Gadgets That Will Make Your Pregnancy Easier


    The nine months a woman carries her child is a miraculous period for both herself and her child. The developing fetus’s body goes through a series of normal phases, but pregnancy itself is a complicated process with a lot of various experiences, factors, and emotions involved.

    Some mothers may boast about how simple their pregnancies were, but most women probably won’t feel the same way. Developing a human being within your body may temporarily impact your health in a variety of ways, from nausea and vomiting to back discomfort and weariness. Thankfully, there are several products available that may reduce discomfort and help make pregnancy the enjoyable experience we all want it to be.

    There are a variety of devices created exclusively for pregnant women, whether to monitor their baby or to make the whole process simpler for the mother-to-be. We have compiled a list of essential pregnancy gadgets that we believe may be of use to you during your journey through pregnancy.

    1. Heartbeat Tracking Device

    A newborn child’s heartbeat may be a lovely thing and is crucial for addressing any unforeseen medical issues. Even though it is mostly intended to keep tabs on the baby’s progress, a prenatal gadget like this may be a very helpful tool to have.

    You don’t have to wait until you go to the doctor’s office every month to hear your baby’s heartbeat. You can listen to that tiny heartbeat whenever you want with this portable device. This device even records the baby’s heartbeat, so you can send it to your loved ones so they can share in your excitement.

    2. Pregnancy Bed

    Being unable to lie or sleep on your stomach when pregnant might be one of the most difficult inconveniences for pregnant women who previously enjoyed this posture. You don’t have to wait until postpartum to make that dream come true; all you need is an inflatable pregnancy bed with a comfy design and a hole big enough for your growing belly to fit in while you’re lying on your back. Back discomfort may be alleviated by lying down in this position, and the adjustable hole makes it possible for it to fit any belly size. 

    3. Pregnancy Pillow

    Obtaining a restful night’s sleep is particularly vital during pregnancy. During the first trimester, it may be possible to do this without assistance, but as your baby bump grows, the need for extra comfort will increase.

    Pregnant women struggle to get comfortable in bed, which prevents them from getting the numerous hours of sleep they need. A pregnancy pillow may assist by providing support for the legs, head, stomach, and back. It is a completely shaped body pillow with removable components that may be reconfigured for optimal comfort. The realignment may alleviate sciatica, acid reflux, and other conditions.

    a picture of a pregnant woman lying on a bed hugging a pillow

    4. Jacket Extender

    Third-trimester pregnant women in cold climates may struggle to stay warm if their jackets do not extend to cover their growing bellies. With a jacket extender, you may continue to wear your favorite jacket even as your pregnant belly starts to outgrow it. The best thing is that you may keep using it after giving birth, too, by wrapping it around your baby in a carrier and holding him or her to your chest and tummy. Using a jacket extender is a great way to go for a stroll while keeping your baby close and warm against your body.

    5. Nausea Relief Bracelets

    Some home cures for first-trimester nausea work for some individuals while others do not. If ginger and crackers have not helped, acupressure may be necessary. These simple stretchable bands are worn around the wrists, and the little buttons create gentle pressure on a location on the wrist that might help ease nausea. You can also wear the bands around your ankles. They are most often used by persons who suffer from motion sickness; nonetheless, they are effective against nausea brought on by any source. 

    6. Pregnancy Headphones

    You may have heard of headphones, but what are belly phones? So, they’re headphones for your babies, right? Belly phones are used for this reason since music and gentle voices tend to calm the baby when it is within the mother’s womb. These belly phones are meant to play music to the womb, so both you and your unborn child will be able to enjoy listening to music throughout your pregnancy. They can be hooked up to any music system so that the baby can hear nice, warm music. You may even record loved ones’ voices and play them back for the baby.

    a pregnant woman lying on her bed listening to music

    7. Baby Kick Monitor

    A pregnant mother’s paranoia over her unborn child often increases throughout her pregnancy. Today’s pregnant mothers have it easier than before because of the abundance of devices available to help them monitor their babies’ progress. You do not need to wait until the monthly doctor’s appointment to monitor the baby’s kicks and movements.

    The Baby Kick Monitor allows you to keep track of your child’s kicking patterns. It will be useful as your date approaches.

    8. Razor Extender

    After the second trimester, you’ll notice that your tummy has expanded significantly. To bend down will be a challenge. When you can’t tie your shoes on your own anymore, you probably can’t shave your legs on your own anymore either. If you do not shave your legs before wearing knee-length dresses, you may feel uncomfortable. If you want to shave with ease, you must get a razor extender. Attach your razor to the pole and shave your legs with ease.

    9. Belly Armor Blanket

    Do you worry about using a laptop next to your developing baby or laying a smartphone on your belly while it is connected to Wi-Fi and cellular data?

    The Belly Armor Blanket will shield your baby if you are concerned that radiation might harm them while they are still in the womb. It fits snuggly on your growing belly, protects your child from radiation and electromagnetic waves. At 30 by 35 inches, this soft blanket will fit over your bump while you sit comfortably under it.

    10. Electric Toothbrush

    It’s common for pregnant women to have bleeding gums. Hormonal shifts during pregnancy may induce gum inflammation, which affects around half of pregnant women. Avoiding sweets, using dental floss, and purchasing a high-quality toothbrush that effectively removes plaque are all things you may do to lessen the problem. 

    An electric toothbrush will enable you to gently clean your teeth without experiencing any discomfort.

    a picture of an electric toothbrush

    Wrapping Up:

    These are some of the most useful devices that you should have around when you’re pregnant. Aside from a little amount of monitoring your and the baby’s health, all you need to do is rest and enjoy this exquisite sensation.

    It is very important that you take care of yourself throughout pregnancy. If you are experiencing a difficulty during pregnancy, there is a considerable possibility that other women have had the same issue, and there will be a device available to make things easier.

    If you desire to address a particular issue, you may consult a gynecologist.


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