Guy’s Guide to Buying Flowers for that Special Someone


    All online florist’s website and most local florists also offer delivery options. You can send a bouquet to work if the recipient has a place to put it (a factory worker, for instance, may not have a suitable location, so it may be better to send flowers home rather than to work). Having a delivery person carry in a beautiful bouquet is a fun surprise for most women.

    It has been a standard for decades, if not centuries – men buy flowers for the special people in their lives. This may include a girlfriend, a wife, a mother, a special friend, or any number of other people that hold a special place in the life of a man. The relationship and the event both play a part in determining which flower or bouquet to present, as well as preferences, style and potential allergies.

    It has been proven that most women react physiologically to flowers, and it often lifts the mood of a woman to receive them. Which flowers they are generally matters little, when the person behind them is thoughtful and affectionate. However, it does not hurt to add a bit of meaning to the bouquet when possible.

    To Whom to Send Flowers

    Most people like flowers, at least to some degree. There are some people in one’s life that are more likely to be the ones to whom flowers are given, though.

    Significant Other In a Long-Term Relationship

    Red roses are the stereotypical floral gift to someone in a committed relationship, which is for good reason. These are known as the “lover’s rose” and are elegant and stunningly beautiful.

    Some may want something a little different, though, either because red roses have been done so many times, or because they want to be unique. There are definitely other options.

    You could stick with getting roses and choose a different color. There are so many amazing colors of roses available, and different colors tend to have different meanings, so this, too, should be kept in mind. For example, pink means love, appreciation, and gratitude; white relates to marriage, new beginnings, and spirituality; orange embodies passion and enthusiasm; yellow means friendship, good health, and joy. A bouquet of a variety of rose colors is elegant and beautiful.

    Another option is keeping the color red and varying the flowers. Red tulips carry the same message as roses. Red poppies represent pleasure and remembering, which is why they are often used for lost military remembrance. Red camellias carry the meaning “my destiny is in your hands,” as well as perfection. Red amaryllis stands for amazing beauty. Red anemone denote anticipation. Red asters convey commitment and patience. Red carnations indicate admiration. Red chrysanthemums are a token of love or affection. Poinsettias represent relentless cheer. Red zinnias denote constancy.

    A bouquet of mixed flowers may be more desirable, and while many do not know the meanings attributed to flowers, making a bouquet of flowers with specific meanings, which you then explain to the recipient, can be a touching gesture. Some flowers to consider include:

    • Alstroemeria – devotion
    • Amaranth (globe) – immortal love
    • Arbor Vitae – true friendship
    • Arbutus – “I love thee only”
    • Baby’s Breath – gladness
    • Caladium Leaves – joyousness
    • Calendula – happiness
    • Camellia (White) – loveable or adorable
    • Camellia (Pink) – great desire
    • Coreopsis – cheerful
    • Forget-me-not – true love and memories
    • Forsythia – anticipation
    • Honeysuckle – devoted love
    • Lily (Calla) – magnificent beauty
    • Mallow – deep in love
    • Mistletoe – love and affection
    • Orange blossom – eternal love
    • Plum blossom – fidelity
    • Spiderwort – admiration
    • Stephanotis (Madagascar Jasmine) – happiness in marriage
    • Sunflower – loyalty

    Not a Couple, But Interested

    Purple flowers generally indicate love at first sight. Red tend to represent love. These colors may be better to limit during the early part of a relationship, but mixed bouquets can contain these without seeming too overbearing. Bird of Paradise and orchid are unusual and beautiful and add a lot of interest to a bouquet. Roses are still ok, but consider colors like orange, peach, and white.

    For a First Date, Friend or Colleague

    For non-romantic bouquets, yellow and white flowers are bright and cheerful without implying relationship. Even roses and tulips, in yellow, are platonic enough. Daisies are a great option, as well as similar flowers, such as apple blossom, black-eyed Susan, buttercup, chamomile, celandine, white chrysanthemum, white jasmine, and Casablanca lilies.

