Guide to Alarms for Bikes

A bike is an excellent thing to have to be more cost-efficient in commuting to work or school. Biking does not only help you spend less money on bus or train rides, but it can also be beneficial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as it can give you a good exercise.

Because of its various benefits, some of us may consider the bike to have a sort of sentimental value due to how it has become like a companion in daily living and losing it may be similar to losing a loved one because of how precious it is. As such, many owners tend to buy locks to keep their bikes secure whenever they leave them in a public place. But locks aren’t enough to deter wrongdoers from stealing your bike, as they may carry with them different apparatuses to destroy your bike lock.

To strengthen the security of your bike, it is better if you add an alarm with your lock so that whenever a stranger touches it, it will automatically beep loudly or flash blinding to alert you or the nearby that someone is stealing your bike. There are plenty of bike alarms available in the market, but only a few can be deemed the best at doing their functions, and these are some of them.

Where to Buy
Disc Brake Lock, Mysbiker Alarm Disc Lock 110dB Anti Theft Waterproof Motorcycle Wheel Scooter Lock with 2m Reminder Cable 3 Keys Carry Pouch for Brake Rotor up to 6mm Motorcycle Honda Yamaha Harley
Bibowa Anti-Theft Alarm Disc Lock - Motorcycle Lock - Scooter Locks -Disc Brake Lock 110dB Alarm Sound and 6mm Pin with Reminder Cable (Silver)
Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-Theft Vibration Motorcycle Bicycle Alarm Waterproof Security Cycling Bike Alarm with Remote
Crystal Vision SHBLA Weather Proof Anti Theft Loud 130db Alarm 14mm Heavy Duty Bike U Lock with Mount Holder. Auto Arm & Disarm, Alarm Lock, Siren Lock, Bike Alarm Lock, Road Bike,Mountain Bike
Solebe Wireless Anti-Theft Vibration Alarm Lock 115dB Bicycle Bike Motorcycle Security Lock with Steel Cable Keyless Password or Remote Control for Lock/Unlock IP55 for Indoor & Outdoor Use


MYSBIKER Disc Brake Lock

The MYSBIKER Lock can be fitted to the disc brake of your bike or motorcycle so that thieves will be unable to roll its wheels.

In just a press of its button, the MYSBIKER Disc Brake Lock will automatically lock itself securely on your bike’s disc brake, and it will also emit a loud beeping noise to confirm that it already locked in place.

If the lock is moved by someone, it will let out three beeps as a warning, and if the movement continues, it will then blast shrilling 110dB noises for 10 to 12 seconds. Also, if someone used a wrong key to open the lock, it will activate its alarm.

Along with its locking features, the MYSBIKER disc brake lock is made with rugged stainless steel that has weatherproof properties, making it able to resist water, dirt, and dust that it may come into contact with outdoors.

The standard package comes with one disc brake lock, a mini wrench to adjust screws and components, three lock keys, six pieces of zinc batteries to insert in the lock to power up its alarm, and another set of six batteries for backup. The lock comes in two colors, which are black and silver.


Bibowa Anti-Theft Disc Brake Lock

The Bibowa Disc Brake Lock is similar to the MYSBIKER, but it comes with a reminder cable that you can wrap around the lock and your bike’s hand grip for better protection. In addition, the Bibowa lock comes with a black carrying pouch for easy storage in your backpack or pocket.

Like the MYSBIKER, the Bibowa lock has three lock keys so that you can use the extra keys if ever your main one gets lost, or you can give it to someone you trust.

Moreover, the lock is available in a variety of colors like black, silver, green, red, and yellow.

Wsdcam 113dB Bike Alarm

For those with bikes that don’t have disc brakes, they can opt for the Wsdcam Bike Alarm that can be attached to any location in the bike frame using the cable tie or a double-sided sticker included in the package.

The Wsdcam alarm has seven levels of sensitivity that you can set using its remote so that the alarm won’t easily go off on just tiny movements. If someone tries to steal your bike, the alarm will release an annoying noise that has a loudness level of 113 dB, which is slightly louder than the MYSBIKER and Bibowa alarms.

You won’t have to fret about the lock getting damaged in the rain, as it is IP55 certified, making it able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Also, if someone placed your bike somewhere else, you can press the bell button in the remote, and the lock will produce continuous sounds to let you know where the bike is. However, the remote has a limited range, as it can only detect the lock for up to 66 feet. Because of the remote’s limitations, make sure that you park or place your bike somewhere close to you so that you can still control the lock remotely and also for you to be able to hear the alarm once it is activated.

Crystal Vision U Bike Lock with Alarm


The Crystal Vision U Bike Lock has the loudest alarm in this list, as it is able to produce 130 dB noises after activation.

Besides its loud alarm, the lock has a 14mm anti-theft u-bar that can be attached in any part of the bike, but it is recommended to be placed between the front wheel and the fork of the bike frame. The u-bar is made of stainless steel, and its lock at the bottom is constructed with carbide-reinforced steel that has a Quattro-locking mechanism to make it more durable and secure.

Like all the other bike alarms on this list, the Crystal Vision bike lock is also weatherproof, which allows it to resist cold temperatures at -14 degrees Fahrenheit and hot temperatures at 140 degrees.

The package includes a holder so that you can place the U lock on the bike’s crossbar when not in use.

Solebe Wireless Anti-Theft Alarm Lock

It may look like the typical cable lock that most bike owners use, but the Solebe Anti-Theft Alarm Lock has an electronic device at the center to serve as a beeping alarm and also as a combination lock for your bike.

Bike owners can control the Solebe lock wirelessly using the remote controller that is included in the box, and this controller has the standard lock/unlock buttons along with a search button that works similar to the Wsdcam where the lock will constantly beep for you to detect the bike’s location.

One drawback to the Solebe lock is that it doesn’t come with batteries. However, it only needs three AAA batteries to operate, which is easier to find than the smaller zinc batteries used by the other locks on this list.

These are just some of the best locks available online, and all of these products have different features that suit each owner’s preference when it comes to giving the best security and protection for their bikes.