Guide to the Major Iron Brands

Ironing clothes is just a never-ending task, isn’t it? You iron your shirt once, wear it, and then the next thing you know, you’re washing and ironing it all over again. It isn’t like doing a deep cleaning where you’re scheduled to do so, like maybe twice a month. It is more like washing the dishes and doing laundry–household chores that just never get done.

Sometimes it gets tedious. It consumes all of your time. But hey, unless wrinkly clothes are the new trend, it needs to be done. You don’t want your mom or, worse, your boss giving you that judging look and telling you in a falsely breezy tone if you’ve ever seen and owned an iron all your life, right? I guess not. 

Flat irons, or simply irons, are small-sized appliances that are used, when heated, in pressing clothes to remove wrinkles and creases commonly resulting from washing and folding. Traditionally, it simply consists of a metal plate and a dial to adjust the temperature. However, nowadays, several features have been added. Some already have built-in tanks for steam, while others don’t require an ironing board anymore because it allows you to steam-iron clothes vertically. 

Middle age grey-haired woman ironing holding burned iron

Although ironing is a dreaded household chore, we all know it offers several benefits. First, ironing makes your clothes look fresher and preserves their original quality. As a result, a person wearing them will look more respectable and sophisticated, especially in formal settings.

Second, ironing has disinfecting properties. Sometimes, washing your clothes in high temperatures might not just be enough to ensure that it is germ-free. Bacteria and fungi can still be lingering. Well, it won’t hurt if you add another step in the process to ensure you’ll be wearing safe and completely clean clothes. 

Third, the heat from the iron can help remove bad smells in your clothes. 

Lastly, the process of ironing can actually protect your clothes. Sliding the iron on your clothes surface serves as a protection for the lining. The heat also helps seal the fabric. This allows for longer use of your clothes without fearing they may be easily damaged. 

Given the benefits of ironing, it is important that we invest in irons that are not just high-quality but also perfect for your household needs. So, save yourself from getting wrinkles on your forehead by worrying about the wrinkles on your clothes. We’ll help you make your ironing duties less of a hassle. Before we go to the list of Major Iron Brands, let’s have a quick look at the characteristics we should look for to find the “right” iron.


When talking about irons, the most important thing we should remember is that the performance of the iron depends on how high its wattage is. Higher-powered irons heat up faster and can smoothen creases and wrinkles easily. This goes the same with steam irons. The wattage helps to determine the amount of steam that can be generated. 

However, please take in mind that they are often more expensive than the regular ones. Well, it’s the quality you’re paying for, so consider it an investment. 

Ergonomic Design and Built

woman hand ironing shirt

If you’re ironing clothes on a regular basis, then this is the aspect that you should highly consider. You must choose the design that is comfortable for you. 

Small hands? Then go look for ones with a smaller handle. You don’t want to strain your muscle after long hours of ironing. Also, look for an ergonomic handle that is water and heat-resistant for added protection. 


Consider buying an iron that is comfortable and easier for you to lift. The ones with large metal bases are a bit heavier than the modern ones, which are usually engineered to be lightweight. Steam irons are also considered heavier than regular ones. 

On the flip side, heavier irons don’t require much effort when pressing clothes. 


close up hand of woman ironing clothes on the table

The quality of your ironing also highly depends on the quality of the soleplate. Your soleplate’s quality depicts whether your iron is set to last for longer periods. So, make sure to choose an iron with a wider soleplate and thin tampered head for more extensive iron coverage and easier access to collars and spaces under the buttons. 

It is also important to check for the material of the soleplate. The aluminum ones heat well but can accumulate scratches after a longer period of use. It also becomes sticky and harder to clean.

Meanwhile, ceramic soleplates are durable and distribute heat evenly. It offers a smooth gliding experience on any fabric. On the other hand, as the name suggests, nonstick soleplates promote the reduction of stickiness when ironing. It is also easier to clean and maintain with the use of a minimal amount of cleaning agent. 

Lastly, soleplates made of stainless steel are durable and scratch-resistant. They also cannot be easily corroded even after several years of usage. Ironing using this soleplate is easier and effortless. 

Temperature and Steam Dial

For both dry and steam irons, it is important that there is a built-in dial you can use to regulate the heat and steam since you will surely be using the iron on different kinds of fabric. Being able to select the correct and specific setting will ensure the preservation of the quality of your clothing. 

Steam Vents (for Steam Irons)

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The steam vents in your iron should also match your needs. If you want an iron that allows you to control the amount of steam released, then choose ones with variable steam vents. 

