Fun and Novel Items for Your Home Office


    Working from home, just like working from the traditional office, can be a real drag sometimes. Fortunately, you can find a variety of office supplies, items, and gadgets that may give a little more life to your work space. You may be surprised by the variety and the uniqueness of their features that you may not expect them to have. Some items offer a combination of usefulness (or uselessness), entertainment and humor – you know, just to dispel those usual office doldrums. They can even make you chuckle! Check out some of them:

    1) USB Pet Rock

    Remember that inexplicable toy phenomenon during the 1970s that was the Pet Rock? For those who do not have an idea what it is, find about it in the article “Stupid Ideas That Made Millions”.

    Now it goes high tech, although you’d wonder if the upgrade makes the Pet Rock any more useful than it was before. Plug it into any USB port, and let the fun begin! It does not suck in power, nor does it not need to be cared for or fed. In fact, it doesn’t do anything at all – except make you smile and laugh. Still the good ol’ low maintenance Pet Rock.

    2) USB Mini Desk Vacuum

    Ordinary chores such as vacuuming become even more enjoyable on a miniature scale. The USB-powered Mini Desk Vacuum has the appearance of a true life-size stand-up vacuum cleaner. It is useful for sucking in dust and small crumbs that fall onto your desk or your laptop keyboard. When the bag is full, empty it just like you do with a full-sized household vacuum. Plus, it looks so cute it can even have a place inside Barbie’s home!

    3) Exercise balls

    Exercise balls
    Sitting in the office desk all day can be a real pain in the butt and you want to stretch and relax your stiff muscles once in a while. But a lot of exercise equipment is expensive, while some are a bit difficult or boring to use. Try those big exercise balls – it’s a low-budget but fun way to keep yourself fit and healthy. Aside from being fun to use, these exercise balls provide a lot of serious health benefits!

    4) Tengu USB Powered Character

    If you’re feeling a bit anti-social for the moment but you still want some company, the Tengu USB Powered Character would make an adequate replacement. The face of this little armless character features blinking LED lights as its way of reacting to its surroundings. It does lip-synching to music and even to your own voice! How cool is that?

    5) Stuffed Blobfish

    Hurrah for someone who thought of making a stuffed toy blobfish! He’s ugly yet adorable. The blobfish is one of Mother Nature’s most aesthetically challenged creations, but he needs a lot of love, too!

    6) Legos

    Legos are not that novel any longer but they’re still cool additions to your office. Those iconic colorful building blocks open your creativity and imagination to endless heights. Legos are always guaranteed to be fun, plus they can encourage teamwork among your office mates when you play them together.

    7) Ctrl + Alt + Del Coffee Cups

    Amp up the geek in you with these nifty keyboard-shaped coffee cups! They’re actually quite popular, with the black cups generally being more expensive than the white cups (Note: these coffee cups are NOT microwave-safe, but they’re dishwasher-safe).

    8) Office nap pillow

    Office nap pillow
    Many people think that toiling away at the office too much will make them productive. But it’s actually counter-productive. While you need to focus on your work, you also need to take a break to avoid getting burned out. If your eyes feel tired and you’re feeling a bit woozy, an office nap pillow will be your best friend. Just don’t sleep through the rest of your work hours, though!

    9) Motivational posters

    Motivational posters are great additional items to your office work space. There are purely encouraging ones and there are also humorous ones. They come in different styles (such as vintage and pop art), sizes and types of frames (there are also frameless ones) but they always inject a fresh and positive vibe to the office atmosphere.

    10) Adult coloring books

    Adult coloring books
    Sometimes, the idea of fun doesn’t have to be boisterous. It also doesn’t have to be elaborate or to cost a lot. These coloring books for adults are an inexpensive and quiet way to beat the office stress, plus they allow you to tap your creativity. If you want to have some diversion but also want to have a “me time,” adult coloring books are a great idea. So stack ’em up in your office shelves!

    11) Fidget toy hand spinners

    Fidget toy hand spinners
    These toys became runaway hits when they first launched in 2017. They have been successfully marketed as effective in curing stress, boredom, tension, over-excitement and anxiety, all of which normally occur in the office environment. Although there is no medical or scientific evidence of this, it seems to have worked especially for colleagues who fret and fidget a lot, or who happen to waste away during break times or the remaining office hours. While their popularity is somewhat waning, these fidget toy hand spinners still make a great addition to your novel office items coffer. To make spinning more interesting and fun, purchase glow-in-the-dark versions which are equipped with colorful LED lights.


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