Group Game Ideas to Play in the Pool


    You’re hosting a pool party, but you don’t know how to make it more entertaining. Try starting a group game in the pool! Everyone loves to have a good time and enjoys spending time with others, regardless of their age. Try some of these group game suggestions to avoid having a boring pool party where everyone just chills and drinks: 

    Group Game Ideas to Play in the Pool

    1. Basketball and Volleyball

    When played in the pool, sports like basketball and volleyball are even more enjoyable. The best part is that you can organize your games however you like. Create teams and keep score, or just have fun shooting hoops and kicking the ball around. These games offer countless hours of engaging entertainment.

    Have fun in the swimming pool with an inflatable net and ball. Four people, two elderly women, and men. The bright light of the sun

    2. Cardboard Boat Race

    Give teams of players an hour to construct the best, most seaworthy cardboard boat possible. Encourage your teams to think outside the box and give each boat a name! Have the teams put their boats in the pool when the allotted time has passed. The vessel that maintains buoyancy the longest wins. Safety first, always! Make sure an adult is present if you’re playing this game with younger children so they can help you cut the cardboard.

    3. Marco Polo

    Three or more players can participate in this simple, classic pool game. It works well in swimming pools at homes or in private settings where there is no chance of players accidentally running into strangers. One player must be “it” in the game of Marco Polo, who must then count to a predetermined number while wearing a blindfold. The other players disperse around the pool while the “it” person keeps scoring. The “it” player must attempt to tag the other players after the count. The other players will call it “Polo,” and the “it” will yell out “Marco,” with their voices serving as the player’s only hint. When one player is tagged by the “it,” that player takes over as the new “it,” and the game restarts.

    4. Watermelon Relay

    At the pool, you can have fun playing this game. Play in teams or solo, depending on the size of the group. A watermelon must be pushed by players from one end of the pool to the other. Whoever gets there first wins. You can add unique rules to the game, such as requiring that the watermelon be passed back and forth in a relay-style fashion, prohibiting players from touching the fruit with their hands, or prohibiting them from stepping on the pool’s bottom. Everyone who was watching will be amused, and after the game, you have a cool, wholesome snack to share.

    5. F-I-S-H

    For the other players to participate in the game, the first player must complete a task. The other players take turns attempting handstands, for instance, if the first player pulls off a handstand in the water. The first letter of the word fish is given to the person who is unable to complete the task. The first person to “spell” “fish” loses. Make it a rule that players can only choose a specific task once to maintain fairness and prevent anyone from repeatedly choosing tasks that no one else can complete. To decide whether someone’s stunt merits them receiving a letter, you might also need an impartial judge.

    6. Water Polo

    A sport called water polo is very similar to a swimming pool version of soccer. Players must kick the ball into the goal of the opposing team to score in this game, and the team with the most goals wins. It’s a competitive team sport that, under normal playing conditions, can become intense and exhausting. But if you modify it for play in your swimming pool or at a resort, you don’t have to follow professional rules. When modified for families or groups, water polo can still be played in a pool where everyone can stand. Standard water polo is typically played in deep pools where no player can reach the floor.

    Indoor photo of two yellow water polo balls floating on the water near the goal net

    7.  Wet T-Shirt Relay

    It’s simple to play a wet T-shirt relay in the pool. As you divide your group into two teams, ask each team member to take off their shirt. This wet T-shirt will serve as the play’s prop. Place half of the players on one side and the other on the opposite end of the pool. Give the wet T-shirts to the player from each team who has been designated as the starter. The starting player must put on the shirt, cross the pool while wearing it, remove it, and give it to the teammate who is waiting there. Wearing the shirt and performing the same actions as the starter is required. The winning team is the one whose players cross the pool wearing wet shirts first. 

    8. Chicken Fight

    A traditional chicken fight in the pool is always a hit. As long as there are an even number of players, this enjoyable physical game can be played. Teams of two players must be formed, with one player sitting on the shoulders of the other. The players must then attempt to throw members of the opposing team into the water. Do this with adults and older kids in a larger pool area if you’re with family.

    9. Numbers Crunch

    Team up the players into two groups. Move the teams to the opposing sides of the pool after providing each with a plastic bucket. Team members race to gather the numbered ping pong balls and put them in their team’s bucket as soon as the signal “Go” is given. The catch is that teams or players are only allowed to retrieve one ball at a time. When all of the balls have been collected, each team adds up the numbers on its balls. The group that scores the most wins. Consider adding extra points for accumulating sets of consecutive numbers to make things more interesting.

    10. Scavenger Dive

    Players should be divided into two teams.  The items should be thrown into the pool. When you say, “Go,” players dive under the water to retrieve one of the objects from the pool’s bottom. Each team is required to retrieve one scavenger hunt item from the pool’s bottom. The winning team is the one that gathers every item first. 

    Playing in a swimming pool


    With these group games, your pool party will never be quiet and boring. For sure, your family and friends will enjoy the party.  


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