Gifts for Cat Lovers


    Are you thinking of giving something to a family member or friend who is a cat lover? You can do it easily if you read through some of the best ideas for your gifts that cat lovers will appreciate most.

    These gifts will immediately get a good impression on your friends who have feline friends. The thoughtful and sweet gesture of giving gifts to them brings so much joy to both of you.

    Interestingly, cats are difficult not to love. While they are not as blindly loyal or friendly as dogs, feline friends are playful animals around your house. They do some acrobatics, antics, stunts, and other activities that bring so much fun to young and old alike. When they snuggle at you, cats are adorable and mesmerizing, particularly with how they look in your eyes. 

    Whether you’re obsessed with cats or not, there are various gifts you can give to some of your cat lover friends. They may range from comfy cat pajamas, hats, home décor, curated collectible items, and a host of cat-themed gifts.

    You will be assured that once you start digging into these types of gifts, your cat lover friends will likely be smitten as a kitten. 

    Cat helping young beautiful woman on living room sofa looks happy as she unpacks unbox cardboard box parcel containing new beautiful fashion clothes

    Some amazing gift ideas for cat lovers

    1. Cat Themed Coffee Mug

    cat themed mug

    There are tons of cat mugs out there, which is great because you can find the right option to match the personality of the person receiving your gift.  You can choose between fun and frivolous to one with interesting quotes and sayings and much more. 

    2. Headphones

    You can never really go wrong with headphones as a gift because even though you already have one, you can still keep another – especially if it reflects your interest. And there are cat themed headphones you can purchase as well! 

    3. A Cat Phone Case

    There are loads of cat phone cases on the market.  That give you many options to choose from to fit the style of the person receiving your gift.  You can even get custom cases made that include pictures of a favorite cat, specific sayings and much more.  With a cat case they can express their love of cats in a fun way.

    4. Cat Slippers

    cat themed slippers

    If you want to get someone a gift but don’t know what to give, fancy slippers always make a good option. And if you know a cat lover and would like to get her something nice, cozy slippers will be a great gift. We could all use more than a pair of slippers, and any cat lover will adore slippers with a fun cat design.

    5. Measuring Cups

    You might think that this is an unusual idea! It’s not really unusual because cat measuring cups will be appreciated by your friend or family member who loves the cat and also loves cooking. You can find measuring cups that have fun figurine cat designs that will make them stand out in the kitchen or dining room. If you have a friend who just moved into a new apartment, these will also make a great gift.

    Greeting card with a British short-hair cat that holds a red heart. Valentine's Day concept.

    6. A Cat Tote Bag

    We all could use another tote bag to switch up our style. There are many options from the fun and frivolous to even getting a picture of a favorite cat printed onto the tote bag.  With a tote bag they can combine their love of cats with a useful tote as well.  

    7. Cat T-shirt

    crazy cat lady t-shirt

    What better way can you let the world know that you’re a cat lover other than rocking a cat T-shirt? There are many options from the fun and frivolous to even getting a picture of a favorite cat printed onto the t-shirt.  

    8. A Tea Set

    A cat mug is a good choice, but a tea set might be an even better option. The tea set consists of a teapot and matching glasses with a cat face on them. This will definitely make a great gift for cat lovers who also drink tea or coffee.

    Mugs in the form of cats in love on a red background. Concept valentines day postcard, banner. Copy space

    9. A Cat Ring

    Without a piece of jewelry, no cat lover’s life would be complete. So this simple but classic ring featuring cat ears will make a fantastic gift for cat lovers. Would you like to surprise that cat-loving friend or family member? Then gift them this ring.

    10. Cat Neck Pillow

    Most people don’t realize they need a neck pillow until it is too late. So with a cat-themed neck pillow, you can save a cat lover that issue. The cat pillow will help keep them comfortable and put a smile on their face.

    11. Unusual Scratching Pads

    For example, giving a laptop where a cat can scratch on its keyboard pad is a unique gift. Keeping a cat off of a laptop is a can be a struggle. However, buying Laptop Cat Scratching Pad is a unique solution to this.  There are many other options such as heart shaped pad, old fashioned record player, sunflower and many more.

    12. A Cat Tower That Serves As Décor

    cat on a cat tower

    Buying a cat tower can provide a great option to allow the receiver of your gift to have a fun option for their cat to play.  Not only that but also keep the cat busy playing and clawing at the tower and not other items in the home. Make sure the tower’s design and color blend into the home decoration.

    For example, getting a five-tiered cat tower will be great for your cat and can be an interesting decoration. It will also provide a perfect sanctuary to your feline friend after a day of playing or climbing around your house.

    13. A Cat Carrier

    cat in a carrier

    Putting your cat in place is most often met with a struggle. Then again, if you can find a spacious cat carrier for your cat lover friend, you will have great relief when you can see that your friend can easily tuck and put the feline friend into her place, courtesy of stylish and spacious cat carrier.

    The cat carrier will also add a fashion statement and a sense of royalty. Make sure that the cat carrier can easily be secured or be placed inside the car. You may also add a stylish pillow to give more vibes as you carry the cat down the road.

    14. Cat Coffee Table Book

    Hire a photographer to do some snaps of the cats owned by your friend. After some funny photoshoots, make sure that you can have the photos printed and turn them into a hardbound coffee table book. You will see that your cat lover friend will enjoy to the fullest the special feelings of you being able to capture the feline friend in its best and funny moments. If your budget is tight, you can also opt to have the photos be printed as wall calendar. 

    15. Cat Stain Eraser

    Cats are known to have a knack for making a mess inside the home. The mess or dirt can be seen in various parts of your abode. Giving a cat stain eraser to a cat lover friend is a sweet gesture to make your friend feel easy during the messy time with the pets.

    An automatic, portable cleaner or cat stain remover is an ideal gift to your cat lover friend so he or she will continue to find joy in taking care of the feline despite the havoc or mess it also brings from time to time.

    Other gifts you can consider getting for cat lovers in your life include

    hair removal roller

    Hair removal roller

    Cats Themed Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

    Cats Puzzle

    Cat theme stationary and post-it notes

    Air Purifier

    Just in case you’d like to give your cat-loving friends (or you!) something they will truly love, pick any of these gifts for them; they will definitely appreciate it.


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