    Other Relatives

    Sending flowers to mom or grandmother is a sweet way to let her know you are thinking of her and love her. Pink carnations are a wonderful choice, and pink of most flowers indicate similar sentiments. However, if she does not care for pink or prefers another color, it is okay to send pretty much any flower to a female family member. She is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness and be pleased you thought of her.

    When to Send Flowers

    Selecting occasions for sending flowers can be tricky, but it should not be. There are occasions when flowers are sent traditionally, but there are plenty of opportunities to surprise someone with a pretty flower or bouquet.


    Everyone thinks of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, but any holiday can be a good occasion to send flowers. It can be fun to think of things to make it fun, like choosing two identical bouquets to give one after another on Groundhog Day, or a bouquet of holly and mistletoe for Christmas.

    Important Occasions

    Birthdays, anniversaries, the birth of a baby, graduation, or some other milestone in life are great opportunities to commemorate with flowers. Consider the option of a living flower plant for some of these, to indicate the longevity of the affection with which it was given.

    Just Because

    You should not limit floral offerings to holidays and important occasions. It means much more if you give flowers when they are not expected. If you see a bouquet and it reminds you of her, get it for her. She will be thrilled that you were thinking of her. If you appreciate something a co-worker did, send a platonic bouquet. After enjoying a first date, send a small bouquet. If you mess up, offer a bouquet of flowers with your apology.


    There are some situations where it is better to avoid giving flowers. If it is obvious a relationship is ending, sending flowers is unlikely to turn that around. If you want to impress someone but do not really have any meaning or affection behind the gesture, it may be better not to bother. If the intended recipient has allergies, it is best to find out which flowers, if any, can be tolerated before giving flowers.

    Where to Buy Flowers

    Most people immediately think of a florist when considering flowers, but there are plenty of options for purchasing bouquets or single stems.


    Many online florist options provide flowers through local shops, but have specific criteria for what can be ordered, to ensure the best quality. If you are not certain what to expect from an online florist, run their name through a search engine with the word “review” to find out what other people have experienced when purchasing from that retailer.


    Walking into a local florist shop will allow you to see and smell the flowers before you purchase. Additionally, if you are having difficulty choosing what to get, the florist can assist with recommendations. They can also arrange for delivery if you would rather send the flowers than take them yourself.

    While some might consider purchasing from a grocery store or a gift shop a bad idea because of lower quality, these can be a reasonable option, especially if you are on a strict budget. The flowers may not last as long, but it is still possible to choose a beautiful bouquet that will convey the message you want to send.

    How to Give Flowers

    Buying the flowers is the first step and getting them to the intended recipient is the next step. How the flowers are presented is nearly as important as what flowers are chosen.

    In Person

    Carry the flower or bouquet to the recipient. You can give it as a surprise, bringing it from behind your back in the fashion of suitors of yesteryear, or you can set it where it will be found, or you can just plain hand it to the person to whom you are giving it. You can include a card or just speak your reason or affection.

    The best part of presenting flowers in person is being able to see the reaction of the recipient. You can enjoy the surprise and pleasure when you hand over the bouquet.

    If you are presenting the flowers at the recipient’s home, and her mother lives there also, consider carrying an additional stem just for her mom. Both women are likely to be pleased with your thoughtfulness.


    All online florists and most local florists also offer delivery options. You can send a bouquet to work, if the recipient has a place to put it (a factory worker, for instance, may not have a suitable location, so it may be better to send flowers home rather than to work). Having a delivery person carry in a beautiful bouquet is a fun surprise for most women.

    Whatever you decide, remember to represent yourself and your recipient in your bouquet. Make it something unique to your situation and your relationship and enjoy giving as much as she is sure to enjoy receiving. When you include a card, make sure to write something the recipient will enjoy reading repeatedly, as the card will potentially be kept much longer than the flowers.


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