Fun Backyard Games for BBQ Parties


    When your loved ones are present and there is good food, backyard barbecues are always a success. The party will be much more amazing and memorable if you include some backyard games. These enjoyable outdoor activities are perfect for BBQ parties if you want your guests to interact more. 

    Fun Backyard Games for BBQ Parties

    One of the most important aspects of organizing a great party is thinking of ways to entertain your guests. Additionally, there are a ton of fun party game options for a backyard barbecue. While they wait for the food to cook, your party guests will no doubt be entertained by these enjoyable best outdoor party games.

    1. Egg Race

    You can find everything you need in your kitchen for this fun game. You’ll need small ropes, eggs, and spoons. Each player’s hand should be tied behind their back. Allow them to hold a spoon with an egg on it after that. They must sprint to a certain point and then return without falling.

    2. Water Bottle Bowling

    You must add water to ten bottles to play this game. Place them a predetermined distance from you. Try to bring them down by using any size ball you can find. Try to strike from first to last. If you miss any shots or knock them off-target, don’t be shocked.

    3. Water Balloon Fight

    You don’t have to have a dull BBQ party. You can get some balloons and put water inside of them. If you have a large group, you can divide the teams into groups and then distribute a balloon of a specific color to each group. You can start discarding them and have fun. Although it can be difficult, it is worth it to fill each balloon with water when everyone is having fun. 

    Water balloon games for kids. Close up of girls filling up water balloons at sunny day. Summer fun outdoor activities for children concept

    4. Pictionary

    Pictionary is a fun game that challenges your artistic and creative abilities. It can be both difficult and enjoyable. A timer, pencils, and paper are essential. A few clue cards will be written by a team member. They ought to include titles of TV shows, places, songs, and even things. You can break up the group into smaller teams, with each team member receiving a clue card and creating a drawing of the clue. One minute is given for the teammate to guess what he is drawing. They receive points if they are successful in their speculation. The team that scores the most points is the winner. 

    5. Oreo Game

    If you enjoy sweet treats, this game is ideal for you. You’ll also need a lot of plates, blindfolds, and Oreo boxes. Oreos come in a variety of flavors, and you can order some meals from the house. You can purchase Oreos in flavors like a banana split and candy corn. Another option is an Oreo with peanut butter. You can veer some team members blind. Put a different plate with your cookies on it. Allow them to sample each Oreo and identify the flavor for you. The person who has the most flavor knowledge wins.

    6. Name That Song

    You love music, right? Try out your knowledge in this. One team member can have a playlist. Songs that you have all heard before should be included. Give spoons to every guest and place a pot in the center of the table. Give one of you less than two seconds to play the songs. You should answer if you are familiar with the song. You can raise your hands if you don’t have the pot.

    7. Cornhole

    You split into two teams at the beginning of the game, and you take turns trying to toss bags from one team’s side of the board onto your opponent’s. With each turn, the player is given three throws. Players alternately hurl bags of corn kernels at a raised platform’s hole.

    Two boys playing corn hole

    8. Charades

    All ages will enjoy the timeless game of charades. Teams should try to guess the prompts as they are being performed after writing them down on pieces of paper. Additionally, this game is fantastic in all climates and settings.

    Fun outdoor entertainments. Happy Asian woman playing word guessing game with multiracial friends near RV at campsite

    9. Flip Cup

    You’ll need cups for this game so that players can chug from them before attempting to flip them. In addition to placing alcoholic drinks in the cups, you can also choose non-alcoholic alternatives like water or lemonade. 

    10. Group Rock, Paper, and Scissors

    Similar to regular rock, paper, and scissors, group rock, paper, and scissors are played on a much larger scale. Participants compete in a fast-paced game of rock, paper, and scissors. Warmer weather and large space are ideal for this activity.

    11. Limbo

    While limbo sticks are available, you could just as easily use a tree branch that had fallen or another unneeded object. All ages, all types of weather, and a reasonably large set are suitable for this activity.

    Friends dancing limbo at summertime party

    12. Make Me Laugh

    Are all of the people in your group very funny? They’ll enjoy playing this easy but hilarious game. Split up into two groups. You’ll pick one team member to keep a “straight face” for each round, while the other team does everything they can to make that person laugh. To get people to laugh, they could play charades, tell jokes, make faces, or do anything else. The other team triumphs if the person chuckles or even smiles. The home team will triumph if they can maintain their composure.

    13. The Song Game

    This is another well-liked game for music lovers, continuing the musical theme for the time being. Pick out a word or a phrase to start with. The next step is for everyone to think of song titles or band names that contain that word or phrase. Players could choose Stairway to Heaven, Locked Out of Heaven, or Heaven Is a Place on Earth if the word was “heaven,” for instance. When it’s your turn, if you can’t come up with one, you’re out. The winner is the last person who is still naming names!

    14. Celebrity Lineup 

    As you sit in a circle, choose one player to begin by mentioning a well-known figure. The person on their left must come up with a famous person whose first name starts with the first letter of their last name. Elton John, Justin Bieber, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cameron Diaz, etc. are a few examples. You could restrict the game’s focus to singers, actors, historical figures, or fictional characters to make it more difficult. Anyone who cannot think of a name loses the round.

    15. Fifteen Passes

    This is one of the simplest physical BBQ party games you can play if you have a ball and plenty of space to play in. Everyone should be split into two teams and dispersed throughout the yard. The next step is for teams to pass the ball to other team members without letting the other team “steal” it or drop it. The winning team is the first to complete 15 passes without any drops, interruptions, or interference.


    There are many options available when it comes to outdoor BBQ party game ideas to keep your guests entertained! You can play some new favorites that will keep the fun going all day in addition to the classics you already know and love.


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