Fun and Silly Toys

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you can’t say no to toys. It will bring fun to you and your friends and improve your bond. Check out these fun and silly toys.

Compressed Air Powder Cannon


Compressed Air Powder Cannon


The Compressed Air Powder Canon is designed to give your events and celebrations a memorably colorful one. It features a unique range of canons which uses biodegradable, environmentally-friendly ingredients such as rice powder which is added with soluble and non-toxic dyes. This product is absolutely safe while ensuring vibrant and unforgettable memories.


Hot Potato Shock Ball


Hot Potato Shock Ball


If you’re looking for a perfect group party game, this one’s for you. This product emits an electric shock, and glows bright blue when shocking.

With this hot potato shock ball, you can play various games, including games like:
Hot Potato, where you will pass this ball from player to player and the last one to drop the ball wins. Whose Round Is It? Which is kinda similar to the first game, but the first player to drop the ball buys the drink, and Tough Guy, where the player to hold the ball the longest wins.


Play-Doh Fake Poop Mold



Want to play a prank on your friends? This product allows you to shape and create your own poo. Just add the poo dough to the mold and make your own poo-shaped “masterpieces.”

This product includes two cans containing brown Poo Dough (which comes in different shades) and one canister of yellow. It looks like the real poop, the only difference is that it smells much better!


Bug-A-Salt Shotgun


Salt Shotgun


Want to kill houseflies but in a less disgusting and even more fun way? Then use the Bug-A-Salt 2.0 to exterminate those pesky pests! Your ammunition? Just regular table salt! But when used together with this gun, see how the flies drop dead once they get in contact with salt. The best thing of all? It doesn’t require batteries!


Magnetic Decision Maker


Magnetic Decision Maker


If you’re particularly bad at decision-making, or if you seem to ask for signs before proceeding to do something else, then you might need help from this magnetic decision maker. The metallic ball swings around a magnetic circle below, which provides possible answers to your question. If the ball lands on or near one of the answers, then it will be your decided answer. Let this gadget determine your fate!


Pranking your friends, to decision maker, or getting rid of house pests, these fun and silly toys is suitable for anyone who wants to have fun.