However, if your clothing materials are a bit heavy, like jeans, then go for irons with vertical steam vents. It is like iron with variable steam vents but for heavier material. 

Lastly, there are irons with a shot-of-steam vent function that allows the production of more steam by pressing a specific button. This is perfect when your clothes or the material you’re ironing is too wrinkly. A good extra steam would do the trick.

Automatic Shut-off Feature

Save yourself from worrying about potential fire accidents by choosing irons with an automatic shut-off feature. 


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Ensure that you get the right quality of iron for your budget by checking the warranty and return conditions of the product before purchasing. Most brands can offer up to two years warranties for cases requiring product repair or replacement. 

Here you go! Now that you’re informed about the characteristics you need to check when choosing an iron, it’s time that we present you with a list of some of the major iron brands in the country, including some of their well-known products in the market.

Major Iron Brands and Products

1. Rowenta


Looking for a high-quality clothes iron that delivers perfect ironing results? Try Rowenta. 

Rowenta is a manufacturing company based in Germany. Aside from ironing, it also caters to the international demand for high-quality small household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, generators, and hair dryers. Here are some of its best irons in the market. 

Rowenta Steam Force Steam Iron

If you prefer to wear collared and sleeved shirts, or you’re required to wear formal clothing when reporting to work, then Rowenta Steam Force Steam Iron is for you. 

The highlight of this product is its profiled precision tip which allows you to glide smoothly over wrinkles and creases on the collars or the sleeves of your shirt. It is also perfect when dealing with clothing that has hard-to-reach areas, such as the edges or the seams. 

Moreover, it has an automatic on-and-off switch feature which activates 30 seconds after you leave the iron unattended or resting on its soleplate or sides and 8 minutes when left on its heel. This is perfect for when you’re in a rush, and you only remember that you left your iron still plugged in after you arrived at work.

An additional feature of this iron includes a stainless steel soleplate with 400 holes that ensure perfect steam distribution. It also has rounded edges suitable for smooth gliding in all directions.  

One downside, however, is the iron’s weight, nearly four pounds. A little heavier compared to the weight of the usual ones. It also has a shorter cord which others might find a struggle. 

Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW6010

Looking for an iron that offers perfect results but is still environment-friendly? Then this Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW6010 is suitable for you. 

This kind of iron has an eco-intelligence technology that allows the concentration of steam on fabrics which helps in reducing steam loss while ironing. This feature, paired with anti-drip and anti-scale functions, saves up to 30% energy without compromising its overall efficiency. 

Moreover, its 150 ml to 1-liter water tank capacity can produce up to 180g/min steam boost to perfectly remove wrinkles and creases on dry and thick fabrics. Also, just like the Steam Force Steam Iron, this has a high-precision tip for easy and efficient access to narrow areas. 

One downside of this variety of iron from Rowenta is that it has no automatic-off option, so you need to be careful and mindful when doing the chore.

2. Black+Decker


If you’re still unsure whether you’ll stick with the classic-looking iron or go with ones that have more modern designs, then Black+Decker is the brand for you. 

Black+Decker is a manufacturing company based in the USA that caters to the worldwide market with products ranging from power tools, hardware, home improvement products, accessories, fastening systems, and home appliances. Having been established since 1910, it surely can provide you with options to choose from regarding your clothes iron problems. 

The Classic Iron

As the name suggests, the Classic Iron is the one with the classic design. It brings back the original simplicity and style of irons and ironing. It has an aluminum soleplate that allows easy and nonstick gliding to remove wrinkles and creases on any fabric. A special groove near the tip of the soleplate and a 360-pivoting cord is designed for easier and more convenient access to narrow areas of the clothing. 

Moreover, it also has a switch on the steam setting, which allows you to use steam in ironing out tough wrinkles or switch to the dry mode to iron your delicates. 

Lastly, regardless of its classic look, this iron has an automatic switch that turns off when left unattended after 30 seconds when in an upright position and 8 minutes when it is on its heel. A power indicator light was also added to better inform the user when the iron is already plugged in.

One downside of Classic Iron is its weight. It might be a little heavier for some people, but it gets the job done. 

BLACK+DECKER IR1010 Light’ N Easy Compact Steam Iron

Say goodbye to muscle pain after long hours of ironing with this Light’ N Easy Compact Steam Iron from Black+Decker.

