Great Toys That Are Educational Too

Toys are an essential part of young children’s lives. Kids need to regularly engage with something that stimulates their mind and provides them with the enjoyment they need to keep their energetic selves satiated. You can probably remember all of your favorite childhood toys as well, even if you haven’t seen a single one in decades. Suffice to say, if you have children, it’s a safe bet you have toys in your house as well.

But what if those toys could be used for something more? What if, instead of just being something your children play with for fun, they could also be informative and educational for your children too? That is very much possible, especially thanks to the diverse selection you can get nowadays from multiple brands of children’s toys, and is also something that is highly recommended for your children. We’ll be going over some of these educational toys below, sticking to ones we think are equally fun as they are educational, and also the type of toys that teach actually useful facts or experiences.

Where to Buy
Basic Fun Speak & Spell Electronic Game
CIRO STEM Projects | 12-in-1 Solar Robot Toys, Education Science Experiment Kits for Kids Ages 8-12, 190 Pieces Building Set for Boys Girls
Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kids Science Experiment Kit
AmScope 120X-1200X 52-pcs Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit with Metal Body Microscope, Plastic Slides, LED Light and Carrying Box (M30-ABS-KT2-W),White
hand2mind-90634 Connecting Color Tiles Periodic Table, Learn About Elements & Chemistry, (Grade 7+), Color-Coded Tiles are Printed with the Atomic Number, Symbol, Weight & Electron Configuration (165 Tiles)

How Well Can Educational Toys Work?

On paper, educational toys might seem like a gimmick. Surely your children would forget about them as soon as they get bored and move on to something else? Not quite so; remember how we said you probably remember your favorite childhood toys? The same principle applies here. Children will remember the toys they grew up with as they get older. But, better still, they will especially remember what those toys were like and how they interacted with them if the toys in question actually taught them something.  Who knows it might help with tuition in O-level chemistry in the future.

You can think of this process as being similar to teaching children the alphabet or how to count. You have these things hardwired in to your brain and can absolutely never forget them, simply because they were hammered in to your brain at such a young age. So, similar to how you could count to a billion in your sleep (metaphorically of course, because a billion is a huge number) and how you can still sing the alphabet song whenever you wish, these toys would permanently teach your children some useful things if used at an early enough age.

Basic Fun Speak & Spell

If you grew up in the 70’s or the 80’s and had an educational toy of your own, it was most likely none other than this old classic. The Speak & Spell is a basic little machine that is also one of the best educational toys on the market. This particular model has been revised for the modern era, while also remaining familiar to the old timers that grew up with one of their own.

This toy, as the name probably gave it away, is designed to help children get a better grasp on the English language. It has multiple game modes; ranging from kids having to spell words the machine spoke, to having to fill in the missing letters of random words. If your child spends their younger years playing with this toy, chances are they are going to have a pretty strong grip on their vocabulary once they’re all grown up.

CIRO Solar Robot Toys Kit

For children a bit older, specifically around 8 years old or higher, this is a very engaging kit that comes at a very reasonable price. Every kid loves robots, and this kit not only lets them fulfill their dreams of assembling and having a robot of their own, it also helps teach them about green alternatives to power production, something definitely worth learning about as the world transitions towards green energy and ditches fossil fuels.

This specific kit allows 12 different kinds of robots to be made according to the instructions, but of course, half the fun with kits like this one is making your own wacky combinations and seeing how well something you thought up yourself works out in reality. This is a fun kit to play around with for both children and adults alike, and because of the various capabilities robots made from this kit possess, playtime will lead to children learning a lot about engineering and other basic physics principles.

ALEX Toys Scientific Explorer Science Experiment Kit

If you feel your kid is more interested in chemical experiments and compositions than robotics, this science kit from ALEX Toys is a winner for you and your child. The kit features an impressive variety of included items, especially when you see the included instructions for so many different and exciting experiments and projects you can participate in with your children.

After your children are done thoroughly experimenting with this kit and carrying out all the experiments listed inside, in addition to some homemade ones if you’re brave and careful, they will have learnt a lot of common chemical phenomena that they would then remember for the rest of their lives. If your child expresses interest in becoming a scientist of sorts that “plays around” with chemicals all day long, this is the perfect kit to help your child get started down that path.

AmScope Kids Beginner Microscope Kit

If there is something that children are fascinated by, it is a microscope. Due to the way microscopes are often portrayed in entertainment media that children regularly consume, microscopes become an object of desire as children’s minds race with questions about how everything would look under a microscope. And now, for a very decent price, your children can have their own microscope.

The AmScope Microscope Kit is a child-friendly kit that includes a microscope, a few parts and pieces that are required for it (like a petri dish), a carrying case, and an experiment about microscopic ocean creatures. It is a fascinating kit that might just be as fun for you as your children, and will definitely be extremely informative and satisfying for your children’s young and curiosity ridden minds.

hand2mind Connecting Color Tiles Periodic Table

The periodic table is a crucial piece of chemistry knowledge. It is also one of the most frustratingly difficult and mind-numbingly boring things to learn about for children. This fun toy seeks to change that negative perception of the periodic table by presenting it in a form where kids can construct it by themselves.

Instead of having to memorize the whole table, children can use this toy to build a periodic table while consulting the included periodic table chart. Once they’ve done that a few times, they can begin to try to make the whole thing without consulting the chart. Mistakes and corrections will eventually lead them to properly memorize the periodic table, and save themselves a lot of trouble later on in school while also getting to learn a few more bits and pieces during the whole process.


These are but only a minor fraction of the amount of different educational toys available in the market, but are definitely some of the more fun and educational ones. Get your children a couple of these and you’re guaranteed to make them smarter one way or another. While we’re on the topic of teaching children valuable life skills and knowledge, be sure to check out our related posts on homeschooling tips for parents during the current COVID-19 crisis and using Pinterest for homeschooling ideas.