Finishing what you start is good for your health!


    Nothing is more rewarding than finishing a chore or task from your list, especially if you started practicing ticking the boxes off of your list. Unfortunately, with the world we live in today, it’s pretty hard to finish a task, let alone finish it. With the shorter attention span contributing big time to this cause, it’s no surprise people tend to procrastinate mostly at everything. This mindset is also the main reason why accomplishing something leads to a pretty satisfying feeling – and for a good reason.

    Importance of Finishing What You Started

    Finishing a task you are supposed to do should be expected, but amidst the rising improper mind setting, people delay many tasks at hand – and it’s affecting more than you think it does. Believe it or not, having the mindset of finishing your responsibilities can significantly affect not only your job but your overall well-being as well. But what exactly can you benefit from completing the tasks you started? Does it change your general mindset? Well, if you’re looking for answers, you came to the right place.

    Benefits of Finishing What you Started

    Completing a task is never easy; actually, the hardest part is even starting one; that’s why we get that sense of achievement after each chore. As true it sounds, it does provide benefits when you get the hang of finishing tasks from start to end.

    1. Healthy Mindset: This might be the obvious one, but we’ll lay it out for you. Allowing yourself to finish tasks properly will train your mind to be prompt, not only with tasks but in general as well. Just like introducing yourself to fix your bed every time you wake up, it stimulates your brain to do things promptly.
    2. Critical Thinking: Training your mind to do tasks promptly will improve your thinking capacity as well. Meaning, making critical decisions out of the blue will be much easier for you. This point is vital since there will be times it will be helpful in our day-to-day lives.
    3. Improve Self Confidence: It takes a lot before you can fully build your self-confidence, but starting with accomplishing small tasks can help make it step-by-step. You have to ensure that you’re doing it consistently, don’t worry if those are minor tasks; you must start it. The goal is to be consistent, so doing many chores is the least of your problems.
    4. Healthier Mental Health: Training your brain with such a mindset also significantly aids your mental health as a whole. It helps you to think correctly under pressure, preventing the build-up of emotional stress, thus allowing yourself to stay sane even during the most challenging times. Additionally, once you finish off a task, you can now tick it off of your list, reducing the things you would be thinking about, ergo, reducing the risks of anxiety.
    5. Mutual Respect within your Surroundings: If you’re referring to either a workplace or your household, practicing this trait will provide you mutual respect between you and the people surrounding you. It allows them to see the responsible version of you – giving them that sense of trust and respect for you. Remember, you earn trust and respect; people don’t give it away for free. 
    6. Healthier Lifestyle: Overall, we can agree that discipline plays a huge role in our daily lives; without it, our lives would be in utter chaos at all times. That is why practicing yourself to finish even the most minor task will eventually lead to a much healthier lifestyle. It gives you that sense of responsibility for most things, training your mind to do jobs impeccably at all times. A healthier lifestyle provides your body with better well–being, leading to improved mental and physical health.

    Consistency is the Key

    Accomplishing one or two tasks is good, but always remember that you must be consistent. Training your mind to have a proper mindset doesn’t happen overnight, so expect that you have to do tasks and jobs every day to think that you have to finish those promptly. Again, it doesn’t matter if it’s small or big; as long as you finish it, you’re good.

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