Finishing what you start is good for your health!

The last couple of days I spent trying to finish up a few projects that I started awhile ago. Now normally this isn’t a problem for me. I’m generally a very organized person and I don’t start more than one project or chore at a time before finishing the last one, especially when it comes to things around the house or crafty stuff. (or even books for that matter…my brain can’t keep track of all the different details).

The first thing I finished was the Asian quilt. Oh the Asian quilt. That thing has been annoying me for weeks. I originally planned for it to be a baby shower gift for a friend of mine, but then I screwed it up. Ok, I didn’t really screw it up, but the idea just went a little off course. My friend showed me some fabric that she loved and was basing her entire nursery around this fabric. She chose her wall colors, bedding, decor, etc all around this fabric:

(not the best picture, sorry. I tried to crop the others out)
Cute though, right? So her nursery colors are pink, brown, red, gray, & black. I was going to incorporate this fabric into the quilt & try to get it to match her baby room. However, when I chose the rest of the fabric for the quilt I guess I picked a little too much red & black, and then I realized it wasn’t going to work with all of the pink & brown she had going on.. The quilt itself still looked good, but it just wasn’t going to work with everything that she already had so I ended up making her a different one for her baby girl.
Anyways, I finally got everything I needed to finish up the Asian quilt so I could get that thing out of my craft room. It ended up looking amazing. I mean, some of my best quilting work I’ve done so far. The free motion quilting turned out great and the binding was just about perfect. It looked so good. When it was done I just sat there & stared at it for awhile and I made sure to take lots of pictures before I had to part with it. Sometimes I get sad when it’s time to give the quilt away to the person it’s going to, but it’s kind of a bittersweet thing. Sad because I put so much work into something that I don’t get to keep, but sweet because I know that the person receiving it is going to love it and cherish it for pretty much the rest of their lives, and I love making things for people and making them happy. This one made me extremely happy because I surprised a good friend of mine with it for her daughter’s 2nd birthday. I have pictures of my quilts up on my Facebook page & when I first started this one she had commented on how much she liked it, so I knew right then that I’d send it as a gift for her daughter! I even personalized it with her name on it, “Syringa.” She got the quilt today in the mail and was completely surprised and loves it! I’m happy 🙂





The other quilt that I finished was the spring colored quilt. It was a really fun & girly one that I started a few weeks ago as well & didn’t get around to finishing it until just today. I love how it turned out and I absolutely fell in love with the pink/brown/teal/pink flowery fabrics. I bought extra so that I could make another one with these! This quilt doesn’t have a home yet so it’s for sale!




So if you are interested in purchasing this adorable spring baby quilt please email me at & we can talk details! The size is 48″ by 57″ and is fits for a crib or toddler bed size. My 3 year old daughter has two this size & my 6 1/2 year old son is getting one this size (and he’s tall).
Now I’m going to touch on my health just a tad. I mentioned in earlier posts that I have been having some back problems for some time now. It started in August after we’d been out of town for a wedding and I started getting really sharp back pains that made me hunch over and made it very hard to sit, stand, walk, or really switch positions at all. After a 2 1/2 hour car ride home my husband had to carry me into the house because I could not even stand up to get out of the car. We went to the emergency room the next day and that’s when our long struggle with doctors and hospitals began. Because of the area where the pain was (in my lower back, the right side of my butt, and my right leg) we knew it was something involving my sciatic nerve. We immediately thought there was probably a disc problem, but we had to jump through all of the hoops that doctors make you go through first. The first thing they did was just give me some pain medication, muscle relaxers, and sent me home on bed rest and said to take it easy. They wrote it off as a pulled muscle or something and figured it would go away with some rest and time. Fast forward to the present, where it’s now been over 6 months and we finally know what the problem is. It’s taken probably over 20 doctors office visits, physical therapy (which only made the problem & pain worse!), x rays, an MRI, lots & lots of pain medication, nerve medication, and finally a real diagnosis. They found on the MRI that I have a huge herniated disc that is pressing on my sciatic nerve and has been causing all of the pain. The doctors were actually very impressed with the size of the disc and said it was very very large. We think the disc problem is related to a fall I had last year and it could have been slowly getting worse or could have been worsened by another slight injury or something. I’m on nerve medication now to try to block the pain, and I’ve also had an epidural injection in the actual nerve to try to alleviate some of the inflammation around the nerve and disc. So now that we’ve exhausted all other options we have to make a decision. Either try another epidural and see if that buys me some time, or we can go straight for the surgery. After a lot of going back and forth and asking the opinions of family and friends I’ve decided to have the surgery. It should be a fairly simple procedure where they go in and just remove the part of the disc that is causing all of the pain. I’ve been told by the surgeon that it should be about a 2 hour surgery and I will mostly likely be able to go home later that same day. The recovery time is almost zero. He said I will be able to be up on my feet like the next day and the only restrictions are that I obviously can’t be doing any heavy lifting. I’m hoping this will be the answer to all of my prayers and will take all of the pain away. I’m tired of living this way and having to be on 5 different medications every day that don’t seem to work. Of course there are complications that can occur with every surgery, but with me being completely healthy and young and not overweight the doctors are all confident I won’t have any of the problems that are associated with surgeries. So every say a prayer for me and keep your fingers crossed, or whatever it is you do when someone needs good luck! My surgery is scheduled for March 14th! Hopefully I will be able to get back to my normal routine of motherhood, wife, crafting, and blogging as soon as possible 🙂