of the smart home automation trend. These high-tech kitchens feature elegant, contemporary interior design and full technological integration in everything, from appliances to lighting to enhance the ambiance and add the ultimate in convenience through technology. Here are some the high-tech kitchen accessories you could add to your storage.

Meat & Vegetable Vacuum Marinator




Marinating for several hours will yield a more tender and flavorful meat, fish or chicken. Nothing beats overnight marinating, but suppose you’re pressed to prepare a grand family dinner for the evening and you don’t have much time to marinate, what are you going to do?

Not to worry because the Meat and Vegetable Vacuum Marinator will be the solution to your problems. It marinates any kinds of meat, fish, poultry and vegetables in just a matter of minutes, and they will come tender and flavorful as they would come from hours-long or overnight marinating.

This gadget uses vacuum marinating wherein air gaps form in the meat, fish, poultry and vegetables, and this is where the marinade is introduced into these gaps as the meat, fish, etc., are “rolled” inside the marinating drum. This gives you a perfectly marinated and flavored meat, fish, poultry and vegetables in as fast as 15 minutes!


Homemade Noodle Maker




This homemade noodle maker has a different configuration of noodle cap which came with the body color. Instead of 1.6mm Hiramen, with this product, 0.8mm sheet for dumpling skin, wonton, and lasagna.

Using this homemade noodle maker, make fresh restaurant quality pasta right in your own kitchen. You’ll get to choose from 10 different noodle types to create, after you add in fresh ingredients.


Healthy Fried Food Oven




This healthy fried food oven features a dual band WiFi connectivity so you can remotely control and monitor cooking. It has LED display features manual cooking controls of up to 60 minutes and 450 degrees Fahrenheit, a delay timer of up to 12 hours, 3 fan speeds, and 20 adjustable modes made for everything.

Using this healthy fried food oven, enjoy your favorite fried foods without the mountains of grease, and it utilizes powerful convection currents so you can fry your food without any additional fat.


Stuffed Belgian Waffle Maker


Stuffed Belgian Waffle Maker


If you want genuine “Belgian waffles,” but you want them freshly cooked as well straight from your kitchen, at least this waffle maker will give some semblance of authenticity — this waffle maker is made in Belgium.

It features an adjustable eight-temperature control setting which allows you to make your waffles in the way you like them to be cooked. You want soft and fluffy waffles? How about crunchy, darkened and toasty ones? This waffle maker can do them both. It uses 1200 watts of power and also features dual-heating elements which let you to cook your waffles evenly, on the top and on the bottom, no matter the temperature you have selected.

This Belgian waffle maker comes in an elegant stainless steel finish, adding some “oomph” to your countertop.


Bubble Waffle Maker


Bubble Waffle Maker


Bubble waffles are one of the recent food trends that are crowding in your social media feed these days. Originating in Hong Kong, bubbles waffles (also known as egg waffles) have undoubtedly taken the foodie world by storm. So if you’re wondering if it’s possible to make bubble waffles at home, this Bubble Waffle Maker has the positive answer to that.

With home kitchen appliance, you can make bubble waffles as you would as making regular waffles. Simply pour the batter, close the lid, and flip to create perfectly-cooked waffles. These spherical-shaped Hong Kong-style waffles are perfect with anything — whipped cream with fruits, ice cream, Nutella, Oreo — or enjoy them just plain.


Nostalgia Retro 3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station


Nostalgia Retro 3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station

Most of us love big breakfasts! But frying bacon, eggs and sausages, making toasts and brewing coffee at the same time can be difficult and time-consuming. Alternating your chores between frying eggs in one pan, checking the toasts in another, then brewing coffee at the same time… that sounds like loads of kitchen work to do!

With the Nostalgia 3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station, you don’t need to do all of those things. Now you will be able to fy eggs, bacon, sausages and ham, make toasts and brew coffee in just one kitchen appliance. It allows you to make your own breakfast more quickly and more easily.

