Getting Started with Jewelry Making

Do you want to try your hands at jewelry making? While jewelry making is a fun hobby, the number of tools and supplies needed for the craft can be overwhelming when first starting out.

Here are the easy tips to help you get started with jewelry making.

Choose the type of jewelry you want to make

As earlier noted, jewelry making can be overwhelming – at least to a beginner because of its endless possibilities and creativity. Just like every other craft you can’t master it all at once, it is also impossible to tackle every aspect of jewelry making when starting out. So, it is important to choose a type of jewelry you’d like to make and proceed from there.

Master some basic skills

No matter the choice of jewelry you plan to start with – beads, metal clay, or any other type of jewelry, you will always need to know a few skills regarding each project before you start. Some projects will require that you know basic things, such as how to open and close a jump ring properly and form a simple wire loop.

Invest in the right tools

Having the right, quality tools handy whenever you want to make jewelry will not only make the process easier but will also ensure your project have a better result.

Below are some of the necessary tools that will make jewelry making process easier for you:





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Wire cutters

This ultra high quality cutter is an excellent choice for making flush cuts in Beadalon beading wires, Artistic Wire, and other soft wires. Ergonomic handles and spring tension make production less tiresome.

Round nose pliers

The 485 Xuro-Grip Long Nose Plier features a thin profile for access in high density areas, ergonomically shaped, non-slip Xuro-Rubber grips, a glare eliminating black finish and light weight for operator comfort.

Chain nose pliers

The 485 Xuro-Grip Long Nose Plier features a thin profile for access in high density areas, ergonomically shaped, non-slip Xuro-Rubber grips, a glare eliminating black finish and light weight for operator comfort.

Flat nose pliers

Open and close Jump Rings, form wire, grip and straighten bent wire. Make sharp bends and right angles in Artistic Wire and other soft wire. Stay-open tips. Stainless Steel, box Joint, double leaf spring construction.

Crimp tool

New from Xuron® — a bead crimping plier that precisely crimps/folds 1, 2, and 3 millimeter crimp tubes and includes a chain nose plier for handling delicate beads, micro-crimps and for adding an extra squeeze to your crimps, if desired.


1. Wire cutters

these tools allow you to cut eyepins, headpins, and jewelry stringing wire. Here are some good wire cutters that werecommend – Beadalon Flush Cutter and Xuron 691 Double Flush Cutter. If you are working with memory wires, please avoid cutting them with your wire cutters because it can dent your cutting edges which will render them useless in no time. Instead, use these memory wire cutters: Xuron Memory Wire Cutting Pliers and Beadalon Memory Wire Shear.

2. Round nose pliers

these pliers are perfect for making simple loops, as well as other rounded wire elements. These two would make a great choice, Xuron Super Fine Round Nose Pliers and Beadalon Slim Round Nose Pliers.

3. Chain nose pliers

though similar to the previous pliers above, the inside of the jaws of chain nose pliers are flat, which makes them perfect for gripping wire and opening and closing jump rings. Chain nose pliers that are smooth on the inside work best because they can’t mark your wire, unlike the ridges chain nose pliersthat can mark wires. That is while we recommend these two: XuronXuro-Grip Long Nose Plier and Beadalon Black Handle Chain Nose Pliers.

4. Flat nose pliers

these pliers look like the chain nose pliers but come with wider surface, which makes it easier to grip jewelry wire. You can either get two chain nose pliers or one and a flat nose plier for holding wire while shaping it. Xuron Flat Nose Plier and Beadalon Flat Nose Pliers are good ideas.

5. Crimp tool

other names for this tool is Crimping Pliers and Crimpers. This tool helps protected a clasp on the end of beading wire,and they are mostly used with crimp beads or crimp tubes. They can also be used to keep beads in positions. We recommend Xuron Four in One Crimping Plier and Beadalon Bead Crimp Tool.

Learn the terminology

There are different terms used in jewelry making. Terms such as “eyepin,” “headpin,” “12-gauge wire” or “20-gauge”, and “finding” are some of the terms you need to know their meaning before you purchase anything. Knowing what you needwill save you a lot of time, resource, and from the frustration of returning the wrong item.

Here are some resources that will be of great help to you:





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Basic Jewelry Making: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started

This fully illustrated guide shows how to make all kinds of funky and elegant bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants using beads and wire. It begins with the basics-planning a design, attaching fittings, making secure crimps, selecting beads-so crafters can quickly get started creating one-of-a-kind pieces.

Simple Soldering: A Beginner’s Guide to Jewelry Making

Metalworking is generally regarded as a skill that takes years of dedication, requires a large studio space, and costs a lot of money. Fortunately, Simple Soldering proves that does not need to be the case.

The Complete Photo Guide to Making Metal Jewelry

The book’s clear organization provides easy access to information with straightforward directions and hundreds of full-color photos.

The Absolute Beginners Guide: Making Wire Jewelry

Get wrapped up in The Absolute Beginners Guide: Making Wire Jewelry, the fourth book in the successful Absolute Beginners Guide series. This user-friendly wireworking primer takes readers through the basics of wire types, tools, findings and more.


Get some supplies

You can find a variety of jewelry making kits online, but here are some that we recommend to make the process of finding the right kit easier for you:





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ARTISTORE Jewelry Making Kit 900 Pcs Jewelry Making Supplies Kit Jewelry Findings Kit

The ARTISTORE Jewelry Making Kit with beading supplies and findings is suitable for both professionals and starters on jewelry making and jewelry repair.

Deluxe 16pc Jewelry Making Supplies Kit

CREATE THE JEWELRY OF YOUR DREAMS! Do you love making beautiful jewelry with wire and glass, metal, crystal, stone, and acrylic beads? Our Jewelry Making Tool Kit includes everything you need in a beautiful storage case to create unique and custom jewelry.

Paxcoo 2880 Pcs Jewelry Making Findings Supplies Kit

• Paxcoo 2880 Pcs Jewelry Making Findings Supplies Kit with Open Jump Rings, Lobster Clasps, Crimp Beads, Screw Eye Pins, Head Pins, Earing Hooks and Earing Backs.

OPount Jewelry Findings Set Jewelry Making Kit

OPount Jewelry Findings Set Jewelry Making Kit Jewelry Findings Starter Kit Jewelry Beading Making and Repair Tools Kit Pliers Silver Beads Wire Starter Tool


Keep a dedicated and an organized work space

Having a dedicated and an organized workplace will save you from frustration and the time spent on looking for missing supplies – such time could be expended on creating more jewelry. To avoid this, choose your workplace, either a room in the house or a table, desk or drawer dedicated to your hobby.

One thing you should note is that jewelry making has its learning curve just like any other skill. So don’t be discouraged if your first experience is not too pleasant or if the project doesn’t turn out good. Never let one unsuccessful project ruin your enthusiasm for jewelry making. Keep trying, practicing,and you will definitely get better with time.

This YouTube videocan also be of help, so endeavor to check out it>>Get Started with Jewelry Making – Part One: Tools and Materials.