Guide to Picking a Luxury Inflatable Float

Summer can be a very enjoyable season spent with friends and family members in the pool. For decades now our pool experience has been enhanced by inflatable floats. Inflatable floats come in all shapes and sizes. So how can you make sure you choose the best float for your pool experience? When shopping for the right luxury inflatable float you should take into account a lot of things aside from your personal preference. You should consider among other things the type of material the float is made up of, the purpose of the float, the size of your pool and the age of the user. Whatever type of float you choose be it a giant swan or a slice of watermelon this guide will help you choose the right one for your particular need.


A raft is an inflatable that lies flat on the water, usually with a section to support the user’s head and neck. Pool rafts cannot support the user’s excessive paddling and movement in the pool due to its flat design. Rafts require users to lie down on their back or lay flat on their stomach. Rafts are more suited for sunbathing or relaxing while lying flat.

Floats, on the other hand, put the user in a sitting position. This design aspect of pool floats allows for more activities like floating leisurely while holding something in your hand like a drink or a book. Some pool floats are long and keep the user’s feet out of the water. Others designs allow the legs to dangle in the pool while some even have a vertical structure that users can grab and hold on to during more vigorous activities in the water.


Inflatable floats require users to regularly inflate the device with an air pump. Smaller floats are easier and faster to inflate than larger ones due to the amount of air needed in them. An air compressor can make the task of blowing up these of floats much easier. The design options available an inflatable float is much larger than that of foam floats. Inflatable pool floats can easily be stored and are a better option for travel and pools in areas with a seasonal climate. Inflatable floats are also relatively cheaper than other types of floats due to lesser and cheaper materials used in manufacturing them. One drawback of inflatable floats is that they may experience punctures from time to time. Usually, patch kits are available separately or sometimes packaged with your product when you buy them. These patch kits are very easy to apply and do well to contain these leaks and lets you enjoy your inflatable float for more summers to come.


Before running out to buy your pool float for this summer consider buying an inflatable float that fits the size of your pool and design of the area around your pool. Purchasing the right pool float can make or break your summer pool experience.


Listed below are some types of pool floats you may want to consider for your next purchase:

Where to Buy
Intex Oasis island Inflatable 5-seater Floating Lounge
Intex Rockin’ Inflatable Lounge
Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge
Intex Floating Recliner
Aqua Oversized Deluxe Pool Lounger with UPF 50 Sunshade Canopy
Mockins Inflatable Lounger
Aqua Compania 2 in 1 Water Lounge
Ultimate Fabric covered Pool Float and Lounger
SwimWays Spring Float Recliner with Canopy


1. Intex Oasis Island Inflatable 5-seater Floating Lounge

The Intex Oasis Island Lounge Blue and White comfortably seat up to five adults while the mesh lounging area allows for the water to touch the user’s feet for a more relaxing and cooling lounging experience. Some other features include a Grab Rope on two sides to hold onto when in the water, Four drink holders, Large backrests and armrests for added comfort on every seat. The inflatable also features Boston valves for rapid inflation/deflation and a  Rope ladder for easy access. Also included is an Anchor bag to be filled with sand or other weights to help keep float stable and steady. The package also contains a Repair patch kit. The float can carry up to 5 adults with a maximum total weight of 704 lb. The floats Dimensions when inflated is: 111″(L) x 103″(W) x 25″(H).

2. Intex Rockin’ Inflatable Lounge

The Intex Rockin’ Inflatable Lounge gives you the ultimate relaxing experience. The Intex Rockin’s Lounge provides extra comfort as you float in the pool due to its contoured design. It also has a built-in cup holder that lets you keep your refreshment nearby as you relax. Its approximate deflated size is 74″ x 39″. The package also includes a Repair patch.

3. Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge

Whether you’re socializing with friends or relaxing alone at the pool, the Intex Canopy Island is a perfect tool for relaxing in luxury while enjoying the pool. The Intex Canopy Island inflatable lounge has a detachable fabric sunshade that provides the perfect amount of shade during hot summer days allowing you to unwind in comfort and luxury. The float has two air chambers for added safety and two built-in cup holders to you to keep a beverage nearby. Relax with the comfortable backrest and enjoy the experience! The float has an approximate deflated size: 781/2″ x 59″. The package includes a Detachable fabric sunshade, Comfortable backrest, 2 built-in cup holders and a Repair patch.

4. Intex Floating Recliner

The Intex floating recliner lounge Chair was designed for added comfort and safety. It features a 2 air chambers design, 2 cup holders, 2 heavy duty handles and is made from 18 gauge vinyl. This Floating Recliner lounge measured at 71″ x 53″ when inflated.

5. Aqua Oversized Deluxe Pool Lounger, Inflatable Pool Float with UPF 50 Sunshade Canopy

Enjoy summer from the comfort of this oversized luxury pool lounger. The elongated shape design lets you stretch out under the sun. The soft, ultra-luz fabric used in the float is breathable and gentle on the skin. You can spend hours drifting peacefully in your pool. You can rest against the inclined inflatable back cushion of this lounger in a relaxing position while you enjoy a drink. The lounger has a cup holder and removable UPF50 sunshade canopy. The Aqua Oversized Deluxe Pool lounger measure  70 inches long x 30 inches wide and accommodates up to 300 lbs.

6. Mockins Inflatable Lounger

This is a high-quality inflatable bed that is made from premium waterproof polyester (210T) and enhanced with an anti-tear feature. This lounge sofa features three pockets for your cell phone, magazine, and water bottle. This floater is thick enough to feel like you are floating on air, long enough to keep your entire body out of the water while relaxing. The Mockins Inflatable Lounger is perfect in and out of the pool. Also, this item has a free travel bag pouch. 

7. Modul’Air 3-in-1 inflatable sofa, pool float, and lounger

This 3-in-1 Inflatable turns into a Sofa, a Pool Float or a Double Lounger. It is made from Non-carcinogenic, lead- and phthalate-free materials. It is made from Heavy duty and non-slippery PVC material that feels like fabric. It has the new Dual-valve technology for rapid inflation and deflation and is compatible with the Pigro Felice Electric Air Pump or any standard air pump

8. Aqua Compania 2 in 1 Water Lounge

Upright or full body reclining! This is the Ultimate 2-in-1 Recliner Lounge & Caddy. It delivers extreme comfort with your choice of position. You can either choose to relax upright with the cushioned backrest or fold the backrest down to relax in a fully reclined position. This float features oversized, buoyant tubing that supports you on the water’s surface to keep you comfortable and relaxed. It is made of High-quality fabric and a Coolweave mesh that covers the lounge and creates a supportive, cooling recliner. It also features an accessory caddy that can hold your drinks, snacks, and sunblock lotion at arms’ reach. Easily inflates and deflates with the DuoLock Inflation System.

9. Ultimate Fabric covered Pool Float and Lounger

The ultimate Fabric covered swimming pool lounge chair/pool float features head, arm, and footrest covered with a comfortable nylon fabric. This luxurious pool float comes with a drinks holder and is great either in or out of the swimming pool. This float measures: 55 x 38 x 17 inches.

10. SwimWays Spring Float Recliner with Canopy

Enjoy your summer days out on the water with the SwimWays Spring Float Recliner with Sun Canopy. It features a cozy seating position with comfortable armrests, backrest, headrest and ottoman. The Spring Float Recliner is great for a day of relaxation in the pool, lake or sea. The built-in cup holder is placed conveniently to ensure your refreshments are close at hand while the meshed deck allows water to flow over you. It also features an adjustable sun canopy which offers shade and provides UV protection.

Enjoy your day on the water!  With one of these luxurious floats you can comfortably enjoy your time and fully relax!