This iron is designed with heavy-duty technology that allows for efficient crease-removal despite its lightweight. It is also equipped with SmartSteam™ technology, allowing better temperature and steam control for all types of fabric using only one easy-to-use dial. Furthermore, the product is also engineered to prevent dripping by controlling the water temperature.

Its enhanced nonstick soleplate allows easy gliding on all types of fabric. The iron also includes an automatic shut-off feature that activates whenever the iron is left unattended for 30 seconds on its soleplate and 8 minutes on heel rest. 

Plus, you would no longer be worrying about dangling cords because this iron has a built-in heel clip that you can use to manage the cords. 

3. Panasonic

Panasonic logo

Do you want to keep your clothes, quilts, and even other home decor looking fresh? Then try searching for the perfect iron to use at Panasonic. The company offers a diverse selection of irons ranging from corded and cordless ones to those with multiple heats and steam settings.

Panasonic Holdings Corporation, simply known as Panasonic, is an industrial conglomerate company headquartered in Japan. It is considered one of the leading companies when it comes to the production and distribution of various electronic technology products, having iron as one. Here are two of its best irons available in the market. 

1500 Watt L70SRW Dry and Steam Iron

Worries regarding tangled and dangling cords can bid their goodbyes once you get ahold of Panasonic’s 1500 Watt L70SRW Dry and Steam Iron. With its cordless feature, this iron will make you feel at ease and free. It also is perfect for your quilting, sewing, and crafting needs. 

It is equipped with a charging base where you will put the iron for two minutes to heat it before use or when you just want to maintain the temperature. It has a curved stainless steel soleplate that allows for fast heating and easy access to narrow areas on your clothing.  

Moreover, this iron has a no-spill detachable 0.154L water tank allowing you a convenient trip to the sink when you need a refill. It also has a steam setting that you can easily adjust to suit your ironing needs. Set it to high for your thick and heavier fabrics and low when using it on your delicates. An option for dry-ironing is also included for you to use on your clothes that don’t need steaming.  

Suppose you’re interrupted by a phone call or a visitor when you’re ironing. In that case, you won’t have to worry about burning your clothes because this iron, specifically its charging base, has an automatic shut-off system that activates after 10 minutes of non-usage. 

Lastly, a heat-resistant, see-through turquoise-colored case is included in the package for portability and easy iron storage after use or when traveling. 

1700 Watt W950A Dry and Steam Iron

If you prefer an iron from Panasonic that isn’t cordless but is still seamless when gliding on the fabrics, try this 1700 Watt W950A Dry and Steam Iron. It has a streamlined, ergonomically profiled, elliptically-shaped and nonstick soleplate that allows 360° glide to smoothen wrinkles and creases. The feature also allows easy access to narrow areas, such as the spaces between buttons, collars, and cuffs. 

Like the cordless type, this also has dry and steam settings that are easily adjustable to suit your everyday needs. A precision fabric temperature dial is added to ensure the perfect heat level for your different kinds of fabric. Lastly, this product also has an automatic shut-off system that activates when left unattended after 60 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on its position.  

4. CHI Steam

Are you still undecided and searching for a brand that ensures high-quality products that are safe to use for your garments? Try CHI Steam. 

For over 30 years, this brand brought innovations in the hair care industry. It manufactures and continues to manufacture hair care products, such as flat irons, that are perfectly safe for your hair use. Its flat iron technology has been transformed to cater not just to your hair needs but also to your modern homes. Here is one of the best CHI Steam clothes irons in the market.

Steam Iron with Titanium-Infused Ceramic Soleplate

Made with premium materials to achieve a modern look, the Steam Iron with Titanium-Infused Ceramic Soleplate is ultra strong and scratch resistant. 

This iron is designed using the same Titanium-infused Ceramic Soleplate Technology that was once only used on CHI’s hair styling tools. With over 400 holes, it delivers powerful steam for effortless steaming out and ironing of wrinkles and creases. 

It also has an electronic temperature control, allowing easy adjustment to perfect heat levels suitable for your fabric type. A unique adjustable lever is also added for convenient and precise control over your steam or no steam options. A quick slide is all it needs. 

Moreover, this iron has an automatic shut-off system that eliminates the worry of overheating or burning your favorite garments when interrupted. Lastly, it has a button assigned to retracting the 8ft cord for easier and tidier storage of the iron. 


Choosing the right iron is a decision that is not to be taken lightly. Well, that is if you really value your clothes and even things in your home that need ironing. The right iron will guarantee protection and preservation of the quality of your clothes. It also will lessen the dreadfulness that you’re feeling while doing the chore.