It features a non-stick griddle, a coffee maker (which can make up to four cups of brewed coffee at a single time) and a toaster oven which toasts up to four slices of bread at the same time. With the Nostalgia 3-in-1 Family Size Breakfast Station, making breakfast has never been this easy and enjoyable!



Stovetop Pizza Oven


Stovetop Pizza Oven


Want to cook pizza are not able to do that because you have no oven? With this ingenious and portable stovetop oven, you can bake your own pizza on a gas range or an outdoor stove burner. This oven is made of steel a base, cordierite stone and steel hood. Thermometer is also included in the unit.

Cook pizza in a way that you cook it from a brick oven with this stovetop pizza oven! As you place the oven over the stovetop, it will reach temperatures of 600 degrees Fahrenheit in just a matter of minutes. This is an ideal temperature to cook your pizza quickly but thoroughly.


Ultimate Breakfast Machine


Ultimate Breakfast Machine


With this ultimate breakfast machine, forget the fast food drive-thru, you can enjoy a hot, homemade breakfast sandwich in under 5 minutes. In order to operate this, just place the ingredients inside, and then build the base of your sandwich in the bottom layer, place the egg on the cooking plate and close the lid. Slide the cooking plate out and your wait for the sandwich will assemble itself. This machine has a recipe book which provides a variety of breakfast sandwich options, from the traditional egg, ham and cheese to the unique cheddar, apple, bacon and egg croissant sandwich.

With this ultimate breakfast machine, mornings will never be the same. In just five minutes, this glorious machine will make you’re a complete breakfast sandwich. This is the delicious and cost effective way to clog your arteries from the comfort of home.


Heated Chip And Dip Tray


Heated Chip And Dip Tray


With the Heated Chip and Dip Tray, say goodbye to cold and lumpy cheese dips! You and your friends will enjoy the gooey and melty goodness of the cheese sauce with every dip of your favorite nacho chips, bread sticks, carrot and zucchini sticks, and anything that you fancy. It’s also good for any other kinds of dips such as salsa and guacamole, as this tray will keep them hot and fresh.

Whether you are having a party or watching a movie or a big game, this tray is going to be perfect for any occasion!


Homemade Pasta Maker


Homemade Pasta Maker


Want to feel like an Italian chef or a master of the pasta? This homemade pasta maker will help you in making the perfect pasta. This nifty kitchen gadget features powerful automatic mixing, kneading and extruding, allowing you to make a pound of freshly-made pasta or noodles in just about fifteen minutes! You can also add any other ingredients you fancy such as herbs, spinach, tomatoes, carrots and many others to suit your pasta preference!

It can make pastas and noodles of different shapes such as spaghetti, fettucini, penne and lasagna. This unit also includes flat scarping and cleaning tool, water cup and flour cup which allows you to make perfect measurements to your ingredients.


Electric Milk Frother




Replace the hassle of chords and outlets with this electric milk frother featuring a soft rubber coating and push button activation for one-handed use. This electric milk frother is the ideal small appliance for the home barista, where you can make your favorite hot or cold drinks, and lets you easily make a delicious coffee or matcha tea latte.

By using this electric milk fother, enjoy a coffee house quality cup right at home to whip it up. This battery powered frother does the job in just 20 seconds, and it features a simple push button design that lets it to be used for one-handed.


Baking Smart Scale


Baking Smart Scale


If you are struggling while measuring flour, sugar, milk or any other dry and wet ingredients for baking, this Baking Smart Scale will take out the chunk of the guessing work. This kitchen gadget prevents you from making the wrong measurements, which will otherwise spell a baking disaster.

It guides you through the entire baking process in a clear and step-by-step manner, from preparing, mixing, proportioning to baking. No need to measure — simply place the bowl on the scale and proceed to add your own ingredients. This virtual bowl will fill itself up and indicates when you will stop filling it further. It comes with an app which tells you when to proceed to the following step (and also tells you which of the three colored bowls — which are included in this unit — you should use for every baking step).

