Guide to Decadent Bars


    Have you ever had a cheat day, where you could eat anything your heart – or grumbling tummy – desires? You must probably do this if you’re a gym rat or a wellness enthusiast! They are usually set once a month, and dieters and gym subscribers often consider this day their favorite. However, cheat days must be lived to the fullest because they only happen once a month!

    How do they do so? They would have cheat meals and cheat snacks which are often high in calories and macronutrients, such as candies, burgers, steaks, candies, and chocolate! 

    Have you ever heard of decadent bars? These delicious and mouthwatering desserts are a frequent choice for cheat meals. They have great taste and come in many forms, but they are usually cut into rectangles or squares, hence the “bar” in its name. Popular falvors are peanut butter, almond, toffee, chocolate, cheesecake, and lemon. 

    If you have diet restrictions, then be informed that chocolate, eggs, butter, milk, flour, nuts, and sugar are the most common ingredients. The decadent bar aritsan can add other ingredients depending on the aimed flavor decided by the dessert bar artisan. 

    Want to learn more about the different decadent bar types? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

    Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

    Salted caramel pieces isolated on a white background, top view. Caramel candies with liquid sauce.

    The sweetness and saltiness that salted caramel offers are unmatched, but when combined with chocolate chip cookies, it’s even more delicious! This type of decadent bar. Caramel is special because it gives people who taste it the feelings of indulgence and premium quality, but at the same time, the comfort of nostalgia.

    If you’re planning to buy salted caramel chocolate chip cookie bars for your family and friends, this is usually a safe bet! Everyone seems to love caramel and chocolate chip cookies, especially young children!

    Hello Dolly Bars

    Do you wonder why it’s called that way? This famous seven-layer bar was created in the mid-1960s, an era when “Hello, Dolly!”, the Broadway musical, was trendy! Although this name is funky and remarkable, other people call it the “magic bar,” the “seven-layered dessert bar,” or the “coconut dream bar.” 

    If you settled your curiosity regarding its name, you’re probably now puzzled about why this bar must be made of seven layers. The bar comprises layers of butter, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, butterscotch chips, condensed milk, nuts (e.g., walnuts, cashews, almonds, peanuts), and caramel. Some people like to shake things up a little by using the following instead: crushed pretzels, white chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, toffee chips, and graham crackers.

    Raspberry Bars

    Jam Bars Raspberry Pie

    Are you fonder of a fruity taste? You are not alone! Many prefer a tangy, sweet-sour taste that only fruits can offer. Try this variant of dessert bars featuring raspberries, which are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, manganese, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids. 

    Although all berries are nutritious, some nutritionists and specialists consider black raspberries the best. If you don’t want to feel too guilty on your cheat day, this would be a great option to minimize that terrible feeling while still enjoying what you crave!

    Lemon Bars

    lemon bars

    Some people can’t handle too much sweetness and milkiness. Berries could have been an option, but even berries are too sweet for these people! Luckily, there are lemon bars that provide a fresh twist to a sweet pastry. Lemon bars are made of lemon and a soft shortbread crust with custard. 

    Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which helps protect body cells and improve skin quality. Older audiences enjoy lemon bars, so if you’re going to enjoy tea with a senior at the retirement home, or spend quality time with your elderly grandmother, then lemon bars will surely be a treat for both the young and the old! 

    Pecan Pie Bars

    Pecan pies are a crowd-favorite during the holidays, especially Christmas and thanksgiving. However, pecan pies can feel too heavy and filling. Thankfully, there are dessert bars that feature the classic pecan pie flavor! 

    With one heartwarming bite of a pecan pie bar, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a time machine and traveled way back to the time you enjoyed the holidays with your happy family. 

    Pecan pie bars usually consist of brown sugar, vanilla, corn syrup, butter or margarine, and pecans! Pecans, similar to walnuts, have a buttery and sweet nutty flavor while offering a crispy crunch. 

    S’mores Bars

    cropped shot of casual friends roasting marshmallows on bonfire

    Don’t you love camping? When watching coming-of-age films and children’s films, they usually show a campfire and children huddling around with their marshmallows poked into long sticks. Don’t they look so good? 

    If you said yes, then we have good news for you! You don’t have to be a superstar in a movie that features a summer camp and living in nature to taste how good S’mores are! You can have them in S’mores bars!

    S’mores bars are a delicious, mouthwatering combination of graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and brown sugar-based dough. They are often gooey and soft; truly a delight with every bite! Eat these while they are warm to manifest that campfire vibe and give your mouth a comforting warmth. 

    Red Velvet Cheesecake Bars

    Mix of freshly baked pastries

    Are you a fan of red velvet cakes but can’t seem to bring yourself to finish one whole slice? No worries! A slice can sometimes feel like too much, indeed. However, a bar or two might seem like the best serving-size option for a dessert with a vibrant taste, like a red velvet cake. 

    Red velvet cheesecake bars have a mild white chocolate taste and a noticeable cream cheese kick. The bar would often have a tender consistency and sometimes contains vinegar! The usual ingredients are buttermilk and red dye to give it that deep red color!

    Is Valentine’s Day coming up? We all know that red is the symbol of love, and if you want to share a cheat day with your significant other, why not red velvet cheesecake bars?

    If you’re not in the mood to celebrate love, then perhaps you’re more enthusiastic about the spooky season! Since the color of blood is often associated with Halloween, you can bring these bars while rocking your clever costume! 

    Is your mouth watering already? Treat yourself to decadent bars satisfying to both the heart and the tummy! Although they’re high in calories, you’ll be at top happiness levels, so wouldn’t that be an excellent investment? Enjoy a box of decadent bars now! You deserve it! 



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