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    Introduction of Eureka

    In 1909, Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company was founded by Fred Wardell who was a Toronto, Canada-born real estate auctioneer. In the beginning, Eureka sold vacuums manufactured by other companies. However, in 1913, Wardell along with his four partners purchased their first plant. As a result, they produced their first vacuum cleaner named Eureka Model 9, which offered similar power and features while undercutting prices of their main competitor (Hoover) by almost 50%.

    Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company has been manufacturing vacuum cleaners including upright, stick, Canister, robot. and handheld cleaners. Eureka also manufactures aftermarket accessories for vacuum cleaners such as filters, belts, and bags. The company continuously innovated since its inception and kept offering quality products for over 100 years.

    A Brief History of Eureka 

    Eureka vacuum newspaper

    After purchasing the plant to manufacture their vacuum cleaners in 1922, Eureka sold 2 million units which were one-third of all vacuums manufactured in the United States by 1927. However, Eureka was still second, behind its main competitor Hoover. For over a century, Eureka has been at the frontline for producing cleaning innovation and technology. Eureka has been producing quality vacuum cleaners that offered excellent value for the money and performed well.

    In 1930, the company expanded its products portfolio and began manufacturing other appliances. As a result, Eureka started manufacturing other appliances, including its electric range. However due to the Great Depression and the cost factor of its massive door-to-door sales force, the company went into the red in the late 1930s. Despite divesting its sales force, the company continued to run in the red numbers. It was finally saved by a wartime production business and World War II.

    In 1945, Eureka sought to enter the booming post-war appliance industry and merged with an Illinois manufacturer Williams Oil-O-Matic, which manufactured oil-based appliances including heaters and refrigerators. Later on, the merger was named Eureka Williams Corporation. The company continued to expand its product line and produced diverse products including, school furniture and wooden lungs.

    In 1953, Eureka was purchased by an Illinois company, Henney Motor Company of Freeport. It became a division of the National Union Electric Corporation in 1959 which became the first American manufacturer of purpose-built electric cars. The car was manufactured with the name Henney Kilowatt which turned out to be a commercial failure.

    In 1974, AB Electrolux of Sweden bought Eureka and the name was changed to Eureka Company. However, in 2004, the name of Eureka Company was changed once again to Electrolux Home Products Division. In the end, Eureka was bought by Midea Group in 2016 and has since been operating under it, offering value-based appliances.

    Eureka Product Range

    Eureka has changed many names since 1909 and produced a diverse range of products during the last century. Currently, it operates under Midea America Corp, which has extensive retail coverage and manufacturing abilities, and offers a diverse range of cleaning appliances. 

    Innova Vacuums

    Closeup of woman, female doing cleaning at home with vacuum cleaner showing head, brush on carpet floor, green plants, shelves, furniture

    The Innova upright vacuum is designed for maximum pickup and deep cleaning. It provides refresh and cleaning for carpets and hard floors with an impressive power. It comes with anti-tangle brush roll technology that prevents clogs and hair wraps. The dual-action pivot optimizes the cleaning process by removing small and large debris while focusing the airflow on the floor for deep cleaning.

    With Innova vacuums, you can adjust the power and quiet modes for cleaning the different types of floors. Innova vacuums are one of the best vacuums for pet hair with anti-tangle technology.

    Upright Vacuums

    Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Isolated on White Background. Black and Green Hoover. House Cleaning Equipment Tool. Electric Domestic Major Appliances. Household and Home Appliance

    The upright vacuums are designed to work on different types of surfaces. The powerful suction feature in upright vacuums cleans all types of flooring ranging from carpets to tile or hardwood. With long power cords, upright vacuums by Eureka can be used to clean the whole house. Furthermore, there is a detachable handle that makes it easier for overhead cleaning.

    If you have pets in your home and have to clean up their hair more often, then upright vacuums by Eureka are the solution. They are designed powerfully to clean food and loose pet hair.

    Stick Vacuums

    Wireless vacuum cleaner used on carpet in room. Housework with new white hoover. Person holds modern vacuum cleaner by sofa

    Stick vacuums by Eureka are lightweight, yet powerful. If you have hard-to-reach areas in your home, then Eureka stick vacuums are the best solution. With multiple configurations, you can clean every corner of your home.

    Eureka Stick Vacuums come with multi-surface cleaning and brush roll control settings. It helps you quickly go from hardwood or tiles to carpets and vice versa. Being lightweight the stick vacuums makes it easier for you to carry them throughout the home such as upstairs or in the basement.

    Robot Vacuums

    Robot vacuum cleaner on wood,laminate floor.Smart life concepts

    From automated lighting to doors, everyone wants automation in their home. Eureka brings automated cleaning to your home through robot vacuums. These robot vacuums can clean daily without human intervention. With a compatible smartphone app, you can create a scheduled cleaning and program your robot vacuum’s cleaning path by using customized cleaning features.  

    To ensure you have a clean house throughout the day, you can use an automated daily cleaning feature where it cleans the home during particular times. They are designed to clean pet hair on different types of floors. Their slim size allows them to move around and under the furniture for a perfect cleaning.

    Canister Vacuums

    Canister vacuum cleaner for home use on the floor panels

    Canister Vacuums are designed for multi-surface cleanings such as area rugs, carpets, and hard floors. Canister vacuums are a powerhouse with incredible suction power which helps you to tackle any job, big or small. The lightweight design of canister vacuums makes it easier for you to carry them upstairs or anywhere. With the above floor cleaning feature, you can clean tight spaces, furniture, windows, shelves, etc.

    With a press of a button for convenient and easy storage, you can rewind the cable automatically. The convenient bagless design is easy to empty and you don’t have to buy washable filters and bags. Canister vacuums have a triple filtration bag system preventing allergens and dust from escaping into the air, while you can blow the leaves from your garage.

    Wet/Dry Vacuums

    Young Beautiful Woman in Jeans Shirt and Shorts is Vacuum Cleaning a Carpet in a Bright Cozy Room at Home. She Uses a Modern Cordless Vacuum. She's Happy and Cheerful

    Wet/dry vacuums come with a 2-in-1 functionality that allows you to vacuum the debris and wash the surface simultaneously. You can clean the floors from dust and debris with wet/dry vacuums. Eureka manufactures wet/dry vacuums with a two-tank system that helps you to clean the surface with fresh water and collect the dirt, debris, and dirty water in a separate tank.

    Wet/dry vacuums by Eureka come with a self-cleaning feature that helps you maintain the machine and brush roll. Wet/dry vacuums come with a fingertip control that helps you switch between cleaning the carpets and hard floors. With a lightweight design, you can carry the wet/dry vacuum around your home and clean hard-to-reach surfaces. 

    Eureka Vacuums – Over 100 Years of Innovation

    Eureka has a heritage of innovation and offers quality products at a competitive price. It manufactures a range of vacuum cleaners such as wet/dry, Innova, upright, canister, robot, and stick vacuums. The company aims to make life easier with their intelligent and powerful vacuum cleaners by being at the forefront of innovation and carrying forward a rich heritage. 

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