Guide to Beach Canopies

Going to the beach is one of the most enjoyable moments of the summer holidays. People who love the beach always talk about the sun, the waves, and the lovely breeze. Relaxing as it may sound, the truth is the sun can be oppressively bright, no matter how much you love getting tanned. There are just moments when you want to simply get under the shade and slurp some cool drinks because you’re sweating sunscreen.

Because of this, consider having a beach canopy included in your beach gear. The convenient source of shade will create a cooler oasis for you and your friends to hide when they have all forgotten how harsh the sun is sometimes. Even the most devoted beach lover and sun tanner can benefit from a beach canopy.

What to Consider When Buying a Beach Canopy

When you need something that will give you a roof at the beach, a beach canopy is a solution. You will want something that is bigger and more stable than a beach umbrella, but something taller and more open than a beach tent. Here are some of the considerations before deciding on the beach canopy that is right for you:

1. Type of beach canopy

Beach canopies come in different characteristics and constructions. Here are some of the types of beach canopies, and discover the type that works for you best.

  • Pop-up beach canopy

Pop-up canopies are the most convenient models out there. These canopies are usually lightweight and can be set-up and take-down by a single person. These canopies are smaller and easy to move around, and they feature a portable and compact design for convenience. Since they are lightweight, these canopies need additional support, such as sand anchors to keep them from being blown away by the wind.

  • Pole canopy

This type of canopy has a simple design and fairly sturdy construction, featuring a number of poles with cords for support. It’s often a weapon of choice for people who need a compact and reliable shelter they can take on the beach and install quickly. They are simple to transport and easy to install, and they pack down to a fairly compact size.

  • Frame canopy

Frame canopies are a more stable choice than pole canopies. It’s a perfect option for windy conditions because it features an integrated frame to ensure stability. Unlike the pole canopy that needs a number of cords for support, this type of canopy has a frame that stands on its own, anchoring itself firmly to the ground.

  • Beach cabana

Beach cabanas resemble half-round tents that you find at most beaches. Before, they were designed to provide privacy at the beach. Nowadays, they are also great for providing protection from sun and rain. These structures are suitable for the whole family since they are typically wide. Some beach cabanas offer zip closures for privacy.

  • Semi-permanent canopy

If you plan on staying at the beach for weeks, a semi-permanent canopy is ideal. This is the kind of tent that you don’t need to take down and set up again every day. This features heavy materials for stability and durability, and are strong enough to withstand wind and rains. They are also versatile enough to set up in different places on the beach.

2. Material

The material used to create the canopy plays a big role in terms of the sun and rain protection the canopy can provide. It is important to know what kind of material is in the construction of the canopy you are looking for.

You can find that most beach canopies are made of polyester fabrics and fibers. Polyester is the least expensive material that can provide adequate sun protection and hold up pretty well under the rain.

Lycra is another fabric that you can find in canopy models. They are made of nylon Lycra or cotton Lycra. However, nylon Lycra is the more common material used in canopies because it is strong, lightweight, easy to wash, abrasion-resistant, and doesn’t stretch or shrink. It also dries fast when wet. 

Polyurethane is another common material known for its UV-resistance. It’s a great option because of its resilience and ability to resist abrasion and impact. It’s also tear-proof and waterproof.

Vinyl is the best and most expensive fabric for canopy. It has a robust toughness and heaviness to withstand harsh wind gusts. It’s also extremely durable. However, vinyl canopies are quite heavy, kind of hard to transport, and expensive.

3. Size

Canopies come in all shapes and size possible, and sometimes, it can be hard to decide how big you want your canopy to be. But the right size can be measured by the amount of space that each person, whether seated or standing or lounging, can take up. Sometimes, you want to lie down on the beach, but under a canopy, so make sure that the canopy can cover up your length. That’s the basic size consideration. If you are planning on having other people visit the beach with you, then a larger canopy is ideal. Typically, 10-12 square feet canopy is sufficient for an ordinary standing person.

4. Weight

The weight of the canopy is another important factor. How you will transport the canopy will be affected by the weight. Generally, smaller canopies are lighter than the larger ones. What’s important is knowing how much weight you can carry on your back or shoulders, and even in the car.

