Finally moved in!

I’m alive! 
It’s been 3 weeks since we moved in & I have been without internet access this whole time. Can you believe that? What a hassle it’s been…that’s all I can say. I was rescheduled numerous times & then the tech who came out to install the internet said that he couldn’t access the pole because there was a shed in the way. Long story short, it turns out he was probably just lazy & wanted to go home. I was ranting about the internet company on Facebook & my oldest best friend from high school reminded me that she works for them! (She lives in Arizona, I live in Washington, so I was surprised that she worked for the same company). 
Isn’t she gorgeous? We’ve been BFFs since middle school.
She called me from work & apologized for all of the hassle I’ve been going through & hooked me up with a new tech who came right out & installed it with no problems at all! So a big thank you goes out to my amazingly beautiful & awesome friend Alicia…thank you for saving my butt!!!! I owe you big time 🙂
So here I am, in my new house…right across the street from my old house. Kind of weird, huh? I’ve had so much work to get done since we got moved in. Aside from unpacking I also had to scrub the crap out of every nook & cranny in every single room. It amazes me what some people’s idea of “clean” is. I could definitely tell that a middle aged bachelor had been living there for years because he pretty much just moved all of his stuff out, vacuumed the carpets, and called it good. Gross. Also, I’ve spent almost ever single day painting. I had to repaint all of the walls in ever room & I’m not even done yet. And then I had to paint the trim too because it was supposed to be white but it was so dirty that I couldn’t just leave it like that after putting a fresh coat of paint on all of the walls. The living room & dining room were yellow & brown when we moved in. I don’t know about you but when I think of yellow & brown together like that I don’t exactly think “Ooooh, pretty!” My mind goes directly to the toilet humor. 
Anyhow, I made sure to take before pictures so that you guys could see the progress I made. I have just a few more things to do before I can take after pictures, so I can’t post them right now. Sorry. But for now I will leave you with some pictures of the yard. It’s gorgeous & I always envied it when I lived across the street. It reminds me of a park. It’s a lot of work to maintain, but man, it’s pretty to look at. Enjoy!
Btw, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them!

The view from my slider going out to the back yard.


Standing on my back patio looking to the left.

 Looking out to the right

Looking all the way to the right, out to the street. There’s a little gravel driveway too.
Some of the garden. Strawberries, all kinds of herbs, flowers, shrubs, and trees. 

That large bush is a bunch of grape plants. There’s also tomatoes, brussel sprouts, zuchinni, and garlic growing in there.

That little dinky tree on the far right is a peach tree! Believe it or not there were like 50 large peaches on that little thing when we moved in & the kids ate them all already.
We found the perfect spot for the swing set! It’s in the shade for most of the day.
I love this bird bath. So pretty.

This is a view of the whole yard standing from the little gravel driveway.

 This is one of the coolest parts. Behind the swing set there is a thick tree line with an opening that leads to a “forest”

See? This is the forest in my backyard. You wouldn’t even know that it’s there!

A little secret opening in the forest that leads back out to the yard. It’s hard to tell but you can kind of see the kids pool right there.
See? That’s what the little entrance looks like from the outside. Cool huh?
Here’s the entire view of the backyard standing in the far left corner.
I love the little covered patio, the bricks, and all of the plants going around the patio.

The side yard leading out front….tons of roses! They smell so good
They go all the way around to the front of the house
The front yard is pretty dang huge. That giant shrub next to the house is bamboo! I love it.
 Home sweet home! Isn’t it cute?
The front yard is pretty dang huge. That giant shrub next to the house is bamboo! I love it.
So what do you think so far? Do you approve of the outside of the house? I hope so! Pictures of the inside coming soon! I’m so happy to be settled in & able to catch up on everyone. I was getting pretty lonely.
Hope everyone is enjoying their last few days of summer. My oldest, Ayden, will be starting first grade on Tuesday! I hope I don’t cry. Or maybe it will be tears of joy so that me & Lily can have more mommy/daughter dates! hehe, just kidding. But girl dates will for sure be happening either way. She could use some one on one bonding time with mommy while big brother is away. Excited for those but sad to see my boy gone for 8 hours a day. 
Enjoy this weekend!
xoxo, Melissa