This Baking Smart Scale weighs your ingredients by weight, which gives you consistent and accurate results every single time. With this scale, say goodbye to hard-to-follow baking recipes and you’ll be a master pastry chef in no time!


Pancake Printer




Many people want to take simple meals at home to a whole new level. So if you want your breakfast to be out of the ordinary, why don’t you consider this Pancake Printer? It doesn’t make just the ho-hum regular pancakes. The world’s first pancake printer can make pancakes in different shapes and designs, according to the user’s preference.

This printer automatically dispenses the pancake batter onto the griddle, making a “sketch” of any shape and design that the user has chosen. It comes with a free software which allows you to create your own pancake masterpieces if you are artistic enough, or choose any of the pre-made pancake designs on pancakebot.com. You can even add food coloring to batches of pancake batter and the Pancake Printer will help you in turning them into a colorful work of (edible) art.


Ultra Fast Defrosting Tray



Do you have to soak your rock-solid frozen meat in a bowl of tap water and wait for an hour for it to soften? Does placing it inside the microwave bother you? With this ultra-fast defrosting tray, you do not have to do all these things and still see your meat being completely thawed out in just a matter of minutes. Yes, even rock-solid, icy-cold meats! It can also defrost frozen poultry, fish, seafood, packed foodstuffs and frozen beef patties.



Quick Thawing Plate



This quick thawing plate will ultimately solve your meat defrosting woes. This plate doesn’t use electricity, batteries or any external heat or power source. Instead, this thawing plate has embedded heat pipes, a micro-fin structure which dispels the cold. Finally, draw the circulating heat to the surface of the meat.

Using this quick thawing plate, easily defrost your frozen meats. Instead of relying on batteries or electricity, the plate features embedded heat pipes and a micro-fin structure that dissipates cold and draws ambient warmth to the surface for quick thawing.



Hot Cheese Dispensing Gun


Hot Cheese Dispensing Gun


With this hot cheese dispensing gum, instantly improve any dish by dousing it. The gun will quickly heat up and melt the cheese so that you can easily spray it over any dish after filling the hollow cartridge, or simply create fun cheesy doodles.


Below Cabinet Kitchen Vacuum


Below Cabinet Kitchen Vacuum


This kitchen vacuum is suitable for keeping pet hair and dust under control with instant removal system. It has a proficiently design wall vacuum which allows miniature vacuum to remain out sight, yet readily available for homeowners to make quick work of dirt.

This kitchen vacuum makes it remarkable easy to keep your kitchen floors immaculate. It installs discreetly under your kitchen cabinet without taking up any additional space, so you don’t have to bend over with a dustpan.


Philips Viva Pasta Maker


Philips Viva Pasta Maker


With this pasta maker, automatically knead and extrude 2-3 servings of fresh pasta in just 18 minutes. It has 3 default classic shaping discs which enable a double extrusion process to assure smooth pasta and noodles consistently.

Give pasta night an authentic touch by making your very own pasta with this pasta maker, which features a narrow space-saving design.


Silicone Bread Maker


Silicone Bread Maker

Want to make bakery-level breads in your own kitchen? Surprise your family and loved ones with breads that you yourself have baked with the help of the Silicone Bread Maker — they won’t even believe you’ve made these breads from scratch!

This silicone bread maker is flexible and has a versatile design, which allows you to make real and freshly-baked bread from just a single “capsule.” This bread maker has a partial opening which allows hot air to circulate evenly so that the dough will come out moist — result is a freshly baked bread with a nice and golden crust on the outside, and moist texture on the inside. No more dry and flat-tasting home-baked breads with the silicone bread maker!

A kitchen with high-tech accessories is a great investment not only for your daily life functions but also to exponentially increase the value of your home. These high-tech kitchen accessories make your tasks easier and faster.