Guide to Portable Electric Heaters for a Garage

Working in the garage during the winter season can be a mighty cold experience. But there’s an easy way to take the bite of the winter seasons off and that is by using a portable electric heater in your garage.

An electric heater can convert electrical energy to heat by using an electrical resistor. It has a fan that draws cool air from the garage over its coils, retaining heat and pushing the warm air into your workspace.

Portable electric heaters are the type of heaters that you can move where you need or want it. There are also some portable heaters which can be mounted or fixed in a position but are not permanently placed there, enabling you to move them again when needed. Portable heaters are usually used in homes and as well as in offices to support a central heating system that does not work quite well to warm certain areas.

There are different portable electric garage heaters for various sized areas and temperature needs. There are also a lot of types of heaters you can choose from for efficiency and for personal preference surrounding the type of heat being produced as well.

Why Use a Portable Electric Heater in the Garage?

Portable electric heaters will provide you with the flexibility of not only moving and mounting them where you need them, but they will also provide complete control over when they are being used, unlike fixed heaters which require installation and a hookup to your main gas, propane, or electric lines in order to heat your spaces. Though fixed heaters are a more powerful choice, portable heaters are also often powerful and they have compact designs that can get the heat where you need it.

Portable heaters may not heat as large of a space as a fixed unit but a lot of them can easily keep a consistent temperature in a two-car garage through the winter when needed. Aside from that, you can also use multiple portable heaters to heat even larger areas. Their heat can also be directed to blow exactly over the spaces you need to work in for maximum efficiency.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Electric Portable Garage Heater

There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to portable heaters. If you will be using it specifically in for your garage, here are some of the things you should look into first before purchasing one.

  • Space of Your Garage: It is important to know first the size of the space you want to heat. It’s because some portable heaters may fail to heat spaces that are too large. Make sure that you are aware of your choices to avoid this issue.
  • Garage Insulation: Another thing to consider is whether or not your garage is insulated. Uninsulated garages will not be able to hold heat very well compared to an insulated one. It means that if your garage does not have any insulation, you might need to look for a more powerful portable heater for your garage to get the temperature you need.
  • Temperature: It’s also important to know how much it gets cold outside for you to determine how well the heater of your choice will warm your garage.

The Best Portable Electric Heaters for Your Garage

Where to Buy
Cadet Electric Portable Garage Heater- Red
King Electric PSH1215T Portable Shop Heater with Thermostat, Yellow
Mr. Heater Portable Radiant Garage Heater
Farenheat Portable Garage Heater
Black+Decker Ceramic Utility Heater


Now that you know the important things to consider when buying one, here are some of the best portable electric garage heaters we can recommend.

1. Cadet Electric Portable Garage Heater- Red

This portable garage heater has 4000-watt options and it comes with a bracket. It is a compact yet powerful portable electric heater. It can heat up to an average 2-car garage easily. You can mount it on the wall or ceiling, or place it within reach of a 240-volt outlet.

This garage heater is rugged and heavy-duty, allowing you to bring it anywhere. It also has a safety thermostat shut off and it is also adjustable depending on changes in space size as well as outdoor temperatures.  

2. King Electric Portable Shop Heater

This is a rugged portable electric heater which is designed to provide supplemental heat in a garage. It can effectively move air by pulling it from the back and discharges it out the front, heating the space. It can be plugged into a standard NEMA 5-15 120V outlet.

It features temperature limit where it automatically shuts off in certain events, making it safe to use. It is durable as well as scratch and rust resistant. It is ideal for temporary heating of your workspace.

3. Mr. Heater Portable Radiant Garage Heater

This garage heater is perfect and safe to be used indoors and it can provide you with a good amount of heat while working in your garage. It can provide between 4,000 to 9,000 BTU of comfortable radiant heat for areas up to 225 square feet.

This portable heater has an auto-shutoff feature making it safe to use. When it’s tripped over, it will automatically turn off. The same happens when its oxygen levels drop too low or if the pilot light goes out. This heater also has a handle that folds down when not in use, allowing you to move it with ease.

4. Farenheat Portable Garage Heater

This is a 7500-watt heater that is capable of heating a 2-car garage to a comfortable working temperature. It has an adjustable vent to ensure that the flow of heat is placed exactly where it is needed. This is a very durable unit with its solid steel constructed body and epoxy coat finish. It will seal out moisture and humidity well, providing you with a durable body for many years.

This garage heater also has a built-in single pole thermostat that will enable you to adjust the output from 45 to 135 degrees. Its fan is quiet and efficient as well. It can be mounted but does not need to be. In fact, it can be easily removed if needed and more than one unit can be run if you have larger spaces or if the climate is severely cold.

5. Black+Decker Ceramic Utility Heater

This electric portable heater will be able to provide you that necessary extra warmth you need while working in the garage during the cold season. It is very easy to use and to move as well when you want to shift from one location to another. It has 1500 watts of warming power.

It has a rugged built, making it great for the garage, workshop, or basement. It also has an adjustable tilt which allows airflow to be directed where you need it the most. Aside from that, it also has high and low power heat settings and as well as fan only option which offers maximum flexibility.

Choosing a portable electric garage heater will depend mainly on your personal choice and power capabilities. Electric portable heaters are compact and powerful options and they can be used in various ways if needed. We hope the information and products we shared will help you find the perfect portable electric heater for your garage.