Guide to Buying Garden Houses on Amazon

Garden houses are also like tiny houses and getaway cabins but they are much smaller and are usually not ideal to be a permanent living space. But they have a lot of uses because you can place them in your garden or yard as a storage space to keep all your gardening machines and tools. You can also turn it into a man cave, a home office, a beach or lakeside cottage, or use it as a temporary shelter in case of an emergency or when calamities strike.

Since garden houses are smaller compared to getaway cabins, they are also much easier to build. But aside from building one from scratch, you can simply buy one from Amazon and get it delivered to your doorstep. Yes, there are prefabricated garden houses available on Amazon and they all look really great.

If you’re looking into having your own garden house, then check out some of the best ones we found on Amazon. These prefabricated garden houses will definitely save you a lot of time and money compared to creating one from scratch.

Where to Buy
Allwood Arlanda
Allwood Mayflower Base Garden House
Allwood Estelle 5
Allwood Chloe
Allwood Mayflower
Allwood Halmstad
Allwood Sommersby


1. Allwood Arlanda Garden House Kit

This garden house has a contemporary urban style and it is ideal for environments where the classic cabin style small homes do not fit. It features large windows that will allow lots of natural light in. This garden house is made from high-quality Nordic wood. In fact, this garden house is versatile because it can also be set up on rooftops of multi-story buildings.

Assembling the Arlanda garden house will only take one whole day for two adults by simply following the simple DIY step-by-step directions it comes with. Only a few tools are needed for this kit because it includes all the parts and hardware needed except for the roof shingles and foundation materials.

This garden house is very stylish and is great for those who are looking for a more elegant-looking garden house.

2. Allwood Mayflower Base Garden House

This is another versatile garden house that you can turn into your pool house, yoga studio, art gallery, or even a storage shed. A sister model of the well-known Mayflower on wheels model, but this one doesn’t have wheels, flower boxes, nor stairs. This cozy house garden is commonly built as a focal point for any type of garden or yard.  Made from high-quality Nordic wood, the Allwood Mayflower Base Garden House guarantees lasting used. Expect assembly time of about 2-3 days if two people will work, but you can assemble it by yourself since it comes with a detailed manual. Also, only minimum tools are needed in assembling this cozy cabin.

This is a great garden house to use as a storage for all your garden tools. It can also be a great lake house or beach house if you want a place to go during the summertime.

3. Allwood Estelle 5 Garden House

This is a high-quality solid wood garden house. Its interior is consisting of two sections which are separated by a wall. Its main room is 106 sq. ft. while the smaller one is 51 sq. ft. You can use the smaller room as storage but it can also be turned into a bathroom or a small sleeping alcove if you want to turn it into a living space. You also have the option to add an optional door to the wall that separates the two rooms.

The Estelle 5 garden house is big enough to be used as your home office, cottage, guest house, and more. Two adults can finish assembling this garden house in approximately 10 hours by simply following the DIY step-by-step instructions it comes with. You only need a few tools in assembling it because it comes with all the materials needed except for the foundation and final roofing materials.

This is a wonderful garden house that you can use as your home office or as a lake house and beach house as well.  

4. Allwood Chloe Garden House Kit

This is a lovely multi-purpose cottage style garden house that has a 123 sq. ft. floor area. It features windows on three walls that allow natural light to come in. It is big enough to provide space for your hobby, garden, and other supplies that you want to keep. Two adults can finish the assembly of this garden house in just 10 hours by following the easy step-by-step guide it comes with.

You only need a few tools to assemble this garden house because it already comes with floor and roof construction materials, pre-hung and glazed doors and windows, pre-assembled gables, and all the nails, screws, fixings, handles, and door locks it requires. It just doesn’t come with the foundation materials and roof shingles.

This garden house would make a lovely storage house, guest house, home office, or a small living area and vacation house.

5. Allwood Mayflower Garden House

This garden house is a modern interpretation of the wagon without the strenuous journey to the West. It is a cozy house that will definitely be a focal point of any garden or yard. This garden house is built from high-quality Nordic wood. Two adults will be able to assemble this in just one whole day by following the step-by-step instructions that it includes.

You only need some basic tools in assembling the Mayflower garden house because it already comes with materials like wall studs, wall siding, roof arches, floorboards, roof or ceiling boards, and a double door with dual pane glass windows. The kit includes all the wood parts and hardware except for the roof shingles.

This garden house indeed has a unique style that will make any garden or yard look more beautiful.

6. Allwood Halmstad Studio Garden House

This garden house is made with high-quality Nordic spruce wood and it can make a lovely addition to your garden. It is also a wonderful small home that is a great alternative for those classic cabins that do not quite match the surroundings. A lot of people who bought this garden house used it as their home offices. But it can also be a great guest house or beach cottage.

Assembly of this studio garden house can take about 8 hours for two adults to finish. The kit comes with DIY simple step-by-step directions to make the assembly easier and faster. It already includes all the materials and hardware needed except for the roof shingles and foundation materials.

It is a small garden house that you can use as a cottage, a place to chill in on your yard, or a small summerhouse by the beach.

7. Allwood Sommersby Garden House Kit

This is a more spacious garden house that is made from durable Nordic Spruce wood. It features large windows that allow an abundance of natural light inside. It also has wide double doors that you can open to let the cool air inside. This looks like a hybrid between a classic style cabin and a typical garden house. It has a timeless design that will surely accommodate all kinds of themes, styles, and surroundings.

Assembling this garden house may take one whole day for two adults to finish. The process can be easier and faster if you follow the instructions it comes with. This garden house kit includes all the parts and materials you need such as floorboards, ceiling boards, doors, and windows. You also have the option to add a canopy roof storage to it.

This is an elegant-looking garden house that can be used as a home office or for multiple recreational purposes.

These are some of the best garden houses you can find on Amazon. You could even consider using office pods as an option as well.  They are indeed useful because they can be used as storage, cottages, or even as a temporary shelter in case of emergencies and calamities. If you’re interested to know more about tiny homes, you can also check out our post about Tiny Homes and Living Off Grid.