5. Wind protection

When outdoors, you can’t be sure of weather elements. It can suddenly rain, or the wind can start blowing strongly while you’re at the beach. The canopy you need is something that can stand against these harsh conditions, such as a canopy with wind protection. These kinds of canopies are stable and come with complete frames, stakes, sandbags, and guy lines. These features greatly help in holding the canopy down as the wind blows.

6. Fire retardant

It’s fun to light a bonfire at night, but it’s not fun anymore when your stuff catches fire, and it burns up. If you want to keep warm under your canopy at night, then you have to look for one with a fire retardant material to ensure safety around the fire.

7. Leg design

Beach canopies come in different designs, and it is evident in the leg. Usually, beach canopies have straight legs, while others feature a slanted design. Straight legs are more common and are sturdier compared to slanted legs, but the latter is more appealing to the eye as it minimizes the monotonous setup. The slanted leg canopy also maximizes the coverage area of the shade to accommodate more people.

Best Beach Canopies

Where to Buy
Coleman Instant Canopy
Neso Tents Beach Tent with Sand Anchor
CORE 10 x 10 Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy Tent with Wheeled Carry Bag
Quik Shade Go Hybrid Sun Protection Compact Backpack Canopy
EasyGo Cabana Beach & Sports Canopy


Coleman Instant Canopy

Coleman is a well-known outdoor gear brand, and they create excellent tents and canopies like this one. The Coleman Instant Canopy measures 10′ x 10′, and it’s an ideal size for a family. It comes with eight stakes, four wind ropes, and a wheeled carrying bag designed to fit into vehicles. This canopy can be set up in only three minutes or less, thanks to its lightweight telescoping poles with a comfortable grip.

It’s also equipped with UV guard fabric with 50+ UPF sun protection that can protect against harmful UV rays at the beach. This fabric is also water-resistant, making it easy to clean and ideal for rainy days.

Neso Tents Beach Tent with Sand Anchor

This beach tent is different from the usual square, folding canopy design. The Neso Tents Beach Tent with Sand Anchor is made of nylon/Lycra blend that has a design that looks like it’s going to be paired with some heavy-duty surfer’s equipment. It is constructed with rugged durability and patented design.

This beach canopy tent is anchored to the ground with bags that you can fill with sand or rocks. These bags are used to anchor the rope connection points. The frame is made from high-quality, rust-proof aluminum material. It’s small and easy to set up in any beach environment. The fabric blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun, making it offer enough shade.

CORE 10′ x 10′ Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy Tent with Wheeled Carry Bag

This large CORE 10′ x 10′ Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy Tent only takes two minutes to set up, making it a super convenient canopy to use at the beach. It has fully-taped seams that provide a superior level of weather protection, and the reinforced seams make it sturdier in light winds. On the top of this canopy, you can see dual canopy vents that help circulate the air a little more. The height is adjustable at three different levels, depending on what you are using it for.

As for the build, this canopy comes with a heavy-duty 150D polyester fabric and steel frames that make this product durable. The product assures the users of lifetime use. This includes wheeled carry bags for easy travel, as well as ground stakes and tie-downs. It’s perfect not just for hanging out on the beach, but also for camping, tailgating, festivals, and other backyard events.

Quik Shade Go Hybrid Sun Protection Compact Backpack Canopy

If size isn’t your main priority, then the Quik Shade Go Hybrid Sun Protection Compact Backpack Canopy is a good option. Offering 7′ x 7′ of shade coverage, this canopy is enough to accommodate three to four adults. It features optimum protective properties such as 99% UV protection, thanks to its 190T polyester top. What separates this from other products in this list is that it comes with additional shade on the back to give you protection when the sun is a bit lower.

This canopy has a sturdy design as it is made of waterproof and corrosion-resistant steel. For transporting this canopy, you can find convenience with the 600D polyester backpack that makes it highly portable.

EasyGo Cabana Beach & Sports Canopy

If you want a breezy canopy with a fun design, EasyGo Cabana Beach & Sports Canopy is right for you. It features a polyester fabric design that can give 100% UV ray protection. This canopy is easy to set up, and you can erect it in no time. It can stay at its location through the four sand pockets on each corner to secure the canopy firmly to the ground. It comes with a pole in the middle to keep its form.

This cabana canopy is lightweight and comes with a portable carry bag for easy transportation. There are even storage compartments in the legs so you can store your valuables while you’re at the beach. In addition, the second-level wind vent on top allows enhanced ventilation. The fun part is it comes with different elegant patterns and designs.